What is Evolution's Voyage about?

Evolution's Voyage is a internet website whose only objective is to inform, educate, and entertain on the subject of evolutionary psychology and explain it as simply as it can be told. We go over science journals, books, newspaper articles, and internet web sites focusing on subjects that include human behavior from an evolutionary perspective; we then take these items and transform them from their usually dry and scholastic manner into lucid, yet still highly informative articles. 

May the bald-headed visionaries of the world unite!

Our second goal is similar to that of elementary school children when someone in their class has cancer and is undergoing radiation treatments. The stricken child losses their hair and the children are very emphatic; they understand instinctively the pain and emotional difficulty in which this person is passing through. What do they do? They shave their heads in total so that the unlucky one won't feel left out. How is it that children understand one of the most basic of all human emotional fears of being left behind?; to die a lonely and undignified death? Is this marvelous display of empathy beyond genetic linkage innate in all of us, or is just a rare display of socialization? Is there a driving force behind the genetic laws of nature that shows up in children and in some of us adults that overrides the "selfish gene" to first, go though "inclusive fitness," and then, going beyond that, reaching the pinnacle of understanding that could show us the compassion of God that flows through all of us humans?

We at Evolution's Voyage believe that this is the case. No, we don't go around with our heads shaved; nor do we do acts of charity, (at least not yet). But our goal is somewhat similar: beneath our goal to explain this new emerging science to the common person, we hope that a message is also being sent to everyone: to convince all of our planet's citizens through words on this web site that there is a force in the cosmos that goes beyond nature; to let everyone know that they should not be left behind; that someone acknowledges even the lowest-of-the-low of their existence, and that things are being done to convince our planet's elite hierarchies that it is in their best interests to acknowledge that all living things are God's creatures. I know that this web site is mostly about science, and in particular, the biological sciences that effect our human nature, but deep down inside, we at Evolution's Voyage also know that there is much more out there than just empirical science.

We Invite Creationist Aboard for the Voyage

This ultimately leads us to our third and final goal: that we will attempt to bridge the gap between those who believe in evolution, (that man and woman were not created in the Garden of Eden), yet still profess a belief that there is a higher intellect at work in our universe.. Up till now, it seems that you either were a Creationist or an Evolutionist. We at Evolution's Voyage believe that there is a large middle ground who believe in both, and we will attempt to gather them here, to find a place where respect for their beliefs can be welcome. We also believe that all the great advances in science are merely leading us toward God and not away.  

We feel that we are not alone and offer some impressive citations:

In the USA WEEKEND edition of Oct 22-23, 1999 the paper carried the result of their national poll on evolution.  Their yes or no response to the question: Should local school boards be able to decide whether to teach evolution? The results? NO: 73%, YES: 27%.  There was a very good sampling.  20,310 readers voted by phone or online in their September 17-19 National Debate on the subject. 

In another example of the great middle ground thought on evolution, a poll taken by the People for the American Way Foundation, (Hearst Newspapers, March 11, 2000), confirmed this fact.  The poll's key findings:

People for the American Way commissioned DYG inc., of Danbury, Conn., to conduct the survey.  The firm surveyed 1,500 randomly selected people by telephone between Nov. 3 and Nov. 15, 1999. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points. 

So, feel free to look around the web site and download anything you wish; all of the essays, theories, and fictional works are free. But we have to pay for keeping Evolution's Voyage operating in cyberspace somehow, so if you enjoy the tone and structure of the web site and believe in the same principles as we do, perhaps you would consider a direct donation, or if not, perhaps you could help out by buying a book, a video, music CD, electronics, hardware, software, etc., from our associate, Amazon.com.


In any case, enjoy the Voyage

William A. Spriggs, Evolution's Voyage

As a certain popular conservative radio host does with politics, Evolution's Voyage seeks to educate, entertain, and inform in the field of evolutionary psychology. Like the volatile subject of politics, evolutionary psychology is a mixture of established fact, science, opinions, speculations, and heated debate. As such, the theories and essays that are within this web site are to be judged solely as entertainment. If you dislike what is written here -- please click off.


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