June 2005 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, June 25, 2005

No one from State Senator Keller's office, or her associate, named shiela, as I have mentioned in my June 11th entry. I will assume that this person Shiela, does not want any outside "help" from people that she does not know. I have not called back the Senator's office, and will just brush the dirt from my shoes and move on.

Notebook entry, June 16, 2005

This is a few days late, but the event is worth the tale. On February 7th, 2005 the Senate penned Resolution 39 -- a formal apology to the victims of lynching and the descendants of those victims for the failure of the Senate to enact anti-lynching legislation.

It finally passed this week and the movement was led by a woman -- Senator Landrieu.

It is my fondest dream and hope, that at the very least, that I had a small part. My essays have been up for several years now, and I seem to think (in my delusional state) that they were pretty darn good.

You can read: The American and German Holocausts: Common Behavioral Thread as seen from the evolutionary perspective and: Reparations Anyone? The Denver Post op/ed Sept. 18, p.8b, A Reply.

Notebook entry, June 11, 2005

The town hall meeting went well last night, and Representative Green, HD23, said that my request for an hour of her time to go over the "re-inventing" of the Democratic Party would be fine. Call her in July. Done.

As a bonus, Senator Moe Keller, of HD 22, was there. My wife, Diana, has been a friend of the Senator long before she even ran for the Colorado House. She read the advertisement suggestions that I mailed to her (see, I am writing, but you just can't read the work) and asked if I wanted to work with an bi-partisan committee to put their message on the air in support of Referendum C that will be on the ballot this November. I said yes. She will pass my cell number on to someone named Shelia.

Notebook entry, June 10, 2005

I suppose by now that if you are a regular viewer of this web site, you have noticed a considerable lack of entries. Not only here on my Notebook Entries section, but in other areas as well. That is because I am working behind the scenes on the next stage of my independent scholarly adventure. I am still writing, but all of it is not suitable for presentation here on the web site. I am attempting to put into practical usages my knowledge of evolutionary psychology, politics, and film making into reality. The film-making is taking a back seat to other practicalities, such as putting pen to paper and sending letters to local politicians.

Tonight, I will attend a fund raiser for a local Representative of the Colorado legislature, Gwyn Green of HD23.. I have meet her on one other occasion and we seem to get along quite well. She is a Liberal from the "Get-Go," and I strongly believe that she can help me develop a practical solution to the "re-inventing" of the Democratic Party that I have been working on in the background.