FAQs About Evolutionary Feminism

Q: What is the Madonna/Whore Complex/syndrome?

Well, it used to have some meaning in the Sigmund Freudian world of mumbo jumbo psycho-sexual male dominated thought processes concerning women.

I don't want to devote much space to the theory, so here is what Wikipedia has to tell us:

{The] term is used to describe an unsatisfiable desire by a man to have his wife or other female partner exhibit both of these mutually exclusive traits. This introduces a dilemma where men may feel unable to love any women that can satisfy them sexually and are unable to be sexually satisfied by any women that they can love. Alternatively, the term is to describe or attempt to justify the behavior of men who pursue multiple women as a way of fulfilling each of these needs.

But today, some evolutionary feminists are hi-jacking the phase and putting it to use describing what they think would be the proper male/female sexual context. The phase is evolving into a social hierarchical guiding principles that evolved out of the social psychology's DO (Dominance Orientation) theory where the dominate females restrict sexual access by males - "The Madonnas" -- and who come from parents who generally control resources -- attempt to shun or push subordinate females - "Whores/HOs" -females who initiate sex - and whose parents usually don't have resources -- away from "their" pool of available, and or, suitable reproductive male mates by alluding by word of mouth that the subordinate female is sexually promiscuous, and therefore a bad candidate for potential mate preferences. In this case, the message from the inner group of females is designed to "send a message" to both potential female competitors and male hopefuls that such behavior will not be tolerated - thus, a specific social norm behavior rule is established. Failure to follow the rules would result in being pushed to the edges of the social inner circle, and the possible loss of future coalitions, and of course, any possible advancement "up" the hierarchy.

Usually in addition, in spreading the rumors of a female's "whore-ness" the framework of sexually promiscuous activity is attached to sexually transmitted diseases, and thus, carries the added weight to males that if they "catch" the disease from the subordinate female, then they will have lower expectations of achieving sexual access with the dominate females.

Let's face it girls, when it comes to high school and mate competition, you females are mean, mean, mean. Spreading rumors about the subordinate hussy who wears blonde wigs, inexpensive make up, revealing halter tops, short-shorts, high heels, and who walks down the high school halls swinging her hips while chewing gum and flirting with every Tom, Harry, or swinging Dick she comes in contact with is someone who could lower the competitive advantages that dominate females have created over the years.

You know that guys your age will do anything for sex. You are merely enforcing a group mating strategy that attempts to isolate possible "loose women" that would "lower the price" of commitment by the males in your group. It's all about passing on more resources to your future progeny. It's not rocket science.

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