Notebook Entries April 2006

Michael T. Starks <>
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To: Michael Starks <>
Subject: Attend ionogen studios' World Premier movie adaptation of MACBETH
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 10:22:47 AM

Attend ionogen studios World Premier of

Clyde Sacks and Karilyn T. Starks
Adapted and Directed by
Michael T. Starks
Sponsored by the Denver Film Society

Friday, May 19, 2006 at 7 PM
at the Starz Film Center at the Tivoli
900 Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO 80204

To order tickets or to get more information, please visit our website.

Ethan Hawke directed a modern version of Hamlet and Ian McKellan
updated Richard III. Now, ionogen studios is proud to present our
adaptation of Macbeth.

ionogen, inc. is a pioneer in the digital video revolution that is
changing forever the way movies are produced and distributed. We
create full-length movies and documentaries that excite and inspire our

Macbeth is a cautionary tale that illuminates the darker side of
Recall Shakespeare’s play –
Three witches give Macbeth a prophecy that he will be King
Macbeth and his wife decide to murder the current King, Duncan
Macbeth takes the throne
He and his wife are tormented by their actions
Macbeth loses his life

See this plot unfold in today's business world with Shakespeare's
original language

To order tickets or to get more information, please visit our website.

Please forward this message to people you know who may be interested.

Michael T. Starks <>
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Subject: Re: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:33:41 PM

I'm glad that you can see our premier of MACBETH.

We are on schedule to complete everything by May 1 for Seven Ideas.
We shoot the Pick-Up shots on Sunday 4/09/06.

Thanks for the item below!

On Apr 5, 2006, at 5:16 AM, wrote:

> Hey you two!...Got your promo over the opening of MACBETH and I will
> plan on attending.
> Open all is on schedule for the final scenes of 7 for 7 and that
> completion date can be accomplished by May 1st.
> MB: Hope to see you for lunch on Friday, the 7th, schedule
> permitting. I'll call Thursday to get directions.
> Below is an item FYI
> *********************
> Offbeat shows turn Web into world wide TV network
> By Bob Tourtellotte
> The widely hyped merging of the PC and TV is finally taking shape in a
> way that only a few people imagined in the late 1990s Internet boom.
> From independent producers like Mondo Media to big media companies
> like MTV, and even kids who post videos on community sites like
>, the World Wide Web is becoming a sort of worldwide TV
> network for audiences seeking offbeat entertainment not shown on
> mainstream television.
> Mondo's cartoon characters, "Happy Tree Friends," survived the dot-com
> bust of 2000 and are now a thriving, worldwide phenomenon. And this
> week a little-known British rocker named Sandi Thom signed a record
> deal with Sony BMG after building an audience by webcasting her own
> concerts from her basement.
> "I still don't think people have a handle on the fact that, for all
> intents and purposes, we have a TV network working for us, essentially
> free, that is worldwide," said John Evershed, co-founder of Mondo
> Media, which owns "Happy Tree Friends."
> The "Friends" are a collection of lovable forest animals with names
> like Giggles and Lumpy who get into trouble that inevitably leads to
> violence and death.
> San Francisco-based Mondo shows 16 million, two-minute programs
> monthly on the Web which have spawned the sale of 750,000 DVDs. The
> "Tree Friends" Web site, its t-shirts, toys, and cell phone episodes
> are hot items in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, North and
> South America, Mondo Media says.
> The "Tree Friends" were a product of the technology boom when venture
> capital and advertisers chased producers who were delivering TV-like
> episodes on the Web. When the boom ended, money dried up and only a
> few players like Mondo remained.
> Evershed said this new wave of Web video is fueled by the rising
> number of people with high-speed Internet access which makes video
> watchable on PCs. Moreover, younger audiences are increasingly
> accustomed to watching video on PCs and laptops.
> Other independent producers building audiences with a TV network on
> the Web include Joe Cartoon, Homestarrunner and JibJab.
> Community building sites like are thriving by making it
> easy for users to post video clips. Teens also turn to the Web when
> traditional TV shows get boring.
> Seeing this trend, major media companies are getting in on the act so
> they don't lose viewers and advertising to Web competitors.
> Viacom Inc's MTV has started "MTV Overdrive" at E!
> Entertainment webcasts "The Vine" at and The Walt Disney's
> Co.'s ABC Television Group has plans to stream shows for kids on its
> and sites in coming months.
> As with the "Friends," keys to success for "MTV Overdrive" have been
> offering short programs and original content that fans do not see on
> broadcast or cable TV.
> That philosophy is a far cry from the late 1990s when the dot-com boom
> fueled the notion that eventually all TV would be delivered on the
> Web, on-air broadcasting would become wired webcasting and computers
> would be the TV sets of the future.
> "Really, I had this vision 6 years ago," said Mike Tuinstra, chief
> executive officer of Inc. "It's just now kind of
> happening."
> Reuters/VNU

Michael T. Starks <>
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Subject: Re: Change of film pre-view
Date: Friday, April 14, 2006 6:39:36 PM [View Source]
Meeting on April 23 sounds fine.

On Apr 14, 2006, at 6:11 PM, wrote:

> Hey Mike.
> Michael Best has convinced me that we should preview the movie
> together. Because he has Easter services that conflict with my
> activities this Sunday, the 16th, we both thought that we would wait
> until Sunday morning, April 23rd and car pool up together.
> That way, you would have more time to craft the editing. Even though
> I an anixious to see what has been done so far, one more week gives
> you time to put the music score into the editing.
> Let me know if this change is ok with you.
> Bill Spriggs

Michael T. Starks <>
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Subject: Re: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 7:51:44 AM [View Source]

I sent a voice mail reply, but it was fairly late in the day. My
preference is to write out
"Seven Ideas for Seven Days", and that is what I have been using. If
you would prefer
using the number 7, just let me know. For the additional copies, we
had agreed to
$3 per copy, so $90 will cover the cost of the extras.

I look forward to seeing you on April 23!

On Apr 18, 2006, at 5:32 AM, wrote:

> Hey Mike, Sent a voice mail yesterday (Monday, the 17th) but no
> response. I need just a small bit of information...In the opening
> credits and on the planned DVD label, is the number seven written out
> formally -- Seven Ideas for Seven Days -- or is the number 7 used?
> Also, I don't have the contract in front of me, but I am assuming that
> additional copies over the 100 agreed upon copies are available for
> $4.00 extra.
> I'm placing an order for an additional 30 copies: Therefore I will add
> $120.00 to the final check that I will write on delivery of the 130
> final DVDs.
> See you on April 23rd for the review of the film.
> Bill

Michael T. Starks <>
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Subject: Re: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Saturday, April 22, 2006 10:00:12 AM [View Source]
Thank you for writing about your concerns. I am happy to have you
preview our work on "Seven Ideas for Seven Days" tomorrow 4/23/06 at 9 AM. I will honor your
request that Michael Best is not present for this meeting.

I understand your anger with Michael Best, and I certainly want to
avoid a situation that would be less than a productive use of our time. Just to let you know, I was
not aware of the events that you described, and I am very sorry that Michael behaved in this way.

You are always welcome to contact me at any time. Because Michael Best
wanted to gain experience as a producer, and because he has known you for a long time, I assumed
that it would be OK for him to be your primary point of contact. Due to the friction that you have
described, I am happy to assume this role. I want you to know that your satisfaction is important to me,
and I respect your input.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at our home (10669 Atchison
Street, Commerce City, CO 80022).

Michael T. Starks
(303) 726 - 5210
On Apr 22, 2006, at 6:10 AM, wrote:

> Dear Mike:
> I am just writing to confirm my intentions of previewing Seven Ideas
> for Seven Days tomorrow, April 23rd at your location at 9 am.
> However, due to Michael Best's behavior on April 16th, I prefer that
> he not be present to give "any suggestions."
> As you recall, we were scheduled to preview what editing had been done
> to the film on that date, but Michael Best "convinced" me to hold off
> because he wanted to attend church services that morning and I could
> not reschedule my events on that day. I reluctantly deferred to his
> wishes and wrote you of my intentions to re-schedule on April 23rd.
> I rearranged my entire schedule with my family for that day (the 23rd)
> to accommodate MB. We agreed to have him come over to visit my wife
> and then go to lunch and a movie after he got out of religious
> services.
> On the 23rd, by 12noon I had received no word from MB and decided to
> go ahead with lunch and a movie with my step-son in law. I called
> three separate times of my location and expressed the hope that he
> could catch up with us.
> While in the movie, at 3pm, my cell phone buzzed and indicated that it
> was Michael. I did not listen until I got home at 4pm. It was
> Michael, with the excuse that he locked the keys out of his car and
> had to have a friend come and take him home and back to the car
> location. He said that he was "really messed up" and "confused."
> The bottom line here is this: I was livid with anger over the
> disappointment at not being able to see the film preview, and that
> Michael Bruen was the reason. This is the reason that I do not wish to
> see Mr. Bruen at the preview if the meeting takes place on the 23rd.
> Since I am still angry from this show of disrespect; I know from past
> experience that if he is there, I will raise my voice in anger over
> some trivial remark that he will make, and Mike will respond in kind.
> And it will escalate into a shouting match over who is more correct. I
> know that I am thin-skinned and easily incited to anger when shown
> disrespect, but part of managing that anger is to know what situations
> to avoid.
> "Trust Only Movement," my father used to tell me. I can no longer
> trust Michael with his word any more. From this point, I will only
> trust what MB does.
> This is the old Michael that my wife had warned me about before I
> started the project; the inconsiderate, ego-seeking, struting peacock
> in the forest. (It's why people are drawn to him). This is the old,
> immature, Michael Bruen that is "high maintenance." I don't need it in
> my life. I am shown disprect at work as an employee in the salt mind,
> I don't need to pay someone to do the same thing.
> I told her, "No, Michael has been on time for the first three
> appointments and has shown me nothing but professionalism, and this
> guy, Michael Starks is highly professional and has is highly focused."
> As the project proceeded with the March 11th filming, I still had that
> opinion. I still can't believe that you guys worked that late into
> the evening (morning). (Perhaps there is the "mental ledger" that
> Michael Bruen "keeps in his head" -- "I worked this hard for you,
> therefore I can treat you with disrespect any time I want"). However,
> I do not see that in the contract that I have in front of me nor does
> it state that Bill Spriggs must communicate solely with Mr. Best.
> I have done everything that "Bill Spriggs agrees to;"...provide the
> script, to pay ionogen, Inc. $2500...$1250 due prior to the production
> phase --- I also intend to honor the rest of the contract --- to
> review the edit prior to delivery and to pay the balance of $1250
> (plus $90 for 30 additional copies) upon delivery. .
> My wife wants me to back out of the project and to cut my cost at half
> the expense. She thinks that MB will find a way to sabotage the final
> stages of the film.
> I told her no... And you know why? Because this project is bigger
> than MB's ego.
> Think about this: Your production (and me) will be seen by over 100 of
> the most influential people in progressive politics.
> It is an opportunity too good to waste over a squabble between old
> friends concerning "respect" and someone's ego.
> I'll be at my cell phone all day at work, and get back to any reply of
> this email by 5pm tonight.
> Let me know if the preview of the film is on at your location for the
> 23rd.
> Sorry for all this....
> Bill Spriggs

Michael T. Starks <>
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Subject: Re: A few tweaks from Bill Spriggs
Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 8:18:04 AM [View Source]
Thank you for your input. We can implement both of the ideas that you
I look forward to seeing you on Friday morning!


On Apr 25, 2006, at 5:59 AM, wrote:

> Hey Michael.
> Glad to hear that your excited about what is developing in the editing
> process.
> I just have two requests that I want you to implement which came to
> me while lying in bed (it's where the best ideas come to me)
> 1-- When each day's title subject comes up -- MONDAY, TUESDAY,
> WEDNESDAY, etc. I would like it to read: MONDAY'S IDEA, TUESDAY'S
> IDEA, WEDNESDAY'S IDEA, etc. This better frames the whole concept of
> the project --- if it is just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday --- someone
> in the audience might drift off and think of a different subject that
> occurred to them on that day. --- like on "Monday, I locked my keys in
> my car, and I had a crappy day thereon,"etc.
> 2 -- I would like my name to appear for 3 seconds at the lower center
> under my image as I fade in with the opening -- William Anthony
> Spriggs -- Do the same under Michael Best's initial fade in -- 3
> seconds also.
> That's all I have.
> See you Friday morning, the 28th, 9am for the final tweak.
> Bill
> p.s. Tell Karilyn that I podcasted her intro on good politics
> radio....I'm intereseted. After I mail out these 130 7 for 7s, I want
> to focus on the response. I am assuming that the dust will settle by
> the 20th of May. After that I should be able to focus on other
> things.
> Bill
Subject: Re: See you tomorrow
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2006 10:52:08 PM [View Source]
I look forward to seeing you then.

On Apr 27, 2006, at 7:45 PM, wrote:

> Michael.
> see you tomorrow morning, 4-28-06, 9am...
> call me if their is a problem....303-349-1673
> Bill