Notebook Entries
January 2006


[[special note to reader]] The original notebook entries have been lost, and these entries are email exchanges between myself and Michael Starks. In truth, it was the most signficant activity that occurred during this period: The creation of the movie, Seven Ideas for Seven Days.


On Jan 25, 2006, at 7:30 PM, wrote:

> Thanks for the phone call this morning. Your positive assessment of my
> policy presentation lifted my spirits for most of the day. You asked
> me what the intent of the presentation would I said in our
> previous conversation, and in the DVD itself, hopefully it will be a
> catalyst to others to produce other ideas that Democrats need to
> create in order to overcome the perception with the American people
> that the Democratic Party is finished and has nothing new to offer to
> America I intend to send a polished product to other progressives
> (most notably, Air America Radio personalities, liberal think tank
> heads, scholars, and liberal publications. The liberals are out there,
> it's just that we are currently undergoing an identity crisis and are
> lacking in self-confidence.
> But there is an urgency to all this: The conservatives are robbing the
> treasury and the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to
> increase. It is this vast gap -- with no middle class -- which causes
> countries to collapse and die. Democrats need to win some elections,
> and to do it very soon. These ideas that I want to present are not
> about me -- it's about my country and it's future. I have a
> granddaughter who lives in California, and I want a better America for
> her to live in.
> This DVD presentation is my way of shouting from the back of the room,
> "Hey, I have a few ideas that could help!!!" Unfortunately, I am a
> humble blue collar worker with no credentials; has poor social skills,
> and who suffers from being painfully shy. I tend to avoid conflicts
> and social contact with other individuals and groups and would rather
> read a good book on evolutionary theory that involves human behavior.
> At the bottom of this email you will find a link to my web site,
> Evolution's Voyage, which contains the culmination of nine years of
> study and writings
> In this morning's conversation, I brought up the idea that I wanted to
> present 7 ideas for 7, if it's Sunday, Democrats should
> only talk about independence from foreign oil and the support
> Democrats would do to push alternative energy policies.....Monday,
> would be about moving all national elections to be held Veteran's Day,
> November 11th...a national holiday so that more people could vote.etc.
> So, doing that, I would drop the first half of the DVD presentation
> about dominates and subordinates; intergroup conflicts; positive
> social values, etc., and just present The National Lottery for Income
> distribution. I would then add the six other ideas, and would like to
> give a one hour presentation. I am a humble man of modest means, but
> I could scrape up $2500 for this madness that is screaming inside me
> to come out. As I mentioned, I don't consider myself "charismatic" and
> would really like to have an tall actor with a strong features (being
> either a male or female) who also has a strong, postive voice doing
> the commentary.
> I want you to also think about this project as sort of an artist
> putting his ideas on a video canvass. (Oh, I studied photography in
> New York City back in 1973 --I have just turned 60) and a scholar who
> puts his theories on a paper presentation. Consider me an eccentric --
> but an honest and harmless one....just ask Micheal Bruen...(I still
> might want to work with Micheal as the "Senator Neeander Thor
> Whackher." Where I interview the Senator about his knuckle-crawling,
> conservative views--oh, well, that's another dream)
> I did not ask your political leanings, but if you work with Micheal
> Bruen, then I am assuming that you are a progressive and a Democrat --
> if this is the case, then I am looking forward to meeting and working
> with you.
> If possible, I would like to meet with you next week at your
> production studio or where ever you would film, to see about
> progressing to the next level. I am available on Tuesday, January 31,
> and Wednesday, February 1st. You have my cell phone number and the
> times that are best. Call me to let me know.
> In the meantime, I will work on those 7 ideas.
> Please go to my web site: Evolution's Voyage,
> Evolutionary Psychology for the Common Person, in the meantime to
> learn more about me and my thoughts.
> Bill Spriggs
> C: 303-000-0000, 9am - 3pm. MST

To: Bill Spriggs
Cc: Michael Starks <>
Subject: Re: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 11:46:21 PM

I enjoyed our talk this morning, and I am very excited to help you
produce a polished product to
stimulate discussion around these issues. I like your idea of
presenting seven ideas in an hour.
For $2500, we can shoot this on MiniDV with a 3-chip camera, good
lighting, and a talented actor
providing the commentary. Karilyn and I already have some ideas that
we would like to share with
you for increasing the production value.

Although our company, ionogen Studios, is not affiliated with any
political party, I look forward to
having some wonderful discussions with you. I can meet with you on
Tuesday, 1/31/06 or
Wednesday, 2/01/06. If Michael Bruen is available, I would like for
him to join us, as he has been
instrumental in helping us grow our company.

I look forward to spending some time on your website.

Best Wishes,

On Jan 26, 2006, at 5:42 AM, wrote:

> Terrfic.
> Let me get back with Messr. Bruen and see if he is available. I prefer
> Feb 1, anytime during the day. Of course, Michael works, and I assume
> that he is that day, so it may have to be after work. I'm on annual
> leave for those days, but will be back at work on Thurs, Feb 2. I
> can't commit to a Sunday because of my step-daughter is still at Craig
> Hospital and would most likely have to visit sometime for several
> hours.
> Another image that has surfaced is that I would like to open the DVD
> with a fictional liberal journalist sitting in front of a microphone
> doing a "podcast." He has several days of stubble on his face and
> obviously looks tired and beaten down emotionally. On his chest is a
> FIVE pointed yellow star with a large L in its center. The L stands
> for LIBERAL. In the background one hears a muted explosion....the
> "house" shakes and dust falls down.
> I'm not sure of the length, but I sense it to be about one to two
> minutes.
> Let your imagination fill in the commentary....It's about the final
> days of liberals because they did not fight back until it was too
> late. The fictional character is "reporting" on the final days of the
> "resistance" with the "enemy" closing in, and he expresses fear that
> he will be captured soon. Perhaps a quick note about the concentration
> camps, the secret police, etc.
> The final outcome from this is to produce physical FIVE-Pointed yellow
> stars that have the seven ideas for seven days printed on the back and
> hand them out during any "showings" in the future...Just a pipe dream
> stage right now.
> I'll get back with you.
> Bill
Cc: Michael Starks <>
Subject: Re: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2006 7:34:46 AM

I can picture the opening scene that you describe below. You have a
wonderful sense of imagination.
We'll have to be creative about how we stage the "house", because
we'll have to spend at least some
money to create a set that we could "shake".

When we brainstorm, I think that we should dream as big as possible,
imagining that we had a budget
of $1 million. As we craft the script, Michael and I will want to work
with you to determine what can be
scaled back and how we can accomplish the objectives on a limited

I am looking forward to a very productive initial meeting.


On Jan 26, 2006, at 8:12 PM, wrote:

> Hey Micheal S.
> I just talked to Micheal B and set up a meeting for the evening of
> Wednesday, Feb 1st. at 6 pm at my place in Lakewood. This gives him
> time to get here from work and also to see our new grandson who lives
> next door. I've just sent Micheal B. a copy of "Idea #1" to get him up
> to speed.
> My address is 1201 Balsam St. Lakewood. Take 6th West until
> Carr/Garrison st. exit. The first street to appear is Carr St. Go
> North, (Right) until 12th Ave. Go East, (Right) until Balsam st. Make
> a sharp left and pull into the driveway next to the white Aspire.
> If this is not a good time or place let me know.
> Bill Spriggs in Lakewood

Meeting at your place on Wednesday, 2/01/06, sounds great.
Thanks for coordinating with Michael B.

Michael T. Starks

On Jan 27, 2006, at 5:25 AM, wrote:

> Terrific. See you there.
> I'll start outlining the seven ideas along with I am
> sure everyone will want to input....It helps to keep the passions
> high.
> Also, I was wondering, could you bring a copy of you Clipped Wings and
> the companion....One of the 7 ideas has to do with health care for
> mothers with dependent children....I want to see if I can weave the
> subject of domestic abuse into the presentation as a major reason for
> this idea.
> As for the opening scene and the "moving" set, wouldn't it be easier
> (and cheaper) to just "shake" the camera? But, what do I know, your
> the pro...LoL....:)
> Bill in Lakewood

I am happy to bring a copy of Clipped Wings. I agree that it is easy
and cheap to "shake" the camera; however, the result tends to look
like someone is shaking the camera. (If you watch the Blair Witch
project, you can see how this would look.)

I am very excited to work on your project. See you on Wednesday!

On Jan 29, 2006, at 9:10 AM, wrote:

> I remember my High School days in New Jersey in the early 1960s. I
> worked part time in the evenings at a local theater called The Paper
> Mill Playhouse. They put on Broadway Shows for the wealthy patrons
> who lived atop the hill and were too lazy or paranoid to venture into
> New York City. The shows were top notch and the orchestra was live
> when they had musicals. Fondly, I remember the production of Gypsy
> Rose Lee and one particular scene where an older, more experienced,
> stripper was teaching the young Gypsy Rose Lee the key to success by
> being different than everyone else. Like all Broadway musical pieces,
> the “instruction” starts with words and builds into a song. The
> “instructional” song for the young student?: “You Gotta Have a
> Gimmick.” The instructor then “humped” and “bumped” her way to the
> main “thrust” of her “pussy-point” which was:
> The “thrust” of her point was that you have to think outside the
> conventional stream and present yourself in a different perspective to
> get noticed. Once you get noticed, there is a strong possibility that
> some people will actually listen to what you have to say and give your
> proposals a fair consideration. Your obvious talent should take you
> the rest of the way.
> During the last round of local televised political commercials, I
> really could not tell the difference between the two parties. In
> particular, the local Democrats were attempting “be like” the
> “winners” – the Republicans – and as such, their message was lost in a
> sea of conformity. It is also becoming true on a national level –
> Democrats are drifting toward the political right (in particular – Ms.
> Clinton) and are no longer recognizable as Democrats. While this is
> happening, the political right is moving more to the right (Mr.
> Alito’s nomination – and while this is occurring, the Republicans are
> having a grand ol’ slapping their kneecaps and laughing out loud about
> how they outsmarted the “stupid” Dems.
> I am angry. I am bitter. And I want to do something about this. My
> country is going down the tubes and these Republican assholes are
> enjoying themselves like they just won the SuperBowl.
> *************
> This then is my intent: To create buzz; To get noticed; To make people
> think; To make people “frame” in a different perspective with the
> purpose of having our ideas being considered as not only plausible,
> but workable.
> Now I just wrote, “our” ideas. Although, I am putting up the $2500 up
> front and consider this “my” project, I am very open to suggestions
> and overtures within our working relationship to come.
> The intent of “my” project is to produce a one hour film that will
> stir interest in the highest circles of the Democratic Party. It is a
> swing at the fence trying to hit the ball out of the park.
> It won’t be easy. If you have viewed my presentation of Idea #1 you
> understand that there are “liberal” hierarchies just as much as there
> are “conservative” hierarchies – and both have “gatekeepers” (beta
> personas) to block entrance to the Alpha personas that make policy
> decisions. In other words, if you are a “nobody,” one is most likely
> to be ignored or shoved to the fringes of the organization you are
> trying to gain entrance to and where your ideas will die.
> I really feel that to overcome this problem would to have “letters of
> introduction” or to “have the blessings” from prominent local
> politicians or heads of liberal think tanks. I just feel that if you
> had the local “blessing” of local politicians, it would easier to
> present one’s ideas to those higher up. I am very anxious to receive
> input from you guys as to how to approach this.
> That is the political path.
> After the film is produced, I would also like to explore the
> possibility of entering the production as an independent film in
> various contests. Not that the production would have the slightest
> chance of winning, but to recall my original thought in the Idea # 1
> DVD, I express the hope that this production would be the catalyst for
> other ideas. Hence the possibility that the ideas would be open
> “Hollywood” doors. I am totally naïve in this area, and it may
> require too much effort or money that I do not have. I would also
> like your input on this.
> The reason that I brought up this approach is that 2005 marked the
> year full of political activism in Hollywood. Films such as Syriana,
> Goodnight, Good Luck, The Constant Gardener, and Munich. Even Al
> Gore, just debuted this past week at the Sundance Film Festival with
> his film, An Inconvenient Truth. The vice president and his movie
> received a standing ovation. (Washington Post, Jan. 26, 2006)
> I strongly believe that this is the “liberal” pushback from the
> conservative movement, but any way that one interprets the “movement,”
> the “climate” is ripe for Documentaries and political themes.
> The bottom line here is that you don’t need vast sums of money to
> express yourself politically. And I strongly intend to use your
> professional abilities to put a higher quality expression to my ideas.
> I put “Perhaps to get ourselves noticed to do even more good,” because
> I sense that this is going to build into something more than just my
> idea to have seven ideas for seven days. But, I will wait until the
> meeting on the evening of Feb 1st to see how it develops.
> K. Keep
> I. It
> S. Simple
> S. Sensible/(Stupid -- for humor)
> In order to appeal to the common person – the people that the
> Democrats need to reach out to the most – the ideas presented must
> simple and sensible. That is why I want to present SEVEN IDEAS FOR
> SEVEN DAYS. One of the biggest criticisms of the Democratic Party is
> that they can not “stay on message.” We like to digress and think of
> marvelous things that might be, while the de-evolved, knuckle-crawlers
> like “stay on message” and run over their opponents.
> Presenting just seven ideas and boiling them down to within one hour
> will force us to “stay on message.”
> As of today, January 29th, 2006, here are the seven ideas and the day
> that I feel we should stick with. Nothing is written in stone.
> 1 Sunday – National defense and “aggressive peace” foreign
> The “Romeo and Juliet foreign policy…
> 2 Monday – Health Care for Mothers w/dependent children.
> 3 Tuesday – Moving election day (the 1st Tuesday in Nov,
> to Veteran’s day to honor those who fought to make us free
> 4 Wednesday – Freedom from foreign Oil
> 5 Thursday – Job work programs….all geared to wean us from Oil
> 6 Friday – Public financing of campaigns – nod to Al Franken.
> 7 Saturday – The National Lottery.
> That is about all that I wanted to pass on to you guys as of today.
> In the meantime, I will flesh out more of the seven ideas for seven
> days and being to put flesh to their bones.
> See you guys soon.

This looks great! I will begin to work on some ideas for shooting the
I look forward to seeing you soon.

On Jan 29, 2006, at 5:40 PM, wrote:

> MS:
> MB just called me a few mineutes ago and wanted to change the Wed
> evening meeting location to Forest Room Five. This is ok with me. He
> said it was ok with's a bit on the noisy side, but this is
> merely the first meeting to meet and greet. Glad you think the
> material looks great.
> Did you attach some sort of file in your reply? I tried to open it,
> but had no luck.
> See you there.
> Bill in Lakewood

I talked with MB before he gave you a call. Meeting at Forest Room
Five works for me.
I did not attach a file, so no worries. I look forward to seeing you
on Wednesday at 6 PM.