Notebook Entries, Febuary 2007

Notebook entry, February 19th, 2007

Well, my favorite, pink-shirted-pseudo "I want to be a tough guy," de-evolved, knuckle-crawling neo-conservative, David Brooks had another column in The New York Times on February 18, 2007, ("Human Nature Redux") in which he makes reference to human behavior - I think he read a book on it somewhere. He previously mentioned the biological sciences (see notebook entry, December 17th, 2006) This time he was making hushed claims that the "liberal" view of natural human behavior of cooperation and kindness was hogwash, and that evolutionary biology is the "science" behind this "new" revisionism.

It was the usual conservative crap putting a new frame in their attempt to justify greed and avarice - but what is new in the conservative camp is the sly attempt to attach this new "insight" on liberals and that science has disproved all the progressive programs of the 1960s. My favorite paragraph is the one that touches on foreign policy:

"Therapeutically, it led to an emphasis of feelings over reason, self-esteem over self-discipline. In the realm of foreign policy, it led to a sort of global doctrine of the noble savage - the belief that societies in the colonial world were fundamentally innocent, and once the chains of their oppression were lifted something wonderful would flower."

"Over the past 30 years or so, however, this belief in natural goodness has been discarded. It began to lose favor because of the failure of just about every social program that was inspired by it, from the communes to progressive education on up. But the big blow came at the hands of science."

Here's what is really occurring Mr. Brooks - the destruction of the middle class over the past 30 years starting with the sending of good paying manufacturing jobs overseas by a group of greedy, selfish, conservative, corporate executives, sent shockwaves through the middle class, and the need to focus their attention the first thing that came to their mind: survival. This is not rocket science, Mr. Brooks - it's common sense.

When faced with survival or focusing on a new social programs that might be beneficial in the long run, the masses have no alternative but to drop the "new stuff" and focus on the de-evolved methods of our ancestors - focus on the old ways of survival. And not only do these elites know what they are doing - THEY ENJOY DOING IT, because is gives them a greater sense of comfort knowing that they are comfortable when there is a large mass of people willing to kiss their ass and do their bidding.

But what the conservative elites fail to realize is that the mass of middle class is coming to realize that they are getting screwed by these self-centered, de-evolved, knuckle-crawlers, and there is now a movement starting to reverse these trends. It has yet to reach critical mass, but it is forming.

We are in the pre-early stages of the New American Revolution in which, if the rich do not "trickle-down" soon like they promised, "class warfare" will start within the decade. It will short and brutish, and most likely will occur at the ballot box first, and then barring enough satisfaction, there will be visits of the poor into rich territories to become visible -- and, like the character in a Charles Dickens novel, they will ask the rich: "Please, may we have more?" Or, perhaps, they will ask the pre-violent question: "You have more than you need to survive, yet I have nothing -- Where is it written that you get to survive and we get to die?"

Perhaps, Mr. Books should read some "old science" that was very popular in America during the 1920s. Here's a good reference to start along with a link to an excellent web site on the subject. What's his name?.....oh, yeah, Hitler -- found the work fascinating.

Davenport C.B. 1921. Eugenics, Genetics, and the Family: Vol. I. Scientific Papers (my emphasis) of the Second International Congress of Eugenics. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins.

Web site on the American Eugenics movement

American Eugenics Movement of the 1920s

Notebook entry, February 14th, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from America. Happy mating and copulatory wishes to all those still old enough and young enough to enjoy the pleasure of God's aggressive, diversity-seeking, reproductive force. You want world peace? Get the aggressive males of reproductive age laid three times a week, and see if they want to wage war. That means ALL MALES, not just "our guys" but also,"their guys."

There was some good news overnight in Kansas. To quote from Reuters, dated Feb. 13th, 2007, with a byline by Carey Gillam:

"…The Kansas Board of Education threw out science standards deemed hostile to evolution, undoing the work of Christian conservatives in the ongoing battle over what to teach U.S. public school students about the origins of life."
"The board in the central U.S. state voted 6-4 to replace them with teaching standards that mirror the mainstream in science education and eliminate criticisms of evolutionary theory."

Of course, if you are a political wonk or a person who follows science, you understand that we have been through this before. By "before" I mean this swing to science then a swing to religion then back again. And now, with the disastrous "mis-leader" in the White House, who duped the Christian Right into having them support his administration's course for a mislead invasion into Iraq, the religious right's lead of "moral authority" has collapsed. When it collapsed, it took many moderate, middle, and religious people with it, and in turn, the "herd" is changing direction, leaving the "radical head" of the religious right lost in the wilderness by itself. It is at this point that finger-pointing and self-cannibalism takes place. It is at this point that the religious right must realize that its penis and head size are not as large as they once thought. Conservatives plan, while God laughs.

As a true moral liberal, like Jesus, all I have to say is that they deserve their "Darwinianistic Destiny."

It also means to me that we will have a Democratic Congress and a Democratic person in the White House in January 2009.