Notebook Entries June 2004

Notebook entry, June 27, 2004

From: EvolutionaryFem@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Beauty essay and new email address
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 13:53:36 +0000

A funny thing happened when I was shifting your essays to the new evolutionary
feminism page -- Like I think I zapped it into the cyberspace. I really don't
know what happened, but up till now I can't find it on my space. Believe it or
not, I have a note to remind me to look for the hard copy backup (yes, it is a
good idea to back everything you do the old fashioned way with hard copies) --
That was weeks before you got back in touch with me, but since the move, it
could be in any box. I figure, it may take two weeks to find the hard copy.

So knowing that, your brave hero type guy me -- went out into the cold cyberspace
called the Internet and found it on a site called beautyworld. They did ask
permission to post it with a link back to Evolution's Voyage, and guess what?
It has attracted some very good company and some good essays.

I was pressed for time and could not copy and paste the essay back to me and put
it where it belongs. But I do promise to do that sometime this weekend when I
will proudly place it with your other works.

In the meantime, you can see your essay, along with others on the subject at:


Ok, you are now attached to the new email address, and I want to officially
welcome you back. Look out world, here comes Jennifer!!!

Best always,

Notebook entry, June 27, 2004

More email catch-ups below:

From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamA@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Msg from Griet to Bill Spriggs (Fwd to Jennifer)
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 16:27:33 +0000

Hello Bill,
Glad to see you're getting settled! I've actually been away myself the last
few days; took an extended weekend to go to my cabin up north for my
Grandfather's birthday bash, and just got home last night. A much-needed
hiatus, I must admit! Seems to be the only time and place it's acceptable
for me to just duck into a quiet corner and power-read. With the peaceful
sounds of the north woods as a backdrop, you couldn't ask for anything more
therapeutic. My next indulgent purchase will be a laptop, so I can write in
the same kind of solitude; I just can't bring myself to hand-write anything
of substance-- way too slow to keep up with the thoughts pouring out of my

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I got your emails, and that I've been
busy as well, so don't you guys worry about me. I'll be more in touch soon,
hopefully with some substantial thoughts down for you to mark up with a red


From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: William@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Request that you send to new email address
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:05:47 +0000

Hey Bill,
Question for ya- Is my article on beauty standards somewhere on your site
yet? I noticed most of my articles are now listed on the Ev. Feminism page
and the links work fine, but I didn't see the beauty one on there. They're
all listed on the Guest Essayists page, but the links are broken; I think
perhaps they were moved to a different directory and the old links failed to
follow the new path. I'd kinda like to submit my Beauty article to a couple
of websites I've stumbled across; I've been doing some feminist scouring of
the net and found an amazing number of sites that deal strictly with issues
about weight, size and beauty issues; I figured, I could send them a link to
my article on your site, and at the same time they'd catch a glimpse of Ev.
Feminism and perhaps get interested. (Aren't I sneaky??)

I will be using the new email address; I just figured there'd be occasions
where my communication is bordering on the mundane- nothing you'd
necessarily want to post to the public. (hee hee.)

----Original Message Follows----
From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Request that you send to new email address
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:28:39 +0000

Great to hear that your back, but sorry that you will miss that solitude of
the woods.

My new location is more quiet then the old as it is a house is semi-rural
Lakewood ( a suburb west of Denver), but it doesn't matter because when I
write, I tend to focus so deeply that it almost is a trance. It is a great
consternation to Diana, but after all these years, she is slowly getting
used to it (that means she yells less to get my attention)

So, are you ready to build a new sub-discipline called evolutionary

The first thing that I want you to do is to start using the "discipline's
email" which I have created to communicate with me:


I use it to communicate with Griet and now I want to include you into the
loop. It also means that I will begin to put these email exchanges into my
notebook section for future historians, as I know this is going to fly one
day....so no swear words, etc. --- salty and juicy language ok,, but, you
know what I mean.

That is all for now, and yes, please do get a laptop...perhaps even one with
wireless capability. It is very cool to cruise the Internet from a lawn

I'll be in touch.


----Original Message Follows----
From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Msg from Griet to Bill Spriggs (Fwd to Jennifer)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 12:38:27 +0000

Hey girl.

I sent a quick note to Griet about you and your email address, and here is a
quick response"

"Thanks for sending me Jennifer's address. I have no time to contact her at
he moment, since I have to finish an article on Victorian women's reactions
to evolutionary theories of female inferiority by the end of this week. The
same for your new listing of books; sorry. But you'll hear from me again.

enjoy the new house!


You were correct, she is very busy at the moment and so am I. I am
desperately trying to unpack everything and get some order back into my life.

I'll be chatting with ya.
Best, Bill

Notebook entry, June 26, 2004

More email catch-ups below:

From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: Griet.Vandermassen@UGent
Subject: RE: Msg fm Bill Spriggs (fwd)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:36:54 +0000

Hello again Griet.

I am forwarding an email from Jennifer Larson. Yes, the same Jennifer Goehring
from a few years ago that "inspired" you. I think that it is only logical that
you two meet via the internet. She is a true diamond in the rough and has
considerable talent; she needs academic feminists in which to converse with.
She lives in an isolated part of America with very few people that have our
interests to chat with. I direct you to her last two paragraphs.

I will warn you: She has an increbible ability to write copious amounts of
material. If you need your space and time -- tell her.

Hey, have a good week.

Best always, Bill

From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:53:54 +0000

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.
I don't have time this evening to reply to entire message, and will do so
tomorrow if I have time.

But, I do want to let you know that I have forwarded our email conversation to
Griet Vandermassen in Belgium. I told her to see your last two paragraphs and
in particular I told her that she needs contact with a real academic feminist.

I also told her to beware because you write copious amounts of emails and if she
needed space to tell you to hush up.

Love ya.
Be chatting with ya.

From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamA@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 15:28:11 +0000

Oh, you're hilarious. Now, if I wasn't so wordy, you wouldn't have as much
use for me now would you?!

Thanks, though; I look forward to talking with Griet.

From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamA@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Hope Griet contacted you
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:57:45 +0000

Well, I haven't heard from Griet yet, but I would imagine she's very busy.
(Not sure how soon you'll get this, if you're out of an internet connection
for several days...)

I'm not at all offended about your mention of my "copious talent!" (Believe
it or not, you're not the first to mention how wordy I can be...) Ha-ha.

I'll definitely be writing, working on probably several pieces at once. My
biggest problem now is trying to compartmentalize my ideas into individual
pieces; everything does tie in together so nicely, it makes it difficult to
isolate single ideas into shorter pieces. I'm sure it will come together
once I shake off the jet lag and start working those Journalist muscles once

Hope your move is going smoothly and you're getting settled! Keep in mind,
following the guidance of SWMBO will almost never result in regret. We have
that natural instinct to be continuously serving the greater good of the
household and family, regardless of how much our nagging can often resemble
fingernails on a chalkboard. (It's a dirty job, but...)

Best to you!

Notebook entry, June 25, 2004

More email catch-ups below:

From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Sorry about Fri night phone call
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 00:27:25 +0000

Sorry Jennifer...about not calling back on Friday night....My wife came home
and wanted me to do the cooking (which means I take her out to Dinner)

Geeech....I am a slave to the system!

Talked briefly with your daughter...she sounds very bright for her age...10
or 11?

Will call Sat morning.


From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamA@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Sorry about Fri night phone call
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 01:54:11 +0000

Oh, no problem! I didn't end up getting home until later than expected, and
couldn't quite tell from my caller ID if I missed your call or not. Jordan
also flitted off to the Roller Den shortly after I arrived, and hasn't been
so good lately about delivering phone messages.

So, Sat. morning would be perfectly fine, as would anytime tonight until 11
or so (kinda a night owl!). Happy slaving!

From: "Jen L." <darwin@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamA@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:14:03 +0000

Yes, that was great talking to you! I'm afraid I have the same issues with
Peter regarding Ev Psych; mainly, though, because he doesn't like how it
breaks down sacred and magical concepts like love and attraction into raw
science, and particularly because it seems to (he believes) paint a grim
picture of our overall motivations- he likes to think we're above many of
these things.

I do very much miss having in-depth discussions on these matters; the best I
could do for the last couple of years was "coach" a number of my bar patrons
in their seemingly cliche relationship issues; something of an "Applied
Evolutionary Psychology," if you will. (Ever read the Mars vs. Venus
books?) I learned a lot along the way, though, as well. As long as I'm
unable to get someone to give me a huge grant to conduct an elaborate
survey, I'm stuck with the next best thing- listening to people talk about
themselves, and try to take into account the limits of my sample. (Men who
hang out in bars a lot are probably a bit more likely to be having rough
marriage patches- not to say causation, but definitely correlation.) And
actually, too, (you'll laugh) but my last couple of months bartending was
actually after the bar was converted to a "Gentlemen's Club," so it provided
an extra bit of insight!

It's good you & Griet are discussing feminism's reluctancy to make peace
with the evolutionary perspective; this is precisely what became the focus
of my efforts toward the end there. (Any current authors/articles you can
recommend on the subject, so I can play some quick catch-up?) I haven't
really kept up on the most recent perspectives of the feminist movement; I
guess I figured they'd be more, er... cooperative by now. Places like the
Learning Channel and Discovery Channel seem to have pretty frequent specials
on these days about our evolutionary origins and how they shape things like
attraction, child-rearing, etc.- I kinda assumed we were making it into the
mainstream. A piece I've actually been thinking a lot about has to do with
how our current society has actually become quite an indicative reflection
of many of these ev. theories for a while now- I've been making mental notes
of all sorts of movies, songs, other items in pop culture that reflect them,
and am hoping to tie them all together as examples of how the rapidly
changing political and economic climate have greatly influenced modern
(Western) mating strategies, power heirarchies, etc.

I'll definitely be thinking about film ideas; it's been churning in my head
since you first mentioned it. Examining pop culture is definitely one
strong point, I think; when we present many of these theories about our
"nature" being influenced by our evolutionary past, it would be very
illuminating to do something of a "tour" of modern culture that demonstrates
the bizarre range of examples available to us every day that support these

I would, as I mentioned before, like to get my hands on some tangible
arguments from the feminist community, however. Something I can really sink
my teeth into. I think the key to that whole reconciliation is going to
have to start with a strong persuasion that these ideas in NO WAY threaten
the position of women that the movement has toiled for long to create. It
has always been my belief that you can never go wrong with Truth based in
Science. Most importantly, I think there are a great many assumptions
within the feminist movement that actually prove dangerous to the
progression of women toward true freedom and equality. (Oooh, see... you
got me started! I'll stop here before I ramble on for too long!)

At any rate, I'll run for now- but like I said, anything in the fem.
movement you can direct me to would be helpful to get me started. If Griet
has any suggestions for me, by all means- feel free to give her my email
address and welcome her to grab my ear for a bit!

Have plenty of fun with the move, too- good luck to you!


----Original Message Follows----
From: WilliamA@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Msg fm Bill Spriggs
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:31:37 +0000

Hey Jen.
It was great talking to you in person and you sound like you are in a better
place then you were a few years ago. But it also seems from your email and
phone conversation that you still yearn for more in terms of philosophical
friendship and bonding. I know, I have the same problem with the people I
work with. Don't get me wrong, they are great people to work with, but they get
that glazed over look in their eyes when I attempt to discuss evolutionary
perspectives to them. My wife is very intelligent, but takes the devil's
advocate in most of our discussions about evolution, and I have grown tired
of the constant battle -- I thought that spouses were supposed to be on the same
team! We get along by discussing other subjects. How do you and your husband
relate when you approach him about evolution or feminism?

Griet Vandermassan and I have been exchanging emails concerning how some
feminists are taking a hard line against the evolutionary perspective and
she asked me how we could make the males less competitive and the females more
aware of their matriarchal potential. I replied that first came the science and
then the dissemination of that knowledge down to the common person. I suggested
that the way to do that would be through Hollywood, Bollywood, novels, plays, and
short stories. We have to make evolutionary feminism as a part of everyday
lifeas knowing who Bittney Spears, J. Lo, Brad Pitt, etc. are. I also told
her that it would be quite a challenge, but an exciting one to attempt.

So, what I am saying to you is that you don't have to write a "science
paper" to help with the cause. You can write fiction. In fact, I am churning a few
ideas in my head concerning short films. If I am going to start somewhere, it
might as well be with a subject that I am familiar with. So if you have any ideas
regarding short films themes, anything would be appreciated.

I bought a new house and will close on it tomorrow. Things are stacked in boxes
and the movers come on Thursday the 17th. My life is in chaos, but hopefully
there will be no internet interruption for my emails, but please forgive if
there is an interruption for a few days.

I'll be chatting with ya.
Best always,

Notebook entry, June 24, 2004

As previously noted in my entries, I am playing catch up with email correspondence because of the move the upheaveal that it has caused. Below, dated June the 2nd is a most welcome email from an old friend that will most likely have a profound effect on Evolution's Voyage.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jen L. [mailto:darwin@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 5:40 PM
To: wspriggs@evoyage.com
Subject: Hello old friend!

Well Bill, I figured I was WAY overdue to drop a line and say hello! You
probably don't recognize the email address; it's Jennifer Larson (Goehring,)

one of your first Guest Essayists!

I've been thinking about you a lot lately; checking in on your site from
time to time, mostly fantasizing about how fabulous it would be if I could
be revelling in some evolutionary psychology-related career field by now.
But unfortunately, no!

The last time we talked, hmm... I think I remember. I was just becoming GM
of a restaurant, which I ended up doing (24-7 it seemed!) for about 3 years.

I've been mainly dinking around since then, mostly waiting for someone to
drop a job in my lap, willing to pay me for what I love. Spent a bit of
time bartending; and if that's not a perfect atmosphere for some good field
study, I don't know what is! Currently I'm the office manager of a small
antique tractor shop part time, and trying to make a go of freelance website

design on the side. Haven't forgot about EP though! You'd be proud; I've
been reading up on things, and definitely carving out my own theories. (I
could probably crank about a book's worth out on my computer if only
everyone would leave me alone for about a month, and not make me work... :)
Still keep checking periodically if a college somewhere within commuting
distance offers a graduate program related to this field. (No luck yet.)

So, how the heck are ya?? How is the site doing, your book, etc.?? I'd
love to gab with you- let me know how it's going!

Look forward to hearing from you,

----Original Message Follows----
From: William@comcast.net
To: darwin@hotmail.com
Subject: Msg fm Evolution's Voyage
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 14:46:31 +0000


Hey babes! How they hanging?!! Great to hear from you again!!. Yes, Yes,
Yes, I missed you and I will not forgive you for leaving me and all of
feminist out there waiting to hear more from you. Are you ready to go back
to work and post some more pieces???

1st off, please note the new email address. The evoyage.com address is
still there, but is now so cluddered with spam, that it is getting very hard
to tell the real messages from the advertisements – so use the
WilliamASpriggs@comcast.net as a direct second email address.

Things here are about the same as with you….stuck in a dead end job and
getting little, or no respect back from the man who employs us, but the web
site is still alive and kicking and is the sole repository of my pride and
dignity. I’ve given up trying to make a fortune with the web site
surrounding my writings and decided to go the Michael Moore route.. I took
a short, intensive, one-day course on short film making and decided that
this would be the next phase of Evolution’ Voyage. I strongly feel that the
kids today are “too busy” to read and have turned into a “video” dependent
sub-species. Also, I have decided to “specialize” in the field of
evolutionary feminism. So the goal is to make short films with emphasis on
evolutionary feminism as the spoke of the wheel. What to come along for the

Guess what? Your writing has attracted a real live doctoral candidate in
Belgium and you have inspired her to call herself a “Darwinian feminist.”
Her name is Griet Vandermassen, (pronounced “Greet”) You can read two of her
pieces on the web page I have titled, “What is Evolutionary Feminism?”

Think I am kidding about your influence on her? Here is a paste and copy
from my Notebook entry of May 7th, 2004: I was writing to tell her that I
did not think my work was of interest to academics…and her reply was:

“I do not think that you are right in supposing that your explorations of
evolutionary feminism are not of interest to academics. For one, they are of
interest to me. And one of the first articles that made me realize that
Darwinism and feminism are not incompatible was by Jennifer Goehring, and I
plucked it from Evolution's Voyage. You never know what way the things that
you do are of influence to others...”

And why should this matter? Because she is going to be published in book
form later this year or early 2005, and she has told me that she is going to
mention Evolution’s Voyage in her acknowledgement section.

There is too much to cover in the time I have available….Like I bought a new
house and plan to close on June 15th, and the house is a mess because we are
going to sell this one next!!! So give me your telephone number with area
code and the best time to chat and I will catch up even more….and plan for
the future….Think Cannes Film Festival baby!!! WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN IF WE

Best always,
Bill Spriggs

From: "Jen L." <darwinlady@hotmail.com>
To: WilliamASpriggs@comcast.net
Subject: RE: Msg fm Evolution's Voyage
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:16:04 +0000

Wow! So glad to see the wheels are still spinning! I did, in fact, notice
Griet's mention of me in her email; after I wrote to you I read through your
little daily entries page to see what you had to say, and got pretty
interested in her discussion with you about Evolutionary Feminism. Much to
my surprise, I'm reading along and there's my name! I was actually poking
around the site more after that, trying to figure out exactly who she was.

It's funny; after that, on a whim, I did a Google search for my name and
came up with quite a few hits- mostly for my articles going back to your
site, but there's a few in there from other sites that have found them and
posted them as well! Pretty exciting!

It's so exciting to see the direction you've been heading in. I must admit,
the more I read through your ev. feminism notes, the more I realized how
much I miss "being in the loop!" I would absolutely love to write again for
you; I'm so glad you asked!

So, film crew, eh?? That's such a FABULOUS idea! I can't wait to hear
more. I'm a huge fan of Michael Moore myself; I actually met him once- he
was an intro speaker here in Madison when Nader came to town during the last

Wow- there's so much to talk about! I know we'll have lots to catch up on,
talking "shop." Although I haven't had much time to put pen to paper, these
ideas have still been actively churning through my mind the last few years,
and I've been thinking a lot about how they all tie in to so much in our
society right now. Hey- let me ask you something: was it you who first
pointed me to "the Treatise of Love," by Anatoly Protopopov? The first time
I read it was years ago, and at the time the translation to english was so
bad it was hard to get through. Just last year I stumbled upon it again,
it's been re-translated and is 100% better; there's so many fascinating
ideas and insights in that paper, I'm dying to know your thoughts.

I've also been reading as much as I can from Laura Kipnis- heard of her?
She's got a book out called "Against Love," and a few other shorter pieces
about relationships, things like adultery- very controversial stuff- mostly
relating to gender roles and stereotypes about women's sexuality. Very

I can tell I'm going to need to sit down at my keyboard and let my brain
just pour out for a while- get it all down and then start organizing my
thoughts. Particularly this idea about Ev. Feminism, or Darwinian Feminism.
Let me ask you something- I haven't seen those terms floating around yet;
are we... starting something new here? Coining a new phrase? It's
definitely the kind of thing that would grab the public's eye. It sounds
like Griet is helping you to sort out and define the terms. How absolutely

Well, I could write on for hours but I better not for now-- I do expect to
be around most of tonight and over the weekend; evenings are typically good
for me. My home # is: 607-324-2443. Can't wait to chat more!


Notebook entry, June 23, 2004

Let me play catchup here with some of my email correspondence. Below, are exchanges with Griet Vandermassen:

From: Evolutionary@comcast.net
To: Griet.Vandermassen@UGent
Subject: Final version to Rowman & Littefield
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 22:06:45 +0000

Good luck with the final version.

No hurry on the visit to evoyage.
Surprise -- Jennifer Goehring (now Jennifer Larson) has been in touch and wants
to start writing again.Thanks for the support about your name linked to The Three Principles (after
re-write, of course).
And Ill be in touch when I am done with the book reveiw for A Mind Of Her Own.
Again, good luck with the final version
Best always,

From: "Griet Vandermassen" <Griet.Vandermassen@UGent>
To: <EvolutionaryFem@comcast.net>
Subject: evolutionary feminism
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 18:24:29 +0000

From: EvolutionaryFem@comcast.net
To: Griet.Vandermassen@UGent
Subject: Re: Evolutionary feminism
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:29:26 +0000

Hi Griet:
Please forgive the strange format. I replied earlier in the day to your 12 June
email, but no evidence of it being sent has shown up in my "sent box," so I
pasted your email below this one to keep the exchange connected. If you have
received the earlier message, please forgive.
Yes, the Fukuyama article was good, and I was taken aback by the strong negative
tone taken by Ehrenreich and Pollit's response. I normally admire the work that
they both do in their political arena here in America. I suppose this response
is the other side of the feminine spectrum that I discussed in the Three
Principles...These two would NOT turn their backs on their fellow sisters, yet
at the same time they would deny the overwhelming biological truth that is being
unveiled. I suppose that the reason for the strong reaction is the fear that if
the biological truth be told that it would give enormous strength to those who
support the dominate, oppressive patriarchal system. Their "evidence" is
recorded human history and that is some powerful evidence.

How do we turn the world upside down and make it matriarchal??? Well, I do know
that there are at least two communities on the planet that are totally
matriarchal, and life there is wonderful. but I don't have the citations
available to me (One is in SW China and the other is in NW Pakistan? -- so, I
know that it is possible and not just a dream).

I believe the key is knowing that evolutionary psychology is a combination of
genes plus culture, or as some call, the bioculutral sphere. The biology is
center core of all human behaviors, but as the human learns to adapt to the
local environment, the human animal must adjust to the local culture that
surrounds the individual THAT WAS ESTABLISHED BEFORE THEY were born; they adapt
or they perish. (by the way, this the fourth principle of evolutionary feminism
-- but, I've been thinking of making it the second in the 3
principles...shifting no. 2 to 3 or perhaps fourth- as it is pretty universal).

As for overcoming generations and generations of behaviors and turning our
planet into matriarchies, that is the real challenge and exciting part. It
starts of course with science, and the truth that it brings. The next key would
be having the science trickle down to the common people. The more that they
know the truth, the more will form a global consciousness that is attuned to the
greatest good for the planet. As each nation evolves and develops a sense of it
own self, so too will the population of the planet become aware of each other as
they expand their populations and thoughts through the Internet.

How do we trickle down the science? Through plays, movies, novels, and of
course, web sites dedicated to teaching the common person about evolutionary
you have to keep laughing most of the time.

So of course, if your not doing anything for the next twenty years, perhaps you
would like to join in this new Voyage of exploring a new realm and passing the
torch to a new generation of humans who know that there is a better way (That
means the females -- and the males that support them).

I'll be signing the papers on a new home tomorrow, the 15th, but the Internet
cable people are scheduled to arrive on Fri to reconnect me. There are boxes
stacked everywhere. If there is a delay in my responding to your next email,
please be patient.

I'll be musing on the 4th principle and the rewrite for the summer, but let's
remain in touch as I enjoy the exchange.

Best always,

From: EvolutionaryFem@comcast.net
To: Griet.Vandermassen@UGent
Subject: Back in contact after move
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 11:22:48 +0000

Hello Griet
This is just a quick not to let you know I'm back in contact
after moving to a new house.
Its a nice peaceful location....almost semi-rural. That's the good news. The
bad news is that most items are still in boxes.
Ill be in touch.

Best always,

Notebook entry, June 23, 2004

This is my first entry since the move. God, it is awful! Opened, yet unemptied boxes are everywhere and items are still missing that are essential. I estimate that we are only about 50% unpacked. The movers gave us a bit of interesting information: That a family will collect about 1,000 lbs. of items for each year that they are together -- I believe it! The movers packed this four-ton truck until the sides of the truck started to expand, and the move took seven hours and cost me a pretty penny.

In terms of writing, I estimate it may be till the fall until I finish anything substantial in writing or study. Sigh.....I think that when I look back, this past ten months will be the worst in terms of producing any work. May history be kind in its judgment.

Notebook entry, June 12, 2004

In preparation for the move to our new house, I am in the process of packing everything into boxes. As a result, the house is a mess, and so are my studies. Moving creates chaos, which creates instability, and being in a state of flux makes it impossible to remember what, where, and when ....etc. The "closing" of the Real Estate transaction is on the 15th and the movers come for the large items on the 17th. The cable person comes on the 18th to reconnect the cable, and I suspect that within a few days after that, I should be back online. Stay tuned Space Cadets -- which truly describes my current state of mind.

Notebook entry, June 2, 2004

From: EvolutionaryFeminist@comcast.net
To: "Griet Vandermassen" <Griet.Vandermassen@UGent.be>
Subject: Re: worried
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 12:09:17 +0000

June 3rd.

Wow!...I think we are connected via a subconscious connection. Yes, I did sulk
like a little boy whose feelings were hurt....but I grew up overnight and got
over it. Here is my response. Love ya. Bill

June 2nd
Sorry for the delay in responding to your last email. Domestic problems (my
sister-in-law) here have prevented me from concentrating on the subject at hand.
My wife and I had to put her on a train back to New York City after living with
us for nine months in her vain attempt to find employment. We both came to the
conclusion that the only thing our sister was accomplishing successfully was
staying in the house and watching television. There is no harder rock to move
than a blood relative who has lost all confidence in oneself and has decided to
become a free rider. She really did not want to go, and the resulting domestic
conflict was not a pretty sight for the past six weeks; verbal daggers were
flying back and forth, and the tension in the house was so thick that you could
cut it with a knife; not very conducive to the thought process. The sister will
be staying with an aunt who is 87 and needs assistance; perhaps there she will
be more welcome to a person requiring a companion.

I glad that you gained experience by attending the conference in Berlin;
conferences are extremely important as they shape our place in the hierarchical
position of your peers who have similar interests. Human networks and alliances
are really what drive most in our species.

How exciting that you got to chat with Ms. Browne! I believe that Darwin’s
conflict was that he did not want to “rock the boat” with his Victorian
colleagues in arguing more strongly on female choice – he was in enough trouble
with the general population as it was with the theory of natural selection.

It also gives us a clue about the power of socialization as the final tipping
scale in the nature vs. nurture, genes vs. culture debate. To some, it is in
their best biological interest to go along with the crowd in power and conform
to dictates of social environment – but at the cost of some progress. Progress
is made by those willing to stick their necks out and present novel and unique
ideas (If you think about it, novel ideas are “mutations” that create changes).

Which brings me back to Anne Campbell’s book, A Mind of Her Own; the
presentation of my three principles of evolutionary feminism, and my “confusion”
of glorifying some females for competitiveness while “chiding” others for
“turning their backs on their sisters.” And, as a result, my presentation of
the three principles of evolutionary feminism is very vague, and I want to thank
you for your frank and honest opinion regarding your feedback of the piece.

I agree -- I believe the text lacks clarity and coherence. For that reason, I
have pulled the three principles from the web site till I rewrite the passages.

The second reason for pulling the piece is that I should not have placed it
preceding the link to your paper, Male Bias, on the same page as yours. Some
reader could have interpreted that you “approved” of the three principles and
agreed to link your paper to the three principles. It’s my neck out there, and
it should not be yours. The three principles will go elsewhere after the

Another reason for pulling the three principles is that normally I complete one
project before starting another one -- and that was not done this time. I was
working on the book review for A Mind of Her Own and then, on a lark, began
writing the three principles. Perhaps, I was too much of a hurry to put the
words down that were forming in the back of my mind. I should have finished
the book review, because on page 305, Ms. Campbell gives her interpretation on
the interactions between genes, mind, experience and culture, and this important
theory goes a long way in explaining the reason why some women support
patriarchies and “turn their back on their sisters,” while others do not. When
I review the book I will add my own pieces to the Campbell puzzle created, and
attempt to further explain how I think the whole bioculture continuum works.

In the meantime, I suggest you go back to the page and read some material that I
have added below your link. In particular the two articles that have appeared
in Foreign Affairs ?journal? Read first, Women and the Evolution of World
Politics where Francis Fukuyama argues to the world that the female is
non-aggressive and can lead us to a peaceful world (my view), and the feminist
denial response (Fukuyama’s Follies). It is an important exchange of ideas on a
global scale, and I believe, an important bit of history. Foreign Affairs is an
influential journal in international relations.

Ok, that is it for now. For the next several weeks, I have to concentrate on
the move of my household into a new one, and the selling of the one that I am
presently living in (more distractions!!!!), plus still keep my day time
schedule of working 42 hours a week and making a living. And in the meantime,
I’ll finish the work on the book review of A Mind of Her Own, and rewrite the
three principles.

Keep in touch. Tell me all the “juicy” gossip from the Berlin HBES meeting, and
have a glorious summer.

Enjoy the Voyage
Bill @ Evolution’s Voyage