Evolutionary Fiction & Poetry

Poems by Jeffrey Alfier


I smile at this genetic dowering, passed in wayward bestowal
Dispersed in sudorific dusts of distant, virile savannas
Planted deep in this limbic garden
Where provenance first beguiled

Recondite yet indelible, I consummate its secrets within me
To play upon the craving wrought of Paleolithic ferment
While ineluctable blossoms ascend to beguile
Melding with turbulent waters, to emerge in liquid desire


Since early suns have I know her
in ardent, confluent hours
of scent-taking.
But whence this kindred, warmer flesh --
a taste not unlike womankind --
likewise taken?

Here ancestral echoes bequeath
the sighing shadows of his flesh.


From limbic wellsprings
`neath the turbulent river
of my conscious blood,
recondite things remember.

When primitive suns
fevered myriad sighing,
affection-spawned hope
would feed the present wanting.

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