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Have you had your massage today?  I am not trying to be facetious, but there is good reason that some scholars have written that our evolution from the primates is really a step down the ladder of life.

All primates groom each other.  Grooming is the meticulous process that primates use to pick bothersome little bugs from the hairs of out of the hair of some other primate; most likely a member of their clan.  The process has a noted calming effect on the primates, and the activity takes up a large percentage of their time during their daily activity.  This picking at the hairs of another translates into sensory activity at the skin level and is most likely how the method used on another (smooth, caring, rough, etc) translates into general feelings centered about the group at the time of the activity.

Now, I am not saying you or your loved ones have little bugs that need to be removed, but what I am hinting at is that the soothing, sensory feelings that one receives from having one's body touched by another person does seem to have its evolutionary roots.  What seems to confirm these feelings is that these senses of well-being seem higher when a close member with whom you have bonded does the massage. Caution, however, should be noted that this information is anecdotal in nature, and should be studied further.

So, to learn the whole process of massaging your fellow clansperson, lover, mate, newborn, hospital patient, -- whatever the case may be, you should read the following book by professor Robin Dunbar, professor of psychology at Edindbourogh University.   Once you have the evolutionary perspective in place, we recommend that you expand your knowledge with the other books that we recommend.  Maybe, we can make the planet a better place -- one massage at a time.

Visit us again, as we will be adding our own massage oil and a few massage "instruments" ( Sounds interesting already, doesn't it?)

Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language

By Robin I. M. Dunbar

Harvard University Press, March 1997
ISBN: 0674363345

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The Art of Sensual Massage

by G. Inkeles, M. Todris, R. Footthrad

Simon & Schuster, Jan 1975
ISBN: 0671020226
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The Art of Erotic Massage

by Dr. Andrew York

Sterling Publication, Nov 1988
ISBN: 0713719885
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The Aromatherapy & Massage Book

By Christine Wildwood

Thorsons Publications, Feb. 1995
ISBN: 0722529759
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Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sexual Touch: The Lovers guide to Sensual Massage

by Anne Hooper

DK Publishing, Sept. 1995
ISBN: 1564588726
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