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Bungee Gorillas
by A&A Plush

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Size (in inches): 18.0 x 13.0 x 24.0
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Educational Objective: object recognition, cognitive skills, creative play
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Description and Reviews
This black-haired gentleman, endearingly shaggy and sporting a dopey crooked smile, has one of the sweetest expressions we've ever seen on a toy's face. His long arms sport a pair of interior bungee cords, and when you attach his Velcro-padded hands, he has a grand old time hopping about or dancing with you to your favorite song (we suggest "Bungle in the Jungle"). Kids will find him a cozy pal who incidentally makes a great impromptu pillow. He's 24 inches tall when seated, but his arms add an extra 22 inches when he's dangling from a doorknob or the chandelier. With his hair brushed back, we notice a certain noble resemblance to the older Elvis Presley. Washable with a damp cloth and mild soap. --John Longenbaugh
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