January 1998 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, Jan. 11, 1998

Well, it was only a matter of time before it happened, and this past week it did: Someone announced that they wanted to open a clinic and would begin cloning humans within two years.  Richard Seed, an obscure Illinois physicist, with no track record in molecular biology created a media feeding frenzy with his announcement.  Within a few days he was generally panned in the press as a financial loser and semi-crackpot.   But is only a matter of time before those with the resourses will do all that they can to pass on their genes in any way possible; making decisions based on slanted science, and justifying their actions because of their lofty positions in life demanding such action.

President Clinton called for a ban on all human cloning as "morally unacceptable."  Here, Here. Let's hope that the ban is made into law.