Evolutionary Snippets

Snipettes or Snippets (pick the spelling that you prefer) are exactly what they imply. Small snips, or parts of something larger. In this particular case, they are snipettes of evolutionary theories that I will place on this web site as an attempt to claim being first with the idea.   Someone else could have published the idea elsewhere, but at this moment in time I am not aware of that fact -- if anyone knows of prior publication, then please notify me asap).    In a sense, this section becomes a shortened notebook.  All work should be considered speculative in nature.  The snipettes are not edited, so please excuse rough grammar lapses, etc. Please click on the desired Snipette and you will be whisked away to the destination.  William A. Spriggs, March 12, 1999

Sex -- the fountainhead of Civilization?
origin, July, 2001

Road Rage and Chat Rooms:
Behaviors From the Comfort Zone
origin: August 2000

The Mafias:An Evolutionary Perspective
Origin, June 10, 2000

If "selfish genes" rule our behavior, why would anyone voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool?
Origin, November 10, 1999

The Littleton Shootings: the evolutionary perspective
rigin, May 10, 1999

The Origins of Homosexuality: an evolutionary perspective
origin, Feb 1999

The Alpha Man Profile
an evolutionary view of why tall men have it easy in our society.
origin, March, 1999

Hate Crimes
an evolutionary perspective on perhaps why young males hate so much
origin, May, 1999

African-American street language merely reflects the adaptation to local environments.
origin, Feb. 1997

America's Criminal Justice System and the Resource Alignments: An Evolutionary Perspective: Why do we say that there is equal justice, but create two systems; one for the rich, and one for the poor?
origin, July 1999

The School Voucher Systems: Territorial Considerations in the Resource Alignment Theories.
origin, August 1999

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