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Embryo Development

Journey Into Life - The Triumph of Creation (1990)



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Rated: NR
Director: Dr. Derek Bromhall

Edition Details:
NTSC format (US and Canada only)
 Color, NTSC
 ASIN: 6303269524

Editorial Reviews
In this Oscar-nominated film (for Best Documentary Feature in 1990), filmmaker Derek Bromhall examines the scientific process that turns sperm and egg into newborn baby. With the help of Fay DeWitt's patient narration, Bromhall explains cells, genes, and DNA strands with simple, colorful, and quite beautiful animated graphics. Much of the rest of the processes-- ovulation, ejaculation, fertilization, and embryonic development--is actually photographed. From implantation in the uterine wall on the 7th day to birth 37 weeks later, the film traces life from zygote to fetus to baby. This specially edited 27-minute version is made for family viewing, but there are brief moments of graphic childbirth and some discussion of body parts that suggest the need for parental supervision. --Kimberly Heinrichs

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