Notebook Entries August 2006

Notebook entry, August 28, 2006

My lower back pain is getting worse. I had my regular annual physical on August 21st, and when they measured my height, it was 5', 4.25"....egads!, I've shrunk a good inch and a half over the past two years!. So, when you lose height, you lose the disc space between your spinal column. Over the past two weeks, I have been focused on finding alternate therapies to help with little luck beyond chiropractors and two modern variations of the "Medial Rack" of Spanish Inquisition fame -- they are updated with a computer and fancy bells and whistles. There are two systems out there: The DRX9000 and the IDD. Basically both use the same computer-guided machines with assists from humans who will slap you with a slippery gel and zap your muscles with electronic pads.

Oh, well, Darwin had stomach problems and was a social hermit, I have a bad back and also suffer the same social dysfunction. It's also nature's message to the individual that my golden years have arrived where most of my money goes for useless searches to reverse a slide off the stage of life.

I did finish a new book review of the Novel, The Da Vinci Code, that I read over the summer. Hey, if you're a evolutionary feminist, there is quite a lot of information you can use that is real in this work of fiction. Read the book review of The Da Vinci Code here.

Notebook entry, August 3, 2006.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. An election was held in Kansas and the people voted to shift the balance of power on the Kansas school board which declared that evolution was a bad theory. The people voted for a pro-evolutionary stance this time around. This seesaw battle for control of the minds of the children of Kansas. There will be another election in November to decide further. I won't write any more than the opening sentence of an editorial from The New York Times: " The seesaw battle over sate science standards in Kansas seems to have tipped back a bit in the direction of sanity."

As far as I am concerned, its an important step politically in this country: We have shifted passed the center from DEEVOLVED mind of reaction and response into the EVOLVED mind of logic and reason. Let's hope it continues. Two pieces for reference from The New York Times online edition from August 3rd, 2006: Editorial: "The Evolution of Kansas," and "Evolution Fight Shifts Direction in Kansas Vote", by Monica Dave and Ralph Blumenthal..