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Urgent Action Fund For Women's Human Rights
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights operates two core programs that strengthen and inform one another, enabling UAF to fund women human rights defenders quickly, strategically and effectively in diverse environments around the world.

The Rapid Response Grantmakeing Program supports women and transgender activists at critical junctures, when groups are able to use funds to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and/or respond to threats. This unique model of strategic grantmaking relies on having a clear understanding of the contextual situation in which each grant is made, which UAF gains through its engagement in various human and women’s rights networks and through itsResearch, Publications & Advocacy program.  Urgent Action Fund conducts in-depth research projects on issues of importance to women's human rights activism.  Each publication is designed to be used as an advocacy tool in the hands of activists and their allies.

Collaborative research combined with grants analysis provides UAF with detailed, first-hand information on the realities and strategies of women activists, which we use to refine our own grantmaking program and to positively influence the field of human rights funding.
The Women's Media Center
"The Women’s Media Center strives to make women visible and powerful in the media. From our founding in 2004 by some of the best minds in the feminist movement and the media industry to our advocacy and media realtions work today, we are part of a strong feminist tradition that seeks to hold the media accountable for presenting the world as we know it. Our mission is to assure that women and women’s experiences are reflected in the media just as women are present everywhere in the real world; that women are represented as local, national, and global sources for and subjects of the media; and that women media professionals have equal opportunities for employment and advancement." Here's a perfect example of their work found on UTUBE. It's a short film clip called Sexism Sells: But We're Not Buying it.
Women for Women International was founded in 1993 to help women overcome the horrors of war and civil strife in ways that can help them rebuild their lives, families, and communities. Women for Women International's tiered program begins with direct financial and emotional support; fosters awareness and understanding of women's rights; offers vocational skills training; and provides access to income-generation support and microcredit loans that together can help women restart their lives in ways that are independent, productive, and secure.
Mission Statement
Unmarried Americans are the fastest-growing large demographic in the country and by 2008, a majority of Americans will live with an unmarried head of household. But despite their numbers, unmarried Americans are under-represented in national elections and their voices are not being heard in our democracy. Women's Voices. Women Vote was created to activate unmarried Americans in their government and in our democracy.
Moms Rising OK. If your a female, you pass your genes, have a child, and then the old man decides to dump you and the baby. Now what do you do? Depend on the de-evolved, knuckle-crawling conservative-backed governments to help you? No. What feminists need to do is substitute the male assistance requriements that set the female on this path in the first place.. This organization is perhaps the first that I can find that calls for society to help with those requriements. Its a start.
Girls Incorporated is a national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With roots dating to 1864, Girls Inc has provided vital educational programs to millions of American girls, particularly those in high-risk, underserved areas. Today, innovative programs help girls confront subtle societal messages about their value and potential, and prepare them to lead successful, independent, and fulfilling lives.
Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) works nationally and in its home community of Washington, D.C. to build pathways to economic independence for America's families, women, and girls. WOW has a distinctive history in changing the landscape of women and work. For more than 40 years, WOW has helped women learn to earn, with programs emphasizing literacy, technical and nontraditional skills, the welfare-to-work transition and career development. Since 1964, WOW has trained more than 10,000 women for well paid work in the DC area. WOW leads the National Women's Workforce Network which is comprised of organizations committed to increasing women and girls access to well-paid work and the Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Project (FESS). WOW is recognized nationally for its skills training models, technical assistance, and advocacy for women workers.
Advances women's rights and promotes the goals of equality through education, advocacy, litigation, networking, voter participation projects, global outreach, conferences, publications, training and leadership development.
Our mission is to Make the World Safe and Fair for Our Daughters
WE BELIEVE that all families benefit when active, engaged father-daughter relationships help girls grow--and when dads, daughters and others help overcome obstacles for girls and women. We are the world's only organization maximizing the power and potential of father-daughter relationships. We support fathers and stepfathers (no matter where they are) with tools to make a better life for every girl.
Founded in 1985, the Women's Funding Network is an international organization with over 100 member (and 20 associate member) funds that are committed to improving the status of women and girls globally and locally. Committed to changing society by improving the status of women and girls locally, nationally, and internationally, Women's Funding Network works to strengthen and empower member funds.
Equality Now was founded in 1992 to work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world. Working with national human rights organizations and individual activists, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and adds an international action overlay to support their efforts to advance equality rights and defend individual women who are suffering abuse.
VARIOUS FIELDS WITHIN FEMINISM Hosted by the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at Virginia Tech University; each subject listed has a separtate link or links. Aesthetics and Art, Anarcha, Feminism, Anthropology (Cultural), Body Studies, Communication and Media, Critical Theory, Economics, Environment, Epistemology, Education, Essentialism, Ethics, History, Geography, Law, Lesbian Issues, Liberal Feminism, Literary Criticism, Marxism/Materialism, Multi-culturalism, Philosophy, Political Theory, Post colonialism, Post-modernism, Psychology/Psychoanlysis, Radical Feminism, Religion/Spirituality, Science, Separatism, Sexuality, Socialist Feminism,
Barnard Center for Research on Women
The Center for Research on Women was founded in 1971 as part of Barnard's longtime commitment to women's equality and to show Barnard's enthusiasm for the new women's movement. The aim of the Center, as articulated by its founding charter, is "to assure that women can live and work in dignity, autonomy, and equality." More than three decades later, we continue to pursue that goal in many ways: by promoting inquiry and advancing knowledge about women; by helping to keep women's issues on the forefront of college life; by seeking to increase ties among diverse groups of women; and by reaching out to students, faculty, administrators, alumnae, as well as scholars, activists and artists beyond Barnard's gates.

Toward this aim, the Center hosts a series of lectures, panel discussions and conferences exploring a wide range of feminist and social justice issues. We have, in recent semesters, welcomed such visionaries as actors Anna Deavere Smith and Zoe Caldwell, political activists Amber Hollibaugh and Sister Helen Prejean, nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams, environmental activist Winona LaDuke, poets June Jordan and Adrienne Rich, legal scholar Lani Guinier, journalists Natalie Angier and Katha Pollitt, and scholars Judith Butler and Kate Millett. Whether they're addressing the changing role of women in the business place, discussing representations of women in film, or critiquing the criminal justice system, our speakers bring the complexities of our world into focus through the lens of feminist scholarship.
The University of Maryland Women's Studies Web Site, begun in September 1992, serves those people interested in the women's studies profession and in general women's issues. For information about the University's academic Women's Studies Department, visit their website at http://www.umd.edu/WMST/
Feminist AnthroplogyA one, Angela Bratton, from the University of Indiana weighs in with her own web site on the History, Theory, Organizations, and Sources of Feminist Anthropology.
IAFFE - International Association for Feminist Economics
The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) is a non-profit organization that seeks to advance feminist inquiry of economic issues and to educate economists and others on feminist points of view on economic issues. IAFFE was conceived as a result of small group discussions at the American Economic Association Conference, in Washington, DC in 1990. Women economists found each other to discuss the difficulties in doing feminist work and their desire for conversation with like-minded economists. The session, “Can Feminism Find a Home in Economics?” attracted an overflow crowd, many of whom became a part of an initial mailing list of people interested in feminist economics.

Darwinian Feminism
Special Session, South Central Modern Language Association Meeting
Austin, Texas., October 31-November 2, 2002
Chair: Nancy Easterlin, University of New Orleans
Beauty and Psychology This link takes you to the psychology section at Beauty Worlds: The Culture of Beauty website. So, as a radical feminist, do you believe that some members of your gender overly obsess about their physical appearance? I think that you are partly correct, but we are discussing one of the most important aspects of adaptive human behavior: HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF PASSING ONE'S GENES INTO THE NEXT GENERATION. And for women, male attraction to physical femine beauty has been part of a winning stragety. It is at the core of evolutionary feminism -- knowing that the majority of your sisters want to catch a man and hold on to him to assist in child rearing.
Code Pink -- Women for Peace Will it take radical movements to make a difference?
It is no accident that Baring Witness began with women. From Nigeria to Nepal to the United States, women are impatient with the endless cycle of violence and war between people, between nations, between human beings and the earth itself.

It is no accident either that women would choose to get naked for the sake of peace and justice. For Baring Witness is about using the greatest weapon women have, the power of the feminine, the power of our beauty and nakedness to awaken our male leaders and stop them in their tracks. In this way Baring Witness is about heightening the awareness of human vulnerability.

By risking with our nakedness - our charm and beauty and vulnerability - in service of peace we are exposing the flesh all humans share. We are casting off the old dominant paradigm of aggression and restoring the power of the feminine to its rightful place as the protector of life. It is time for women to deter the men in their lives from violent acts, as nurturers, as guardians of our families and as voices of reason

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