Notebook Entries March 2008

Notebook Entry, March 29, 2008

Today is my Granddaughter's fith birthday. Wow. The years are just wizzing by.

I also finished another essay. It basically is an answer response to one of the question that I asked in my "What is Evolutionary Feminism?" section. It's a long piece. It's a It’s a rambling piece, and a bit on the bitter side.  I think that my retirement and the limited income restrictions have made me more aware of the income gap between myself and the well off.  I know, it sounds stupid….but then, it’s always about the economy, stupid.  I have noticed that my wife and I are arguing more about our tax bill.  Well, anyways, the essay is Morphing Into Matriarchy; Inching Towards Peace . Enjoy

Notebook Entry March 23, 2008

An article in the Washington Post caught my eye: Its title, FirstBorn gets more parent time, study says, by Donna St. George, sub-title: the difference is 3,000 hours over years of childhood.

In a study by Joseph Price of Brigham Young University found what most parents know and other quietly fear:

“Their first born children get more of their time than others in the family – on average, 3000 extra ‘quality’ hours from ages 4 to 13, when sisters and brothers are in the picture.”

“…the big question, experts say, is whether this difference helps explain findings that show firstborn children get better test scores, more education and higher-paying jobs.

“Parents generally spend equal time with their children on any give day, but they spend less time with their children as the family ages.” 

It would seem that the study does not take into consideration the stress levels of the parents as they age, nor is there any information about hierarchical relationships of the parents in the local environment, or does “Brigham Young University” which tells of the possible location of the study – tell you enough?

Notebook entry, March 18th, 2008

I think that I am back online, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm working with my online editor from two separate locations -- one a desktop that I am typing on now, and my new laptop, so that I can make changes on the road if need be. My TECH guy and I are still having login problems, but we are getting closer to solving the problem. For example, I seem to be missing an entry around February 28th saying that I would be out of touch for about two weeks. Hmmmm....can' find it. In the mean time, as for my outside activities here on the ground in Lakewood, Colorado, I continue to work on local committees concerning the new light rail system that will be going through my neighborhood within the next couple of years -- Our duplex is one block south of the rail line.. I've become quite an advocate of Transit Oriented Development in terms how it effects neighborhoods, the poor, the elderly, and the cultural mix. If it all comes to pass the where the city has passed zoning codes, it should become a vibrant and exciting part of the Denver area.