May 2005 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, May 31, 2005

Happy Memorial Day to all you American Veterans (myself included).

In my weak attempt to not get started on the video essays, I went to Kinko's and had a banner made for the background. Not bad. Here's two photos of how it looks in the studio.

Enough excuses, already Bill, get back to work.


Notebook entry, May 20, 2005

I hate making excuses for not making entries, but, once again, I seem to be going through another depressive funk that is effecting my output.

I've completed a 10,800 word script for my first major video presentation, and have the outline on my video software, but I am making all kinds of excuses to keep from putting myself in front of the camera. You see, when you suffer from poor self-esteem, it only seem to make matter worse when you are faced with the reality of your own perceived faults. Maybe I should take a cue from the current political administration in Washington and pretend that things are going just fine and tell the world only the "positive" things that are happening. This is like a cancer patient, knowing that she or he is faced with death if they don't get chemical treatment, ignore all the facts and decide to just think positive thoughts and laugh their way through the illness.

Our country is sinking into a political and social mess by the day. The old adage: The Rich get Richer, and the Poor get Poorer is rapidly becoming a harsh reality. People are begging in the streets at unheard of numbers from just a few years ago, and civility seems at an all time low. That is what happens when their is no middle class and all resources are sucked upward into the wealthy upper classes. Our country is currently being held together by savvy conservative radio and TV talk show hosts leading people on with false truths and hate mongering. Our country is also being taken over my a science-hating, religious core that wants to reverse years of scientific proof and hard facts with theological dribble that is reduced to "behaving in a submissive manner" to the father figure in the family.

Thoughts of leaving my country have entered my thoughts for the first time.

Or, is all of this political thinking just another excuse not to get in front of the camera and continue my work?

Notebook entry, May 4, 2005

Another set back for women on the planet occurred yesterday in Kuwait. see the online edition of The New York Times, "Lawmakers Block Women From Voting in Kuwait." Hmmmm....wasn't that the country that Saddam invaded and we helped to "liberate?" More on this when I have more a big rush this morning.

Notebook entry, May 1, 2005

Sorry about the long delay in posting to the notebook entry. I've been busy writing my first video essay, titled: UNDERSTANDING THE BEHAVIORAL MECHANISMS BEHIND THE FAÇADE OF "MORAL" CONSERVATIVE VALUES. As usual, it is taking longer than I had anticipated; it currently is around 9,000 words and still climbing. I should finish the writing sometime this weekend, but even that is in doubt as my wife plans on having an open house next Sunday and the kids are arriving starting on May 13th. So, showing off the house is very important to Diana and my "honey-do" [this, and honey, do that] list is already half my arm's length. If she sees nothing being done on the list, she "reminds" [a polite word for nagging] me of my "duties" as man of the house. I have to no doubts that the female's role in society is much greater than is being told or has ever been understood. But that is for the future generations to decide.

For those of you interested in the least, I do not plan to attend this year's HBES conference in Austin, Texas at the end of this month. Instead, I have made reservations to spend time with my daughter and granddaughter in California. My granddaughter is a more interesting subject than attending endless talks on evolution. Perhaps my passion for the subject is also waning as I push my focus from study to hard video copy of my ideas. I just basically feel that I should focus my remaining years (maybe another 30 or 40) on "getting the message" out to policy makers locally and nationally.