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Elementary School Mathematics

Children's Mathematics : Cognitively Guided Instruction
by Thomas P. Carpenter (Editor)

Paperback Book & Cd edition (February 1999)

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By the time they begin school, most children have already developed a sophisticated, informal understanding of basic mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies. Too often, however, the mathematics instruction that we impose upon them in the classroom fails to connect with this informal knowledge. Children's Mathematics was written to help you understand children's intuitive mathematical thinking and use that knowledge to help children learn mathematics with understanding. Based on more than twenty years of research, this book portrays the development of children's understanding of basic number concepts. The authors offer a detailed explanation and numerous examples of the problem-solving and computational processes that virtually all children use as their numerical thinking develops. They also describe how classrooms can be organized to foster that development. Two accompanying CDs provide a remarkable inside look at students and teachers in real classrooms implementing the teaching and learning strategies described in the text. Together, the book and CDs provide you with the foundation necessary to engage children in discussions of how they think through problems-providing suggestions for what problems to give and insight into what responses to expect, and how children's thinking will evolve.
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Making Sense : Teaching and Learning Mathematics With Understanding
by James Hiebert, (Editor),Thomas P. Carpenter, Elizabeth Fennema

Paperback (April 1997)
Heinemann (Tx); ISBN: 0435071327

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The key to effective math learning lies not in the regurgitation of isolated facts but in the ablility to reason with and use what is learned-in understanding the concepts. But what does it mean to design a classroom so that understanding is the primary objective? What would a system of instruction look like if we took seriously the goal of helping all students understand mathematics? In this ground-breaking book, James Hiebert and his colleagues arm teachers with the best current research-based ideas for designing-and defending-classrooms that support students' mathematical understanding. It is based on the authors' work in four separate research programs, all of which investigated the effects of specific instructional approaches. Out of their ongoing discussions emerged a striking consensus about what features are essential and what features are optional, which they share in this book. They also provide glimpses into their individual projects and into the classrooms from which they have drawn many of their ideas. By describing the essential features of classrooms that support students' mathematical understanding and by offering pictures of several classrooms that exhibit these features, Making Sense provides a valuable framework within which elementary teachers can reflect on their own practice and think again about what it means to teach for understanding.
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Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics : Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States (Studies in mathematic
by Liping Ma

Paperback - 224 pages (August 1999)
Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc; ISBN: 0805829091 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.51 x 8.97 x 6.01
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Children's Mathematical Development: Research and Practical Applications

By David C. Geary

American Psychological Assn. Apr. 1996
ISBN: 1557982589

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