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Who is William A. Spriggs?

I hate to toot my own horn.

I find it extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. I did plan on having someone else write about me, but in the end I thought that even more unfair to the person doing the tale.

If you have clicked her because you received a DVD movie titled Seven Ideas for Seven Days, and your doing background research, you’ve come to the right place.

I am William Anthony Spriggs

I was Born in Summit New Jersey on November 11, 1945 and raised in Millburn, New Jersey

I attended Millburn High School and graduated in 1963. Upon completing high school, I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1967.

I attended the University of Denver, but dropped out in Spring of 1970 and married the same year.

After failing miserably at marriage and career over a span of 13 years, I sought employment with the U.S. Postal service where I have been employed since 1983.

It’s a good job. But, not a great job. As a letter-carrier it’s a good job because I basically get paid to exercise; I climb the equivalent of a 20 story building every day over a four or five hour period. My work mates are solid, salt-of-the-Earth people who work hard and mind their own business. It’s a good job because my work station is solid representation of what America is really all about. There are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and just as importantly -- women -- all doing the same job for the same pay.

But it’s not a great job because it’s a physical job and not a mentally challenging one; I compare it with driving a car. After the learning curve is reached, one can merely “cruise” through the day, with challenges coming from the weather, dogs, and occasionally disgruntled postal patrons and occasionally oppressive uber-supervisors.

But this “cruise” portion has a silver lining: It allows plenty of time to think.

And that is what I have done for the past nine years.

I have studied evolution and it’s new sister science of evolutionary psychology; and more recently the sub-science subject of evolutionary feminism. Even more importantly, it has synthesized into what I would consider a new world view of human behavior that makes common sense.

I really believe that we can achieve world peace in our life time if we base our policies on the knowledge from these new sciences. “You May Say I’m a Dreamer; But I’m Not the Only One.”

I created the web site Evolution’s Voyage in 1995 to begin to spread the word about my thoughts and hopefully achieve this goal. I have no doubts that eventually that goal will be achieved, but without funding and connections (and my own poor social skills and shyness), I am afraid that the message may take too long to be of any immediate help. And in the meantime, we overarm ourselves to the teeth and thousands of children die needlessly daily.

That’s pretty much my story. The short, one hour movie, Seven Ideas for Seven Days: Making Democrats Electable, was my attempt at bringing forth the beginnings of those thoughts into the political arena in a film format. I filmed myself in December giving Saturday's Idea about the lottery, but new then that it would be better to have a professional group do the job.I then found the new production company ionogen studios through an old friend who turned into the commentator, Michael Best in the film.

The people at ionogen studios really “busted their buns” because they managed to produce a quality movie for $2500.00 and have done by my iron-clad due date of May 1st, 2006. The only “foul-up” was the DVD labels which somehow came out “making documents electable,” instead of “making democrats electable.” (None of us caught the error, and we suspect "Red State Dirty Tricks," as a possible cause).

I apologize for that; I refused to re-do them and not waste the precious time needed for correction. (Besides, we're democrats; we're used to putting bandaids on things and moving on. There were only 130 copies in the “1st edition” made.

I really think that I'm good at this film making business and would love to continue in my next career (I can't afford to retire -- my health insurance no longer covers Dental).

Have a grand day tomorrow and enjoy the voyage.

William A. Spriggs
Evolution's Voyage
May 04, 2006

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