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Hate Crimes

Although, I only have repeated news reports, I do seem to think that I have a clear understanding from an evolutionary perspective on the behavior mechanism known as hate-crimes. The way I view them, hate crimes are crimes of passion ranging from physical damage of property to actual violence resulting in death against whom the hate is directed.

These crimes appear to be done by a group or groups of disenfranchised individuals who identify themselves, (usually by phenotype), with the majority of their national, regional, or local area populations. There is also an alignment or of attempting to assimilate into the socioeconomic level that enjoys the most advantages of their society, and that usually means the members of the social élites within their territory.

It is this alignment attempt to join the upper classes that cements peaceful co-existence of the whole social socialital spectrum. Simply stated: you don’t curse the thing you desire. It also explains why members of the higher socioeconomic levels appear to "get away with judgment errors," while members of the lower social groupings are incarcerated for lesser crimes, but considered "serious," by the socially dominate group. This dual standard of justice is possible only because the general society wishes to have the same advantages as those in the higher levels of society.

But when members of a racial, ethnic, or religious group enters the economic sphere of influence on the same level as members of a middle or lower-middle groups, a competitive fear begins to develop over the possible loss of resources.    I hazard to guess that this fear is based on a perceived (perhaps innate) evaluation of the amount of resources available within a designated area (so many bananas, nuts, roots, a given territory). The reasoning is this: the group that becomes disenfranchised feels that their group has the right of prior territorial establishment by phenotype association and therefore has the biological right to those resources within their territory. The negative actions and violence are meant to pass knowledge of this "hate" from the dominates to those they consider submissive with the intended hope that the new entrants will move elsewhere or the action will result in the termination of the "undesirables." Ultimately, its about the resources.

Hate-crimes can be classed by the group that commits the acts. Usually, they are males between the ages of 16 to 26 and occur in groupings of three or more. In instances of severe economic turmoil, or military action, larger groups and increased frequency, they would no longer fall into the category of hate-crimes, but would fall into the category of ethnic cleansing or social upheaval.

Once again, I suggest that caution be taken in the consideration of this theory and that it must endure the test of time and debate. ©William A. Spriggs, May 2, 1999

Origin: May 2, 1999

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