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Gender, Nature, and Nurture

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Written by one of the foremost authorities in the field, this engaging text presents the latest scientific findings on gender differences, similarities, and variations--in sexuality, cognitive abilities, occupational preferences, personality, and social behaviors, such as aggression. The impact of nature and nurture on gender is examined from the perspectives of genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary theory, neuroanatomy, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. The result is a balanced, fair-minded synthesis of diverse points of view. Dr. Lippa's text sympathetically summarizes each side of the nature-nurture debate, and in a witty imagined conversation between a personified "nature" and "nurture," he identifies weaknesses in the arguments offered by both sides. His kaleidoscopic review defines gender, summarizes research on gender differences, examines the nature of masculinity and femininity, describes theories of gender, and presents a "cascade model," which argues that nature and nurture constitute the inseparable threads that weave together to form the complex tapestry known as gender.

Gender, Nature, and Nurture applies the nature-nurture debate to such topical public policy questions as:
*Should girls and boys be reared alike?
*Should schools treat girls and boys alike, and is same-sex education beneficial or harmful to children?
*Should mothers be granted custody of young children more often than fathers?
*Is sexual violence a uniquely male problem that stems, in part, from biological roots?
*Should corporations treat male and female employees differently?
*Why is there a "gender gap" in political attitudes, and how can society encourage greater gender equity in leadership positions?
*Should women and men serve equally in the military?

This lively "primer" of gender research is an ideal book for courses on gender studies, the psychology of women or of men, and gender roles. Its wealth of up-to-date scientific information stimulates the professional reader; its accessible style captivates the student reader; and its forthright examination of the relation between scientific debate and public policy fascinates the general reader.

Building a Better Race: Gender, Sexuality, and Eugenics from the Turn of the Century to the Baby Boom
by Wendy Kline

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Wendy Kline's lucid cultural history of eugenics in America emphasizes the movement's central, continuing interaction with popular notions of gender and morality. Kline shows how eugenics could seem a viable solution to problems of moral disorder and sexuality, especially female sexuality, during the first half of the twentieth century. Its appeal to social conscience and shared desires to strengthen the family and civilization sparked widespread public as well as scientific interest. Kline traces this growing public interest by looking at a variety of sources, including the astonishing "morality masque" that climaxed the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition; the nationwide correspondence of the influential Human Betterment Foundation in Pasadena, California; the medical and patient records of a "model" state institution that sterilized thousands of allegedly feebleminded women in California between 1900 and 1960; the surprising political and popular support for sterilization that survived initial interest in, and then disassociation from, Nazi eugenics policies; and a widely publicized court case in 1936 involving the sterilization of a wealthy young woman deemed unworthy by her mother of having children.

Kline's engaging account reflects the shift from "negative eugenics" (preventing procreation of the "unfit") to "positive eugenics," which encouraged procreation of the "fit," and it reveals that the "golden age" of eugenics actually occurred long after most historians claim the movement had vanished. The middle-class "passion for parenthood" in the '50s had its roots, she finds, in the positive eugenics campaign of the '30s and '40s. Many issues that originated in the eugenics movement remain controversial today, such as the use of IQ testing, the medical ethics of sterilization, the moral and legal implications of cloning and genetic screening, and even the debate on family values of the 1990s. Building a Better Race not only places eugenics at the center of modern reevaluations of female sexuality and morality but also acknowledges eugenics as an essential aspect of major social and cultural movements in the twentieth century

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War and Gender
by Joshua S. Goldstein

Hardcover - 540 pages (October 1, 2001)
Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0521807166

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Sex and Longevity : Sexuality, Gender, Reproduction, Parenthood (Research and Perspectives in Longevity)
by Jean-Marie Robins, (Editor), T.B.L. Allard (Editor), M.Allard (Editor)

Springer Verlag; ISBN: 3540677402
Editorial Reviews
Book Description
A central concept in the evolutionary theory of senescence is the idea that ageing results from life-history trade-offs. In particular, the disposable soma theory suggests that longevity is determined through the setting of longevity assurance mechanisms so as to provide an optimal compromise between investments in somatic maintenance (including stress resistance) and in reproduction. Comparative studies among mammalian species confirm that cells from long-lived species appear to have a greater intrinsic capacity to withstand stresses than cells from short-lived species. Childbearing at older ages has become increasingly common in modern societies because of demographic changes, medical progress and personal choice. While the detrimental effects of late reproduction on infant mortality and genetic diseases have been well documented, little is known about the possible postponed detrimental effects of late parenting.

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Biology, Society, and Behavior : The Development of Sex Differences in Cognition (Advances in Applied Developmental Psychology Vol 21)
by Ann McGillicuddy-DeLisi (Editor), Richard De Lisi (Editor)

Textbook Binding (October 2001)
Ablex Pub Corp; ISBN: 1567506321 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 9.59 x 6.41

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Applying current theory and research, this book links the development of sex differences in cognition to biological foundations, multiple social processes, and contextual factors. Areas covered include evolutionary biology, neuroscience, social roles, and cultural contextualism and the issues of the onset, causes, developmental trajectories, and patterns in children's and adolescents' thinking, problem-solving, academic performance, and social conditions that are related to behaviors in each of these areas.
About the Author
ANN McGILLICUDDY-DE LISI is the Marshall R. Metzgar Professor of Psychology at Lafayette College.
RICHARD DE LISI is a Professor of Educational Psychology at Rutgers University.

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Gender, Nature, and Nurture
by Richard A. Lippa

Paperback - 312 pages (August 2001)
Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc; ISBN: 0805836063

Other Editions: Hardcover

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Gender Gap in Science and Engineering : Illuminating the Differences in Career Outcomes of Ph.D.S
by J. Scott Long (Editor),Linda Skidmore-Roth (Editor)

Hardcover - 450 pages (March 2000)
National Academy Press; ISBN: 0309055806
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Sex Differences: Developmental and Evolutionary Strategies
by Linda J. Mealey

Hardcover - 458 pages (April 2000)
Academic Pr; ISBN: 0124874606 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.08 x 9.48 x 7.66

The author, Linda Mealey , December 22, 1999
Why another book on sex differences?
Sex differences, like age differences, are a biological fact. There is, however, significant disagreement as to whether sex differences are so large and so relevant that we need to segregate social roles in relation to sex as we do with age. Furthermore, while sex differences are a biological fact, they are also a sociocultural fact and, as noted gender researcher Janet Shibley Hyde points out, our "facts" are in a constant state of flux. Indeed, it is not simply our knowledge about sex differences that changes: the facts themselves also change. Thus, one purpose of this book is to bring readers up to date with knowledge about current sex and gender differences.

A second purpose of this book is to establish a framework from which to view sex and gender differences. Are men and women are as different as if they were from different planets (as the title of one best-selling book suggests)? Are human sex differences are so substantial that we will need perpetual negotiations to reach (inter-planetary) accord? Or are sex differences diminishing in this age of technology and mass media to the point that eventually they- and the questions they raise- will become moot? The life history framework introduced in the first chapter of this book should help readers to anticipate which sex and gender differences are most likely to remain and which are most likely to disappear- and why. Subsequent chapters on sex differences in other animals help to put human sex differences into perspective.

Finally, what we think about sex and gender differences matters. Our knowledge of, and attitudes toward sex and gender differences surface in many aspects of life. The final chapter of the book (Chapter 12) addresses interpersonal relationships and current issues in law, politics, and the workplace.

Between chapters 1 and 12 you will find answers to the following commonly asked questions:

Why are there two sexes in the first place? Why not just one? Why not three or more? (Chapter 3)

How do we learn/decide/discover whether we are male or female? How do we learn/decide/discover who and what sexually stimulates us? Can we change it if we want to? (Chapters 2 & 10)

Why do women have permanently enlarged breasts when no other female mammals do? Why don't men? (Chapters 4 & 7)

Why are women, on average, shorter than men? Why do they mature earlier? Why do they live longer? (Chapters 9, 11 & 12)

Why do women get depressed more often but men commit suicide more often? Why is anorexia so much more common in women than in men? Indeed, why are eating disorders so prevalent at this time in history? (Chapters 3, 9 & 12)

Do men really have more extra-marital sex than women? Why is sexual infidelity such an emotional issue? Why are social and legal penalties generally more severe for unfaithful women than for unfaithful men? (Chapters 8, 10 & 11)

What "causes" rape? How can it be prevented? (Chapters 3, 5, 6, 9 & 10)

Why is it that cross-culturally, males commit 90% of all crimes and an even greater proportion of violent crimes? (Chapters 5 & 10)

Why are there so many men and so few women in politics? Are men better politicians? Are women better psychologists? What about veterinarians? scientists? (Chapters 7, 9, 11 & 12)

What are the roles of politics and religion in determining our sexual beliefs and practises? (Chapters 9, 11 & 12)

These are not easy questions and the book doesn't provide easy answers; it is not a "quick read". If you are interested in a serious discussion of these issues, however, and you are not opposed to an evolutionary approach, this is the book for you.

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Anger : The Misunderstood Emotion
by Carol Tavris

Paperback - 383 pages Rev edition (October 1989)
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0671675230 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 8.41 x 5.40
Tavris' "landmark book" (San Francisco Chronicle) dispels the common myths about anger and includes a brand-new chapter on strategies for specific anger scenarios.
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Ambition & Accommodation : How Women View Gender Relations
by Roberta S. Sigel
Paperback (June 1996)
University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226756963 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.59 x 9.06 x 6.04
Book Description
What do ordinary citizens really think about issues of gender equality and gender roles? Combining data from both telephone surveys and in-depth focus groups, Ambition and Accommodation provides the most detailed portrait to date of how Americans, in particular American women, think they are faring in today's society.

By juxtaposing the voices of women and men from all walks of life, Sigel finds that women's perceptions of gender relations are complex and often contradictory. Although most women see gender discrimination pervading nearly all social interactions--private as well as public--they do not invariably feel that they personally have been its victims. They want to see discrimination ended, but believe that men do not necessarily share this goal. Women are torn, according to Sigel, between the desire to improve their positions relative to men and the desire to avoid open conflict with them. Their desire not to jeopardize their relations with men, Sigel holds, helps explain women's willingness to accommodate a less-than-egalitarian situation by, for example, taking on the second shift at home or by working harder than men on the job. Sigel concludes that, although men and women agree on the principle of gender equality, definitions as well as practice differ by gender.

This complex picture of how women, while not always content with the status quo, have chosen to accommodate to the world they must face every day is certain to provoke considerable debate. --This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title
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by John P.J. Pinel

Hardcover - 570 pages 3rd edition (May 1996)
Allyn & Bacon; ISBN: 0205184456 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.98 x 11.12 x 8.72
From the Back Cover
Clear, witty, and inspiring, Pinel's third edition builds on the considerable strengths of its predecessors—strong research base, and comprehensive topical coverage—and adds a totally redesigned illustration package. Now, this outstanding book has an art and photo program to match, with the majority of art redesigned and enhanced to better complement Pinel's wide range of pedagogy.
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Boys and Girls : The Development of Gender Roles
by Carole R. Beal
Paperback - 359 pages (January 1994)
McGraw Hill Text; ISBN: 007004533X ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 9.20 x 6.53
Book Description
This text on the development of sex roles in childhood focuses on the processes by which children learn to be boys and girls and the effects of differential socialization on their behavior. Unlike competing texts on sex roles, the book has a clear developmental emphasis. It also stresses the use of psychological theories and methods to separate popular notions regarding sex roles from current research findings. BOYS AND GIRLS is designed for use as a primary or supplementary text for a course on sex roles, a supplementary text in an introductory child development course, and as a resource for parents, teachers, and others who work with children.

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Feminist Theories and Feminist Psychotherapies : Origins, Themes, and Variations (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies)
by Carolyn Zerbe Enns

Paperback - 346 pages (November 1997)
Haworth Pr; ISBN: 1560238739 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 8.45 x 6.16
The publisher, The Haworth Press, Inc
, October 23, 1997
Summary and Reviews . . .
Feminist Theories and Feminist Psychotherapies gives you a better understanding of the diversity of feminist theory and how the orientation of your own theories influences your practice. Examining your own personal assumptions is necessary in order to ensure that your practice is anchored in a coherent and consistent framework. Feminist Theories and Feminist Psychotherapies is a clear and concise book with several short, thought-provoking self-assessment questionnaires to aid you in your reflection. The self-understanding you’ll gain will make you a more competent and consistent therapist.
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Gender and Stress
by Lois Beiner, Grace K. Baruch, (Editor), Rosalind Barnett (Editor)

Hardcover - 386 pages (October 1987)
Free Press; ISBN: 0029013801 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.49 x 9.60 x 6.55

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Left Brain, Right Brain : Perspective from Cognitive Neuroscience (Series of Books in Psychology)
by Sally P. Springer & Georg Deutsch (Contributor)

Paperback - 368 pages 5th edition (October 1997)
W H Freeman & Co; ISBN: 0716731118 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.20 x 6.14
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The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory : Why an Invented Past Will Not Give Women a Future
by Cynthia Eller

Hardcover - 304 pages (May 2000)
Beacon Pr; ISBN: 080706792X ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 9.32 x 6.
Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Debunking the myth of prehistoric goddess worship

A new myth of human origins has taken hold, and even if you're not familiar with its specifics you're likely to know its contours and to have seen its detritus: T-shirts that proclaim "I Survived 5,000 Years of Patriarchal Hierarchies," goddess earrings dangling from a friend's ears, Venus of Willendorf reproductions, advertisements for goddess travel tours.

According to this matriarchal myth, whose proponents include archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and cultural historian Riane Eisler, men and women lived together peacefully before written records. Society was centered around women, who were honored as incarnations of the Great Goddess. Then a great transformation occurred, and men thereafter dominated society.

Given the universality of patriarchy in recorded history, this vision is understandably appealing for many women. After all, Eller notes, the myth posits a peaceful social structure in which women make important decisions for their communities as powerful, even revered, leaders. But does it have any basis in fact? And as a myth, does it benefit women?

In this lucid and fascinating volume, Eller traces the emergence of feminist matriarchal myth, explicates its functions, and examines the evidence for and against a matriarchal prehistory. Finally, she explains why this vision of peaceful, women-centered prehistory is something feminists should be wary of.
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The Lenses of Gender : Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality
by Sandra Lipsitz Bem

Paperback Reissue edition (August 1994)
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300061633 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 9.21 x 6.10
Book Description
In this book, a leading theorist on sex and gender discusses how hidden assumptions embedded in our cultural discourses, social institutions, and individual psyches perpetuate male power and oppress women and sexual minorities. Sandra Lipsitz Bem argues that these assumptions, which she calls the lenses of gender, shape not only perceptions of social reality but also its more material aspects-like unequal pay and inadequate daycare. Her penetrating and articulate examination of these hidden cultural lenses enables us to look at them rather than through them and to better understand recent debates on gender and sexuality

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Love Between Equals : How Peer Marriage Really Works
by Pepper Schwartz

Paperback - 205 pages (September 1995)
Free Press; ISBN: 0028740610 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 9.20 x 6.15

Today's couples, for the first time in history, insist on equality in all aspects of their marriages. Bestselling author and sociologist Schwartz uncovers the hidden pitfalls, the drastic changes, and the unsuspected and astonishing rewards experienced by truly equal partners. Throughout the book, Schwartz shows peer couples how they can fulfill the unprecedented promise of equality.
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Love and Sex : Cross-Cultural Perspectives
by Elaine Hatfield, Richard L. Rapson (Contributor)
Paperback (October 1995)
Allyn & Bacon; ISBN: 0205161030 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.59 x 9.19 x 7.06

From the Back Cover
Targeting an area of research that has long been dominated by “Western” scientists, Elaine Hatfield and Richard L. Rapson tell a new and updated story of love and sex in the modern world.
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The Mismeasure of Woman
by Carol Trvis

Paperback Reprint edition (February 1993)
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0671797492 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 8.45 x 5.56
Tavris disproves the theories of the "otherness" of women perpetuated by convention and reinforced by flawed scientific studies, as she introduces readers to a radical new way of thinking about men and women.
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Myths of Gender : Biological Theories About Women and Men
by Anne Fausto-sterlin
Paperback - 320 pages 2nd Rev edition (September 1992)
Basic Books; ISBN: 0465047920 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.84 x 9.20 x 6.12
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Sex, Power, Conflict : Evolutionary and Feminist Perspectives
by David M. Buss  (Editor), Neil M. Malamuth (Editor)
Paperback (April 1996)
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 0195103572 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.96 x 9.24 x 6.11
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Sexual Harassment : Theory, Research, and Treatment
by William T. O Donohue (Editor),

Hardcover - 315 pages (October 1996)
Allyn & Bacon; ISBN: 0205164129 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 9.48 x 7.64
From the Back Cover
Key Benefit: Sexual harassment has become a topic of much interest during the last decade. Part of the heightened interest may be due to a few highly publicized accusations. Yet, another factor contributing to the increased attention is recent information on the startlingly high frequency of sexual harassment and on its serious consequences. Fortunately, in the last decade, scholars in a number of disciplines have turned their attention to sexual harassment. This edited volume draws together the best information on the topic. Key Topics: Leading researchers in the field cover salient topics ranging from legal issues, to the effects of sexual harassment, to prevention. Each chapter examines a major question regarding sexual harassment and helps all readers gain insight into the nature of this phenomenon.
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Sexual Salvation : Affirming Women's Sexual Rights and Pleasures
by Naomi B. McCormick

Hardcover - 284 pages (November 1994)
Bergin & Garvey; ISBN: 0275943593 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.16 x 9.58 x 6.37
Book Description
What is the nature and purpose of women's sexuality? How does women's sexuality relate to femininity, masculinity, and violence against women? What effect does sex role socialization have on women's sexual relations? To what extent have sexual behavior, expectations for intimacy, and sex research been shaped by a male-dominant society? These questions and more are addressed in Sexual Salvation, an open-minded and comprehensive celebration of cultural and sexual diversity. Relying on her 21-years' experience as a feminist sex-researcher, clinical psychologist, and college professor, the author illuminates the wide-ranging experiences women have had with sexuality and intimacy. Linking new feminist scholarship with emerging social science and therapist work, she makes contributions to understanding women's sexuality clear, logical, and appealing for a broad group of readers--women and men alike.
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Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and Gender
by Paula and Jeremy Caplan

Paperback 2nd Rev edition (August 1998)
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0801331250 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.45 x 9.20 x 6.36

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Why Marriages Succeed or Fail : And How You Can Make Yours Last
by John M. Gottom

Paperback (June 1995)
Fireside; ISBN: 0684802414 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.67 x 8.96 x 5.87
Back Cover
Psychologist John Gottman has spent 20 years studying what makes a marriage last. Now you can use his tested methods to evaluate, strengthen, and maintain your own long-term relationship. This breakthrough book guides you through a series of self-tests designed to help you determine what kind of marriage you have, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what specific actions you can take to help your marriage.
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Women's Health : From Womb to Tomb
by Penny Kane

Paperback 2nd edition (March 1994)
St Martins Pr (Short); ISBN: 0312106238 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 8.49 x 5.46

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Women, Men, and Gender : Ongoing Debates
by Mary Roth Walsh (Editor)

Paperback - 445 pages (September 1996)
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300069383 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.24 x 9.87 x 7.07
Book Description
In this timely book, experts from a wide range of disciplines take opposing views on such important gender controversies as learning and knowing, conversational style, partner violence, sexuality, leadership styles, and pornography. Mary Roth Walsh follows the format she established in her highly acclaimed book The Psychology of Women, presenting new issues and perspectives on subjects sure to intrigue all students of gender studies. --This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title
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