April 1998 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, April 23, 1998

I continue to have problems with establishing the retail section of the web site.  I have scientifically isolated the cause and will take action sometime in late summer.  I was very disappointed with the web designer's efforts as I was planning to place an advertisement with the online site of the Harvard Crimson and this effort had to be delayed.  The lesson for me is to educate myself in the design process of the advertisements.  More time away from my studies. Sigh...

Notebook entry, April 17, 1998

Today the space shuttle Columbia went into orbit with its zoo of inhabitants.  One of the goals of the flight is to find out why brain neurons slow down in their growth rate as they approach maturity.  My theory is similar to that of animals in the wild.  In a set territory, animals will sense the presence of other animals and when the set territory becomes too crowded, they no longer reproduce at the same rate.  This is most likely because there is a computer module in the brain that analyzes the amount of resources per resident of the territory and it makes the necessary adjustments.  The same could be similar in the brain.  The neurons could be sending out chemical signals indicating the end of endless resources and begin the slowing down process to adjust. Or, it could be similar to a chemical radar, indicating the skull is nearing and the neurons should slow down their advance.  Just your usual Friday night muse.

Notebook entry, April 7, 1998

Work is progressing very slowly on the retail section of my site.   There is just so much money and time to spend on the activity so I have to drag things out.  The company I have hired to work on the retail section gets a A for technical merit, but a D for design.  Oh well, it will all come together when God and circumstances decide that it will happen.  Once again patience rules the roost.

Copyright William A. Spriggs, 1999