Notebook Entries November 2006


Notebook entry, November 26th, 2006
Thursday, the 23rd was Thanksgiving Day in America and that means that this postal worker had the day off. Diana and I took the Colorado kids to The Adams Mark Hotel for their Holiday fare. Diana and I went several years ago --- I think is was the at the turn of the Century -- 1999 to 2000 and had their New Year's Day trimmings. Our family has much to be thankful for: Emily is recovering a bit faster than we anticipated, and has even begun to stand up and cook the evening meal once a week. I'm finishing up the Lester Family #4 home movie and compared with last year's video, when she got out of surgery, it is a minor miracle. She is shown walking without a cane, (but with assistance) and walking almost 50 yards around an office complex. She is also shown doing various exercises at the Stroke Day Program provided by Easter Seals here in town. Ewan, is now 11 months old and is still thriving. I still struggle with back pain at work and Diana has gained a good 20 pounds since she left the Post Office to take care of Ewan and Emily, but we don't seem to notice when we begin to think about where we were just one year ago. Regardless -- we all owe Diana much.
On the evolutionary front, I've begun a updated reference page on the WHAT IS EVOLUTIONARY FEMINISM page. There just too many articles out there that need to listed, and I don't have time to link them all. So, I have just decided to list them as best as possible for future feminists. At first blush, I think the most important "cultural war" will be down the road with American feminists linking up with Chinese feminists and the resulting "struggle" for male dominance. Corporate America has already thrown the American worker under the train tracks in exchange for huge profits in manufacturing. It will be the Chinese male's "desire" to mate with American women that will help to balance the scales. You read it here first.
Notebook entry, November 11th, 2006
Happy birthday to me. I'm 61 today.
Got a great present on Tuesday, the 7th. The American people threw the bums out -- and Maureen Dowd of The New York Times wrote it best today with her article titled: "Drapes of Wrath,"

"This will be known as the year macho politics failed -- mainly because it was macho politics by marhmallow men. Voters were sick of phony swaggering, blustering and bellicosity, abesnt competency and accountability. They were ready to trade in the deadbeat Daddy party for the sheltering Mommy party."

"A recent study found that the testosterone of American men has been dropping for 20 years, but in Republican Washington, it was running amok, and not in a good way. Men who had refused to go to an untenable war themselves were now refusing to find an end to another untenable war that they had recklessly started."

Here. Here.
Notebook entry, November 3rd, 2006
News flash! This just in: "Men's Testosterone Levels Are Dropping," A special online "web exclusive" from Newsweek on from by Julie Scelfo reports"

"...a new study pupblished onlin in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism..." "...Using blood samples collected from 1,500 healthy men age 45 to 79 in the Boston area over a period of 17 years...scientists at the New England Research Institues (NERI) measured both total testosterone and the "bio-available" testosterone, the portion of the hormone readily available to cells...."We see about a 1 percent decrease per calendar year across men of the same age born at different times...says Thomas G. Travison, lead author of the sstudy. "In other words, a typical 50-year-old today would have about 20 percent lower [testosterone] than his father would have had 20 years ago.
"One potential villain here would be chemicals in the environment used as pesticides, insecticides or fungicides that have estrogeniclike activity." " These compounds contain molecules that function like estrogen and signal the pituitary gland to inhibit testosterone secretion."

Bingo!. If I remember my studies, science has know about this since the 1960s by comparing studies done in the 1930s. And spining from that read, several years ago in one of my essays, I speculated on the same thing: That polution from all the traffic fumes that the SUV-driving, cigar-smoking, knuckle crawing conservatives were sucking up from sitting in traffic were effecting their testosterone levels.
Or -- how about this? The female is picking less aggressive males as mating partners. "You want pussy? Stop being a knuckle-crawing jerk and invading countries...just use your mind, and not your brawn. Stick around the house more and help me with the house work and maybe I'll buy those new Victoria Secret panties you want me to wear." I think their plan is working. Of course it's been their plan from the start. Men will do anything for pussy. After all, isn't it part of the meaning of life?: Solve the problem of passing one's genes? It's just that males and females have to understand who's doing the driving.
Just a thought.

Oh, by the way, as a final note: I mentioned the declined of sperm counts back in 1997 with my essay: The Origin of the Angry White Male: The Jock /Conservative Connection; Falling Sperm Counts©
(Formally titled: Politics2000:The Origin of the Angry White Male: The Jock/Conservative Connection; Falling Sperm Counts: An Evolutionary Perspective, 1997)©
" And speaking of biology, I would like to touch upon very delicate subject which is very near and dear to most of us rough and tough guys: Sperm. I have some very bad news for my fellow male companions out there: according to the chief of reproductive epidemilology section at the California Department of Health,( Knight-Ridder News Service, Nov. 24, 1997), sperm counts have dropped an average of 1.5% per year since the 1930s. This is very alarming because at that rate our gender will be completely useless in reproductive functions by the year 2500. (that date is just a guess -- it could be sooner)."