Notebook Entries September 2006

Notebook entry, September 17, 2006
The conservative columnist, David Brooks had an interesting piece this morning in The New York Times, titled: "Is Chemistry Destiny?" Our gallant hero has discovered brain chemistry! In the article he gushes over a new book titled: "The Female Brain," by Louann Brizendine. He goes through the solid evidence of the past 20 or 30 years that confirms our innate brain architecture which has set patterns throughout our aging process and he even touches upon personality formation.

"Those sorts of stark sex differences were once highly controversial, and not fit for polite conversation. And some feminists still argue that talking about biological difference between the sexes is akin to talking about biological difference between the races. But Brizendine's feminist bona fides are unquestionable. And in my mostly liberal urban circle -- and among this book's reviewers -- almost everybody takes big biological differences as a matter of course."

Of course, being a conservative knuckle-crawling authoritarian, the last sentence is merely a future talking point about liberals taking the view that biology in human behavior is "a matter of course" and that it will only be a matter of time before the view of Brooks and his fellow "Alpha male" leaders will gather from all this evidence is proof positive that they are the reason they are atop the human food chain; chemistry proves their superiority, and that "liberals" agree with this view.

We are merely rerunning the Charles Dickens's story, "The Christmas Carol" all over again -- with Scrooge, (I mean Brooks and his alpha male friends) atop the food chain. The reason humans do this sort of blind vision is that, in truth, they can not stand to see their fellow humans suffer. So the solution is simple: Identify the poor with simplistic methods, (stereotypes) and get the poor out of your sight. Degrade them and push them into ghettos of their own kind. If they step out of line, hire beta males to put them in prisons. It's good to be the King as the joke goes. But in primatology, we evolutionists also understand that the alpha male usually only sits atop his throne for a limited time -- as little as three years!!!. Perhaps the proverb should read: "It's good to the King, but tough to keep the crown." Perhaps liberals should take a clue from all this "science," and realize that they should help the poor become visible to the rich. Perhaps, put the poor, ill-fed, dis eased ravaged, and ill-kept subordinates on busses and have them visit "exclusive" shopping malls? To see how the "the other half" lives? The wealthy did the reverse in Victorian England in the late 1890s -- They got on bus tours and went "slumming" in order to satisfy their carnal desires. Then they would return to their perfect world of "hearth and home" and conintue to live in their isolated "gated communities."
So, my dear friend -- that is why God has placed George W. Bush atop this human pile of "achievement" and in this time frame: To prove the myth of the human meritocracy as full of Buffalo droppings -- crap -- Now, don't get me wrong -- all those biological studies mentioned in Brooks' piece are correct, but -- and this is a big but -- 60% of human behavior is still group living and the things we humans do [behavior] within those groups to pass our genes into the next generation. Alpha males thrive on alliances that they make with other males in order to increase their resource pile of goodies to attract the female. The bigger the pile of goodies, the more attractive is the male to the female. Ah, the things we males do for money in order to get pussy!
Yes, it is female choice that drives humanity, not male superiority that plods human behavior forward.
Welcome to the biological club of human behavior, Mr. Brooks.

Notebook entry, September 6, 2006
Happy Labor Day from America. The American worker is working harder and more hours than ever before and is waking up to a false sense of hope that things will be OK in the coming years. The middle class is shirking and losing ground financially. The American Dream is fading. I fear for my grandchildren, my kids, and even for myself and wife in my old age. The current administration in Washington that has captured America tells us that things are great and that if we fail it's because we are lazy and not working hard enough. A slight buzz of resentment is raising in normal conversational discourse, and for the first time one can hear the hushed words of the possibility of forceful removal of the current government; it is done in a joking manner, of course -- Americans still believe in their system of governance and pay no heed to shrills that tell us that our government has been taken over illegally through stolen elections and that the real reason they have taken power is to s teal from the treasury. The joke is followed by silence of understanding that the forceful removal may be the only course.
As proof, my kids in California have declared that "unless a miracle occurs" their business and their home that is tied with that business will go belly up. They almost reached the same decision last year at this time but decided to fight the true American spirit. So, working 80 hours a week and driving the kids to special schools and spending four hours in traffic every day, and living off the equity in their inflated home, the collapse point is near.
My father, in Pennsylvania is now in diapers. He is 94 and will turn 95 in November. It's been a good long run for him and he is in a good place. He wants to die and go see "Katie." My sisters spent several hours with him on Sunday the 3rd, and I called when they were in the room with him. They said he had a tear in his eyes while he was talking to me. I expect the end is near in a few weeks.