May 1999 Notebook Entries

Notebook entry, May 24, 1999

A New York Times story by Kevin Sack tells us about that since the shootings at Columbine, a spurt of new rules that has tightened security in many schools around the country.  Many school are considering mandatory uniforms and many school are installing locks and buzzers on doors.   More surveillance cameras in hallways are being placed and budgets are being reconfigured to find money for metal detectors.  My predictions about the ten-fold increase in security is coming true and will no doubt continue.  You can read about my predictions and theories on socialization norm resource alignments in my Evolutionary Snippets section. Just click here to take you there.

Notebook entry, May 23, 1999

A New York Times story by Sylvia Nasar with Kirsten B. Mitchell tells us of a study done by Harvard's Richard Freeman and William and Mary's William Rodgers III finding that the current economic boom has allowed disenfranchised blacks who have drifted in and out of the workforce and sometimes resorting to crime are joining the ranks of the economic mainstream.  In studying 322 metropolitan areas the study found that more black men ages 16 to 24 with a high school education or less are earning bigger paychecks and committing fewer crimes than in the early 1990s. "Far too many young black men are still idle or in prison.  But the surge in legitimate employment has gone hand in hand with a drop in criminal activity, which has long clouded the job prospects of young black men.  Indeed, crime has fallen rapidly in regions where joblessness has fallen most." 

Come on people, can't you see that it's ultimately about the resources?   Too often a black face is thought to be a criminal face in the white's person mind.   Instead of surrounding our cities with with law enforcement mechanisms to keep the poor from escaping and moving into wealthier white neighborhoods,  all we have to do is provide a person the opportunity to become self-sufficient and allow that person to develop their own self-esteem.  Every human brain is built the same -- it's how that brain must adapt to the local environment it finds itself located.

Notebook entry, May 21, 1999

Just got back from a mini-vacation.  Had to go back east to attend the graduation of my niece at Penn. State in the hinterland of central Pennsylvania.   Also took a spin to Hershey, Pa and just had to drop in on Mr. Hershey.   Hershey candy was Mr. Hershey's third attempt at making a go of the candy business, and it put me in a "don't worry about the business" frame of mind when I thought of the struggles that I have had with this web site.  Even though my original goal was to break even in order to keep the web site alive, one does think occasionally of what could be.

Also stopped off to see my parents near Blakeslee, Pa.  Both are now 87 and doing well.  Some bone loss since the last time I saw them, but their minds are very active and alert. 

Web activity is dropping somewhat due to the fact that colleges around the country are starting to close down for the summer break.  Won't really pick up again until the end of August.  I have been thinking of changing the classified ads that I have placed.  I will drop most, keep a few, and try some new venues.  Don't really know if the postcard mailings had any major effect, but will only do the mailings once or twice a year due to the targeting of the receptionist.

Notebook entry, May 11, 1999

An Associated Press story by Amy Beth Graves out of Cleveland, Ohio reports that the offices of the American Civil Liberties Union across the country are being swamped by complaints that nervous school officials are trampling students' constitutional rights since the April 20, 1999 shootings at Littleton High School.   The events that I predicted are coming true.  Now, after the immediate crackdown of the "outsiders" will come the ten-fold increase in security equipment and procedures to stop any future violence.  Once again, the attempt to find the truth will be buried, and a reliance on what has worked in the past will only escalate.  Stay tuned.

Notebook entry, May 10. 1999

After much head pounding against the wall of reflection, I have completed, what I think, is a pretty good evolutionary perspective on he events surrounding the shootings at Littleton and the expected outcome.  I offer no suggestions, but merely report my the result of my studies.  All studies were done from news reports, and of course my years of self-study and reflection on evolutionary psychology.  I think that I have supported my position on resource accumulation and how people want to keep those resources and the mechanisms used to keep those resources.   I also tied the theories to the one I created over the past several years, which I have called Resource Differential Tolerance Ratio and believe that it will be an important contribution to our little known knowledge about group norm socialization mechanisms.   I believe that I have corrected labeled the evolutionary human mechanisms behind the behaviors, but that it is up to the passage of time if my work is recognized for what it is: the truth.  You may go directly to my thoughts on the Littleton shootings in my Evolutionary Snippets section.   Just click here to go there.

Notebook entry, May 6, 1999

Met with my editor, John Martin and his wife Susan today for lunch at the Net cafe on 13th and Penn.  We discussed progress on THE BOOK , of which, I have completed chapter one along with the introduction.  We talked about my abilities and John's thought that I might have a "niche" in regards to my understanding of evolutionary psychology.  The lunch was mostly social, but we did cover much in regards to the direction of how to proceed once the book is completed.  Completion date is scheduled for around May of 2000.  To the regular readers of this web site I want to let you know that this means that some parts of the web site will go unattended as I must prioritize my time and work schedule. I will try to keep up the notebook section, Jennifer's area, and occasionally update the prices in the retail section.   My white knight has not arrived and I still must labor in the salt mines and use what free time I have on THE BOOK and this web site.