February 2000 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, February 29, 2000

Happy Leap Year.  

Notebook entry, February 28, 2000

Al Gore was in town today.  I have to admit to a small passion.  I'm a political junkie. And not only that, I believe that we have uncovered enough of evolutionary psychology to identify political movements and the effects of those movements.

I predict the country will move to the left politically, and Al Gore will be elected President of the United States in November of 2000 because of this leftward shift. I believe that the leftward shift is due to the very good economic environment of having over 107 months of continued expansion.  Everywhere one turns, examples can be seen of "help wanted" signs and  pleas from empolyers to have workers work overtime.  This leads to a sense of confidence in possible future mechanisms. This in turn releases many from the constant battle of self survival. I believe that at the core of human behavior is altruism and compassion -- but only after immediate needs are well taken care of. In the political arena, it means fixing social security and paying down the debt for the future as opposed to tax cut in which to spend the budget surplus.  One fixes the roof when the sun shines.

Notebook entry, February 16, 2000

Last night, American culture took a step backward in our progress toward equality for all individuals.  Fox TV, in a move to increase ratings during the February sweeps, aired a show titled: "Who Wants To Marry a Multimillionaire?" It was a show real a real multimillionaire chooses his bride from 50 contestants who prance and perform for this one individual.  It was a beauty-contest aimed at the least healthy goals of our society.  It perpetuates the myth that females only swoon over males that have resources beyond the normal or average male. As a male, I am deeply sorry for my gender if the only thing of substance that we can offer to women is money. I am deeply sorry for the 50 female "contestants" who "competed" and performed for the benefit of this one male and in front of a national audience.

It was truly a sad day for America.

Notebook entry, February 2, 2000

I finished THE BOOK yesterday.  It some ways, it was exhausting, and in other ways it was exhilarating.  There is still much to do; rewrite the introduction, and edit the work, but the hard, creative part is done.  It's like walking through 12 inches of newly fallen snow.  It's hard at first, but then it gets easier each time you go over the same sentence.  So, if you are a regular reader to this site, that is why that there has not been much new lately.  In March, I should begin to contribute more to the site.  

Started to add a software section to be included into the retail section.  I believe that I have reached the limit with the retail section.  Anything more, and it will begin to crowd out the other areas and reduce the overall purpose of the site.  Everyone realizes that I have to pay expenses, but going to far gives the impression of money overtaking the purpose of the site......pass information to the common person.

Despite my deep respect for Dr. Wilson, I believe that attempting to predict the genetic future of humankind will meet with the same success that other crystal ball gazers have done in past for inventions: He could be completely off track.  How we evolved during the past 1,000 years which included wars, mass starvations, ethnic cleansing, and epidemics in third world nations, may not be the way we want to evolve in the future.  If we truly discover the secrets of human nature in the genetic code, we may decide that certain genetic traits would be better if reduced or eliminated. After all, genetic engineering is right around the corner, and could have profound consequences on Homo sapiens. I know this -- it won't take 1,000 years.  As an aside headline in the WSJ interview, Dr. Wilson gives  my opinion added emphasis: "The conflict over the origin of humanity and ethics -- this will be the struggle for men's souls."