Notebook Entries September 2007

Notebook entry, September 23, 2007

Well, it's been a long hot summer out here in Colorado. But there were a few enjoyable moments. Here's two pictures of me hanging with two of my buds. My grandson, Ewan, and Albert, who was silent on his opinions about the future of our species.



Notebook entry, September 16, 2007

Things are moving forward in regards to my retirement from the USPS. I've received my retirement package from the USPS. It's a huge book that weighs about 1lb and a half and measure 1 and ½ inch thick filled with nothing but forms and duplicates. I can't make a mistake so it will require my full attention. My separation date is scheduled for December 1, 2007. Currently, I am on sick leave due to the chronic arthritic condition in my back. I may have a problem with a new supervisor when s/he starts on October 1, because sick leave is assigned to each supervisor.

My new direction, which is local politics is that I am taking a class put on by the City of Lakewood called Civics 101. It is unique, in that no other city in Colorado has such a class. The first class was on September 11th, which was why city governments are formed and the evolution of City Councils - City Managers type of governments.

As such, because of both activities, I have to put the completion of the second half of Posse Comitatus (I call it PC2 for short) until at least I am completed with my retirement forms. There is no hurry, I will have more time to write in retirement - at least while the money holds out.

Notebook entry, September 5, 2007

In continuing to think about PC2 (Possee Comitatus 2), as I call the "re-thinking" of same, I was watching the news about Iraq and "The Surge." So if I understand this correctly then The Surge in Iraq is nothing more than Posse Comitatus a la Iraq. And to further find flaws in conservative thinking -- THAT IF YOU DO THROW ENOUGH MONEY AT SOMETHING -- IT WILL WORK. (more later....I have to run)