Evolutionary Fiction & Poetry

Poetry by Jason Colgan

Subatomic Dolphin Anatomy

Imagine a boundless, moonlight sea, still and calm, a smooth sheet of glass perfectly reflecting a round and exuberant full moon.

Imagine a dolphin rising up from the ocean and breaking the silent surface, sending foam and ripples arching into the air and then falling from a smooth dorsal fin and symmetrical tail, cascading down onto the rippling surface of glass. As it disappears beneath the ocean it can faintly hear the echoes of its own wake as the bubbling water settles into a harmony of quietly disappearing foam.

And then again the dolphin rises up through the ocean as it crafts an oscillating wavelike flow in and out of the water, high into the air and then deep into the silent clear depths.

Now think of the dolphin as consciousness, a spark of energy, the breath and elixir of life, and imagine the ocean as the face of physicality, the embodiment of existence.

Listen to the ripples of sound as the dolphins tail sends spray cascading down onto the glass-like sea, imagine those echoes of sound roaming outward as a fading orb of history.

Now pull your thoughts further and further from the dolphin, watch it become smaller and smaller in your imagination until you can see the dolphin as a glistening speck on the panorama of ocean, pull further and further back until the ocean forms the globe of a watered planet, pull back even further to see many ocean planets orbiting near each other, each with its own dolphin, each with its own engine of activity.

Imagine one watered globe being attracted to the other spheres, each drawn together under the influence of gravity, Imagine those spheres bonding into groups, into bundles of form, into subatomiccommunities.

Imagine those atoms aliening and growing into longer and longer chains growing and spiraling into coiled threads, linking with other threads to form organized strands of molecules, proteins, chains of order; the double helix of DNA.

Now imagine that chain of DNA propagating, forming and shaping its own identity, its own edges, its own face.

Watch as the DNA grows further into the macroatomic universe, feeling its way into the restless darkness, crashing into other chains and clusters with imperfect collision, reaching, feeling, remembering and learning.

As the chain grows and grows so it gathers more and more information from its collisions, it becomes swamped by the relentless waterfall of sensory information.

To make sense of the blinding noise of information, it groups the data into clumps and clusters, processing and labeling patterns, giving shapes and textures names, labeling feeling, grouping memories as patterns of synaptic fireworks.

As the chain of DNA builds and builds so does its sense of familiarity with a colliding universe.  Soon it becomes large enough and stable enough to recognize the familiarity of its own shape, its own movement, its own influence on the external world, it pieces together a sense of its own identity and process.  It eventually grows and evolves further into a cold, hard world of invasive noise and information.

Now imagine the face of the chain finding a respite somewhere, a shadow in which it can rest, a place where it can avoid the confusing collisions of a dynamic world.  There it rests in silence, becoming slowly aware of the reservoir of rushing information draining away to peace.  It learns to listen to it own soulful silence.

It learns to sink into its own form, into its own identity, to slowly retreat down the path of its own memories, its own evolution.   It watches and remembers, journeying further and further down into its self, into its past, into the micocosmos of it subatomic genesis.

Your life is the catalogue of a building consciousness, the creation of a cognitive entity whose past is stored as a record of imperfect and challenging collisions, each trying to dissuade your soul from its natural path and harmony.  Your memory is the growing and recollecting diary of learning, the cornucopia of texture, rhythm, taste, smell, sound and emotive encounters.

The temporal oasis in which we reside presents us with an infinite chaos of information.  We deal everyday with an unending stream of destabilizing chaos that we must consistently assimilate and reconcile into our understanding.

Eventually the imperfect collisions begin to take a fatal toll, and the chaos builds, becomes overwhelming, we start to crack and crumble, losing our form and harmony.

We break into smaller and smaller misshapen clusters, until we exist as a diminishing and dispersing cloud of matter.  As this cloud spreads and fades, so do the atoms which once formed into our chains.  Those individual atoms float away into the subatomic infinity eventually nestling in harmonious equilibrium, somewhere peaceful, somewhere silent.

Now choose one atom and travel nearer, recognize its watered globe, begin to scan its glass-like surface for a sign of life, for the watery wake of a dolphin, when you find the dolphin travel with it as it journeys through its ocean.  As it begins to tire, move closer and closer, anticipate its flow, become familiar with its natural state of peace, watch it as it finally comes to rest at the ocean surface, silent, peaceful, placid.  Slowly sink into the warn water beside the dolphin, feel the tender bobbing of its form, listen to the slow exhale of its breath, the effortlessness of its perfectly buoyant grace.

Imagine resting peacefully beside the soul of your own dolphin, the first glimpse of peace given to you by life.

Each of us are chains of atoms, communities of matter, imperfectly colliding with each other, each changing and molding each other, yet each from the same subatomic source, each of us trees of experience growing and pervading into each others cognition, temporal echoes, overlapping smoke trails from the firework of conception.

Yet we constantly reinforce our own sense of separatism, we seek affirmation of our independence, we deny the promise of others in our quest for recognition, and to what end?

If you choose to listen, if you choose to seek, if you choose to understand, you can begin your journey inward, a voyage into the historical infinity of your own genesis, the first glimpse of His dolphin on a moonlit, glass-like sea, and when you are at peace you may look beside your ocean and catch a glimpse of me resting in mine, beside my dolphin, seeking no more and no less than you...moments of sanctuary in a world of ever decreasing congruency.



would your care to dance?

what if each of us were a battleground,

staging a civil war of love against loneliness?

what if dna was the primal parasite within each of us,

the luciferal personification of greed and power,

driving us to absorb and propagate,

an antidote to chaos,

a ruthless temporal mercenary?

what if the soul was a splinter of divine consciousness

anchored to reality by the biological antenna built by the parasite?

what if the present was where all infinites collide,

congruent worlds of overlaid fabric

with stitches of mind for the seams?

what if reality was where consciousness embraced time?

what if life was the manifestation of a divine voyage,

a voyage to explore the boundaries of knowledge and love,

and whose destiny was to realize the omnipotent

and inescapable need to love and be loved?

what if each of us was a finger from a divine consciousness,

pushed through the edge of a reality bubble,

an individual blade of existence

slicing the present into an individuals past?

what if each of us were you,

the autobiolgrapher of a story,

unfolding one heartbeat at a time?

what if everyday you had a choice to be God or the devil?

what if everyday you felt loved by those around you?

what if you felt you had been touched by the hand of God,

would it matter what he looked like?

can love be any colour?


dining with the primal parasite

How your spectre

warms himself at my fire,

stealing my comfort,

without thought for my humour.

You do not belong here,

yet I offer you shelter;

for I am your keeper,

and you are my guest.


genesis; the primal engine

At the instant of primality

the engine began to build

the cerebral antenna.

The neural array began to collate

the consciousness.

As the antenna grew,

the window between worlds opened,

and the face became hard.

infinites could collide

through the antenna,

and the engine kept building



the circle


reality is where our collective consciousness embraces time.

existence is a circle of








either is accessible through the other.

space is circular in all directions, an eternal continuum

loneliness is the extremity of communal consciousness

evil is the extremity of loneliness

to feel misunderstood or unappreciated is the slope toward loneliness

to feel expressed and understood is the slope toward connectedness

love is the expression of community and connectedness.

finding a way to express your soul is the start to feeling understood

and so the beginning of the road to feeling part of a community.

people need to feel understood, and need to be encouraged to find their way of expressing

themselves. we must all feel listened to.

your life is what you make it, with the support of others.

we are alone together, until we become a community,

we will only become a community when we all feel understood,

we will only feel understood when we are encouraged to express ourselves

we will only express ourselves when we feel loved enough

to make ourselves vulnerable,

we will only feel loved by the continuous support of the community.

this is the circle, with no start and no finish,

you are a part of the circle, without you their is a gap in its form

you can close the gap, and help others to do likewise

and we could start today.



for Homo sapien, genetic mutations had optimised the period of mortality to 64 weeks, the onset of

puberty at 28 and gestation to 4.

the propagation of birth and death became omnipotent. people would watch in blind panic as

their families evolved and dissipated before them. the genetic odyssey seemed to visibly pour into infinity,

whilst mortality sucked withering parents into ancestral oblivion.

globally the fission of Homo sapien sprawled across the planet, flora and fornas became engulfed by the

suicidal virus. social structures dissolved into a cornucopia of cannabalistic gratification. any ribbons of

community we lost. time for extensive spiritual development was lost.

males pursued primal instincts with psychotic fervour. fornication would jeopardise the life of

the female, the dynamics of love became lacerated by greed and impulse.

the audacity of a Divine destiny for Homo sapien became fossilised in the carnage of a civil war.

the spiritual self was being destroyed in skirmishes of ruthless primal conflict. life for Homo sapien had

descended from spirituality into the luciferal personification of the ultimate temporal mercenary; the

primal parasite, de-oxribose nucleic acid.....





is there a difference between war and armies?

is there a difference between a gun and a killing?

is there a difference between God and the devil?

is there an existence between love and dna?



hunger is the arrow of time

the devil owns

and is best served by time,

for it is time that heralds death

and the fear of death,

it is time that feeds

the font of wanting,





The Unity

The knowledge

the peace

the silence

the need.


The Pain

The need to embrace

the need to share

the need to express

and so the voice.


The Gravity

The love

The reaper of reality

a guard against mortality.

The genesis of destiny.


The Dissipation

From the imagination

into the expanding orb

under the gravity

with the primal parasite.


the Evolution

The drive to absorb

and propagate,

by transfer of power

to the primal parasite.


The Consciousness

The Growth

of the knowing

till the awareness

of self.


The Conflict

The quest for control

and the return of the power

from the primal parasite

to the knowing.


The Argo

The fabric

The primal parasite

a crystal

of the Unity


The Voyage of the Argo

The awareness

The conflict

with the primal parasite

The primal spider


The Embrace

Then the awareness

and embrace of the unity,

when the love

is whole again.


The Destiny

The collapse

of the infinity,

till the implosion,

and the unity of love


June 1997

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