Notebook Entries February 2008

Notebook entry, February 16th, 2008

The Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit issue was announced yesterday and my online provider had a video interview of the sexy cover model de jour female of the moment telling the audience what fun it was working on the project. The video also had her voiceover showing clips of her being photographed in some warm location on the planet in her various bikini suits (one shot with her topless, but covered with string necklaces of Mardi-Gras pearls to conceal her nipples). The final video scene was a close up of her squeezing her breasts together with both long arms extended downward, and, of course, with the coy pout on her face inviting her male audience for exciting events to come! The video promotion was designed to sell magazines, but it's also about reminding the male audience that summer and skimpy swimsuits are coming and that the mating hunt is about to begin - (and also to create anxiety in the female audience that they needed to go on a mating diet with summer approaching).

What she didn't tell the viewing male audience in her coy manner was that if they wanted to have sex with her, she would demand lots of attention and plenty of money - so be prepared guys! She was interviewed in front of a Budweiser and SI-club logo….indicated that the area most likely was a highly guarded, high-priced corporate executive locale that common folk did not have access to.

I do want to thank the publishers of Sports Illustrated to remind me of their prominence in popularizing the sexy female. There are many in the evolutionary community that believe that the 20 odd year of publishing the Sports Illustrated yearly issue gave rise to the highly successful Victoria's Secret catalog company which brought sexy underclothes within the buying convenience of the mating age female through home shopping. It has been the combined corporate efforts of these two institutions that have seen a widening gap between the cultural ideal of sexy vs. practical in our American culture.

In the recent past, I have called this phenomenon -- the "Victoria's Secret Mafia" that is causing this widening gap and has been criticized by some feminist organizations as the "objectification of the female." In response, the knuckle-crawlers, and in particular, the radio comedian, Rush Limbaugh, has called this criticism by feminists as the "Femi Nazis" to put a name to "ugly women" who can't land a man.

I may have to invent a new phrase for the combination of the Sports Illustrated-Victoria's Secret corporate mechanism to sell "sexy" to American women.

You have to understand that the Knuckle crawlers represent the rich corporate interests of males who generally have several wives known as "trophy wives." - As the corporate executive gets older, he "retires" his older wife with enough money for survival and then moves on to the next younger female. In the evolutionary community we merely see this as a reproductive substitute for polygamy.

And so, another chapter in the Battle of the Sexes is read. Where will it end?