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What is Evolutionary Feminism?

What is Evolutionary Psychology?
What is Evolutionary Feminism?
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   Evolution's Voyage is a dot com web site because the classification was "grandfathered in" by the few options available in 1995 when started. The only commerical activity on this web site are viewers purchasing all types of merchadise from Amazon.com which helps to defray costs. The entire site is free of charge to the reader -- unless, of course, you decide to honor my humble work with a non-tax deductible donation to keep up the good cause.

Helpful or Interesting Links
Not much at this website about evolutionary psychology, but before you learn EP, you  must understand the science of evolution. The best place to begin your voyage is at this PBS website. Excellent.
The Evolutionary Psychology Frequently Asked Questions website.  
Written by Edward Hagen, Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Calif, Santa Barbara.  Although written in stuffy academic language this is an excellent website that leads a student in a lineal sequence explaining the biologocial perspective of human behavior

The Human Behavior & Evolution Society (Places to study EP, 11th button down on left)
The Center for Evolutionary Psychology  (Places to study EP on left side)
The DNA Learning Center The Title says it all:
The DNA Ancestry Project Who Were your Ancestors? Discover your ancestral roots using gentic genealogy.
Becoming Human   Excellent interactive site focused on human evolution
How is Sex Determined? Bad news guys. For the first six weeks of life we share the same organs as a female. Deal with it.
The National Center for Science Education The main bulwark that keeps creationism at bay. Do you know about the "Steve Project?"

Evolutionary Psychology: An International Journal of Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and Behavior Once you think that you have tthe principles behind Evolutionary Psychology down pat, take a peek at the formal online presence of evolutionary psychology. This is where the big boy and girls in the major leagues strut their stuff.

An Interesting Bio-Cultural Peer-Reviewed Journal
Has Just Begun Publication In January 2007

The Journal of Social, Evolutionary & Cultural Psychology

Lie to me

I don't usually give a nod to television shows, but
to my knowledge this is the first fictional work in the popular cultural wars
that focuses on biological origins of facial emotions and expressions
Go to the Fox Network's Web Site here

The Truth is written all over our faces

The Links Below Are Social In Their Origins.
Why? Because We Are Social Creatures.
Remember The Broad Brush Stroke Formula for Human Behavior:
40% Nature, 60% Nurture
40% Evolutionary, 60% Social Psychology
40% DNA, 60% Local Environment
40% Natural Selection, 60% Sexual Selection
"“Environment and heredity are eternally intertwined, locked in a pas de deux”. P. xvi. Dr. Helen Fisher from her 1999 book
The First Sex: The Natural Talent of Women and How They Are Changing the World

Human Race Machine The is no gene for race.
Groups R Us An interesting, informative, high-school level web site teaching social science concerning groups.
4000 Years of Women in Science Here's the skinny: only chimpanzees and humans form alliances to wage violence against their fellow species. Only the males of both species engage in violent organized violence. Learn about women, support them, and elevate their policy making roles if you want justice and peace on planet Earth.
National Women's History Project   Same reason as Women in Science above.

Virtual Religion Index A Rutgers University Religion Department site designed to advance research in all matters of religion. Excellent.
Visions of Perfection This online short "book" is an excellent introduction into the Eugenics movement. We must never, never, never, never forget the negative implications of a biological perspective to human behavior. Always keep in mind that the so-called "desire to improve human behavior" is nothing more than "dominates" discriminating against "subordinates" and how to keep them "down" below them in the human hierarchies in which the "controlling" class finds suitable to their advantage. This form of discrimination is bioloical in origin, but thoughout history, it could have evolved from religious, village, tribal, ethnic,or gender origins. Also remember, the Eugenics movement is the cesspool from which Hitler found his strength.
Emotional Competency I was almost giddy with delight when I discovered this web site. It is really, really good in its basic knowledge concerning our human need for social contact. It covers all the bases. But, because of the physical construction of the web site, it may prove a bit confusing. I suggest take an entire summer or season to learn the material and dive back into basic evolutionary perspectives again.
The DNA Ancestry Project We can all trace our roots back to Adam & Eve, or somebody, but this project is attempting to let you find out -- biologically -- where you came from. It costs money to find out ---- hmmmm....here's a good "make work" project for governments...to prove scientifically that we are all one of the same species and tribe, clan, etc.
BARING WITNESS.ORG Getting naked for peace. Hmmm....you mean if we all just took our clothes off, there'll be world peace?
CISCO/THE HUMAN NETWORK OK, they are a corporate giant, but the higher the corporation, the bigger the trickle down. The concept is nice, but talk is cheap. Let's see if they really are serious about "bringing us all together."

Especially Helpful to Students

The Evolutionary Psychology Frequently Asked Questions website. Written by Edward Hagen, Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Calif, Santa Barbara.  Although written in stuffy academic language this is an excellent website that leads a student in a lineal sequence explaining the biologocial perspective of human behavior

Study Guides and Strategies  An excellent web site devoted to one subject: how to prepare yourself to learn.. Several languages available making this a potential planet gathering place.

ICAAP The International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publications

www.bookrags.com Bookrags.com describes itself as the premier research site for students, with over 5.7 million pages.

Colorado at OyMap.net - a world directory


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