With fond memories and appreciation of the great American Philosopher, Charles Schulz

Here are the first few voices that have responded to my request for literary works related to evolutionary psychology and its principles.

We at Evolution's Voyage believe that this is a bold experiment that can not be found anywhere else on the WWW. We will always be on the lookout for well-crafted poetry and short stories about evolutionary psychology and related subject matters. Keep 'em coming.

William A. Spriggs
Evolution's Voyage


Linda Stitt is a member of Uncritical Mass -- a duo -- sometimes a trio -- of ebullient poets who delight in shattering people's preconceived notions about poetry.  They have performed and/or conducted workshops in innumerable places over the ten years that they  have been working together.

Linda has eight volumes of poetry published including her latest, Bliss Pig, and has recorded an audio tape called "Talking to ourselves." Her work is sometimes devotional, sometimes raunchy, sometimes irreverent, and loves to connect with her audiences and encourage other poets.  She has been writing all of her life (her mom read her poetry in the womb) and is well into cronehood with no intention of cleaning up her act.  When forced to describe herself, she usually offers that she is "an anachronism in my own time."

Dorothy Bates has worked as chief researcher for Scientific American and Features Editor at Avant-Garde.  As lyricist and writer of special material for cabaret performers, her songs have been performed in over 50 clubs in Manhattan.  Her poems have been published in Rainbow City Express, Crone Chronicles, Creations, Shared Transformation, The Lantern, The Edge, Barefoot Grass Journal, SEDONA Journal of Emergence, Nomad's Choir, WHAT?, Wise Woman's Garden, Indigenous Fiction, Sightings (Live Poet's Society) and Seeker Magazine (Internet).

Jeffrey Alfier Jeffery holds a MA in Humanities from California State University.  He is an adjunct faculty member of the City Colleges of Chicago -- European Division.  His poetry has been published by Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Poetic Express II, Writer's Block, and Sauce Box.

Jennifer Ley    Jennifer's poetry has been featured on some of the best literary sites on the internet including: Recursive Angel, Grist On Line, Poetry Cafe, Agnieszka's Dowry, and Zero City.  She edits the award winning hypertext web site -- The Astrophysicists's Tango Partner Speaks at: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6115/ and is the art editor for Recurisve Angel.

Ms. Ley's work has appeared in print in: Mobius, Perceptions, Salonika, and Copulation and is promised to upcoming publications of Excursus, the Best of Gravity (an anthology and Sub-urbanterrain.  She is an active member of the NYC poetry circuit, and a member of the Athens Writing Circle.

She has just been commissioned to design a new poetry locus for the online community by Web Del Sol.  Perihelion will premiere in June 1998.

Janie Bowman    Janie Bowman is an information systems manager and resides in Savannah, Georgia.  She is new to poetry, and most enjoys writings of natural, metaphysical, and evolutionary subjects.

Jason Colgan
Jason Colgan is a honours graduate from the University of Portsmouth, England. Jason is 28 years old, and was born in Portsmouth. Some of Jason's passions are evolution and poetry.


Feathered Spirits By Merle Borg.  Merle Borg is a builder in California who has a good memory of the stupid things that he once did as a youth.  He is married and has three grown sons, "all surviving," he says.  The story, Feathered Spirits will explain much of what he means.

The Food is gone By William A. Spriggs A fictional account of The Origins of Bigotry and Prejudice -- so simple a child can understand.

The Dark One By William A. Spriggs A fictional account of the Origins of Eugenics.

100 Questions.  By William A. Spriggs.  100 quetions to answer before we build an artificial brain.

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An Open Call for Papers, Essays, Theories,
Fictional Short Stories, Poems,
and Art Work:

Evolution's Voyage wishes to expand its viewpoint by including other talents in the field of evolutionary psychology. If you are a scientist, student, writer, or artist, and after viewing this web site you have been moved to create some fictional theory, poetry, story or artwork with an evolutionary theme, we would like to publish it here.

Please ask permission first below transmitting any manuscripts via email address: wspriggs@evoyage.com


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