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William A. Spriggs
October 28, 2007

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Annual conservative joke disrespecting those
below them in their social hierarchies.

The show of disrespect above shown by comfortable elites to those downwind of opportunity that evolved from the 1960s America continues today. With the successful destruction of any remaining semblance of compassionate support for the subordinate underclass, these elites are giddy with delight over their temporary success involving their power and greed and are overcome with hubris as a defining character trait.

Since the 1960s, subordinate males who could not assimilate into the dominate social hierarchies were excluded from job opportunities, hemmed in successfully by social forces to exclude them from accumulating resources beyond their local environments were then forced to accumulate resources through the limited opportunities open to them – organized crime, gambling, illegal drugs, gun sales, prostitution, muggings, theft and underground economic activities. When caught, they were then, as they are now, thrown into prisons -- not for the publicly expressed goal of public safety, but because it is the easiest and most humane way -- short of killing -- to keep these aggressive subordinate males from breeding further numbers of their own kind. Ridiculous, you say? Frame in your mind the conservative administration’s behavior toward Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans and the images that they evoke. Or, how about the conservative myth concerning prudent fiscal responsibility?: Like spendi ng $30,000 a year per person to incarcerate an individual while refusing to create make-work jobs at $20,000 a year to allow that person to raise a family and gain self-respect and giving them little reason to turn to the dark side.

The current American passion for corporate run prisons not only keeps subordinate males away from the dominate males’ resources, but also, I posit, keeps them from “infecting” (impregnating) their women, whom they consider their property, like their SUVs and their wide-screen TVs. Along with this line of thought is the belief of the possible de-valuing of their female’s “worth” though the human psychological belief system known as negative touch transference. Just the mere thought of a subordinate male touching or flirting with his female “property” causes extreme anxiety in a male dominate fundamentalist. (In the worst case scenario, if child is produced between any coupling between a dominate and a subordinate, be it male or female, the child is “infected” by the mating and not given higher ranking in whatever position the dominate holds – the “infected” child will always be assigned to the subordinate class).

As for the females born into subordinate hierarchies who searched desperately for suitable replacements for their “missing males" and being rejected by dominate males as “inferior,” they drifted toward public welfare rolls as a miserable substitute. But, since “spending money on the poor” is thought of as “throwing money away,” the conservative movement did all it could to destroy “welfare as we knew it.” You see, one of the perceived images of the subordinates by the elite dominates was that subordinate females were sexually active with multiple subordinate males (and thus absent fathers in the joke at the beginning of this essay) for the sole purpose of reproducing more of their subordinate children in order to increase their monthly dole; of course, as corporate welfare increased during the 1970s and 1980s, and excutive salaries exploded in comparison to the worker on the workroom floor, somehow this behavior went unnoticed. And the reason for that, as conservatives can all ag ree, is that welfare for the rich makes dominates noble and wise, while welfare for the poor makes subordinates lazy and stupid. Evolutionary psychologists are widely divided on the “Madonna/Whore” concept in evolution, but I strongly believe it developed as a form of sexual competition amongst females; spreading false rumors about your competition as being sexually loose would have firm roots in paternity certainty or uncertainty for any male. No male wants to be “cuckolded” and raise and spend resources on another male’s child. I suspect that the original thought may have evolved within male bonded groups as a form of “masculinity test” for males -- as in a “manly men” could satisfy their wife’s sexual urges -- whereas, a “weak or old man” could not -- hence the ridicule. (Cuckold -- noun, 13th century: a man whose wife is unfaithful – notice that the dictionary evolution of the word teaches us that it is the female who is unfaithful).

This dichotomy lends support to the argument that it is all about resources in evolution because it is the driving force behind the invisible hand of reproductive evolutionary pressure. In order to reproduce successfully, the theory teaches us, one should attempt to have as many resources as possible, thus, giving one’s progeny an edge over others in the evolutionary race. And to enhance this evolutionary mechanism is our species’ unique group interactions and support of those we consider “us.” The use of the social mechanisms of exclusion, by force if necessary, by dominate inner circle types to keep subordinate outer circle populations (“them”) away from those resources is relatively new in evolutionary history – similar to obesity in a social environment where we have more food to eat than we know what to do with although our brains think we are always on the verge of starvation. The same can be said of societal resources: THE LESSON THAT HUMANKIND HAS NOT LEARNED YET IS THAT THERE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH RESOURCES FOR ALL TO GO AROUND; it’s the ancient brain of our ancestors making us think that we have to hoard our resources from others or else our progeny will lose out. Remember the broad brush stroke math: 40% nature; 60% nurture. We may be biological in our origins, but we are a highly social species and the history is confirming that we use social constructs such as stereotypical categorizations as discrimination mechanisms in order to perpetuate our biological goals of passing our genes. The true meaning of being social is that we are a hierarchal species that evolved from our primate cousins, and it is the past rewards “of being on top” to the exclusion of others that has temporarily (in an evolutionary timeline scale) that has held us prisoners to our biological behaviors.

To quote Frans de Waal:
“Among chimpanzees, hierarchy permeates everything…Among the males…power is always up for grabs. It’s not conferred on the basis of age or any other trait, but has to be fought for and jealously defended in the face of contenders. If males form coalitions, it’s because they need each other. Status is determined by who can beat whom, not just on an individual basis but in the group as a whole. It does not do a male any good if he can physically defeat his rival if each time he tries to do so the whole group jumps on top of him. In order to rule, a male needs both physical strength and buddies who will help him out when a fight gets too hot…But with complex strategies come miscalculations. This is why we speak of political “skills”: it’s not so much who you are, but what you do…We are exquisitely attuned to power, responding quickly to any new configuration…We simply could not survive without our sensitivity to power dynamics…Power is all around us, c ontinuously confirmed and contested, and perceived with great accuracy.” Pp. 54 & 55. Our Inner Ape: A Leading Primatologist Explains Why We Are Who We Are, Riverhead Books, New York, 2005.

It is the possible ranking loss, and hence, possible loss of resources that drives the fear that activates the dominate class to create exclusionary mechanisms. Example: a city council that passes a city ordinance prohibiting more than one family to live in a detached house, making it unaffordable for necessary undocumented migrant worker families who are hired by illegal employers to live in a “nice neighborhood” with good schools. Hence, the economic realities forces them to “choose” a poor neighborhood with poor schools.

The frame that I am trying to form before I start Part II of this essay is that in our American society today in 2007 – and yes, all human behavior in this time period of our evolution as a species – is that it is dominated by strong coalitions of bonded males, accumulating resources to benefit themselves in order to attract the highest ranking females to benefit their future progeny. In conjunction with these male-bonded coalitions, comes the acceptance by the female of our species with this arrangement. Some evolutionary feminists posit that it is the female’s “fault” for male aggression, by picking the most aggressive males with the most resources, and hence, most of the violence on our planet. I tend to posit that it is both genders’ fault, but based on resource allocations evolving from social constructs which are controlled by dominants as a self-defined group; dominates, in this equation, are both male and female. Only time and debate will settle this question of gender’s role, whether it is part of natural selection, or, sexual selection. Regardless, as I have written since 1995, I strongly feel that it is about the resources, people.

As I ended Part I of this essay, I summed up the two major memes:



Intertwined between both memes was the evolutionary perspective of the reproductive disadvantages of bachelor males brought on because of their limited ability to accumulate resources. Both Kazanawa and I framed the issue of increased aggressiveness of the un-mated male and his attempts to gain female sexual access to avoid being reproductive losers.

In part II of this essay, I am not going to create an illusionary world of America being militarily unnumbered by vast hoards of Chinese and India armies somewhere in the distant future as I hinted at in the first essay, but rather, “Ok, we know the numbers, but the frame of the second part of this essay will be, what should America be doing in preparation for the worst case solve one of the oldest problems of humankind: How to trickle-down resources to the poorest of our fellow humans while at the same time, not making them dependent on such assistance. The duel purpose: to establish a firm economic foundation under America, while ensuring its continued strength though commitment to country, honor, high moral values, and patriotism. In my humble opinion, our country is only as strong as our weakest neighborhoods, and I feel strongly that weak neighborhoods evolve primarily because of stereotypical views that lead to discrimination mechanisms toward of the lack of any respect fo r bachelor males in these neighborhoods. (The term in social psychology is called: TSMs – “Targeted Subordinate Males” – Think, “DWB” – “Driving While Black/Brown.”

I know it’s a long shot, but I really see the possible elimination of all of these things through the re-thinking of the Posse Comitatus Act. And for those unfamiliar with the Act, it was passed as a Federal law in 1878 intended to prohibit Federal troops from supervising elections in the former Confederate states. However, a much broader interpretation has come to believe that no Federal troops will be used in law enforcement duties as part of its primary mission. And as its root, we Americans have come to fear that the military may be used as a political tool by the administration in power to suppress one’s domestic enemies. Even further back, of course, is ingrained in American Political DNA with the stationing of British Troops prior to the American Revolution. Any person, poor or rich, does not want to be dominated and ruled by others without their consent.

The main premise of my idea is that the United States should establish permanent military “bases” within the 100 of the poorest cities with its sole purpose to nurture, educate, inculcate, and recruit, and if necessary, draft, its future armies from the bachelor males who inhabit those populations; to secure and maintain order within those cities merely through showing respect to its citizens and gaining loyalty from the local citizens; the main outcome of this stabilizing effect of this would be that any enemies of America would find no fertile ground in which to sow the seeds of discontent. By clarification, when I mean “poorest cities,” I mean the poorest zip codes; you can have a relatively modest income city, yet still have a very poor zip code merely by crossing a bridge or crossing over to the next street. Then there would be the billeting of the “army.” The images that come to mind are small pockets of the military spread out in various parts of the cities selected. More on this in a bit later.

I’m not certain at this time whether to include bachelor females in the mix, but then, why not? After all, they are fighting with our males in Iraq now – and getting killed and maimed. However, the driving force behind this essay is to primarily focus on the male population because that is the frame in which I began this essay, and bachelor males have composed the major populations of armies throughout recorded history. And my thinking would be directed toward the masculine military structure in America that is in command now and who would decide if the ideas would be tenable. Always remember:

“Only two species of mammals have ever been observed to form aggressive coalitions against other members of their own species: Chimpanzees and humans. The male of our species has recurrently engaged in warfare over recorded human history, whereas, there is not a single documented case of women forming same-sex coalitions to go to war." D. Buss quoting Tooby and Cosmides The evolution of war and its cognitive foundations. Institute for Evolutionary Studies, Technical Report #88-1, 1988)

The major reasoning behind my thinking is framed by several simple premises: If limited resource accumulation opportunities are the major evolutionary pressure that pushes young males in dysfunctional neighborhoods toward crime, then a massive influx of resources targeted toward this group could reverse the condition. Secondly, a massive influx of positive masculine role models would undoubtedly have an overwhelming positive influence on the bachelor males with those territories. It would be a major cultural shift for the predominately poor neighborhoods.

As the story goes, when asked of America’s most famous bank robber in the 1930s, why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton replied: “Because that’s where the money is.” My thinking exactly; it’s because throughout American history, the military usually convinces the civilian leadership that in order to preserve the safety and tranquility of the United States that it almost becomes the obligation of Congress to grant the U.S. military every appropriation that it requests. Well, that’s a bit a stretch because we all know that sometimes certain things that the military requests funds for sometimes don’t work right and Congress refuses to grant further funding after throwing away millions of dollars. (Pick your failed weapons system for a particular year).

In a similar vein, if we look at local City Councils throughout the USA, what we find is a similar attitude toward our police, fire, and emergency units. The one number one concern of residents of any community, large and small, is public safety. A quick look at local budgets and you will see the same financial percentage for their police and fire as reflected in our national outlays. And thus, we return to the first principal of human individual behavior: to be safe in our persons and property we consider resrouces. And that is why I believe that this idea of embedding unarmed military personnel within the 100 of our poorest zip codes in America is really all about feeling secure. It’s the ultimate “cop on every corner,” or the ultimate “Broken Windows” theory while still relying on local police protection. In this proposal, the military would have no local police authority, but would have the right of any individual in preserving self-protection as individuals; but these milit ary personnel would have that protection expanded to include small groups, or the entire “zip code unit.” The main purpose of the military presence will merely be a visible, yet stabilizing cultural factor within the neighborhoods. The hope is that the units will engage in positive role model behavior and, with everyday activity, prove to the neighborhood that the value of those activities would be worth following by all in the neighborhood; leading by example, not postulating.

Now, if you are a liberal, I can understand why you would be upset, but by keeping this theme of “trickling down” to the poorest sectors uppermost in your mind, I want you to see the resource shifting logic behind this idea: Think of it this way: The group with the most money and is the most trusted organization by the dominate social groups will be living amongst the groups with the least money and who are the least trusted by the dominate societies that surround them. No, I’m not talking about the rich meeting the poor, but rather the organization that usually has no problem taking 50 cents of every Federal dollar raised in Federal Taxes, wasting some of that money by blowing things that give 0% return on the dollar and having them meet the groups that usually get the short end of the stick. It is instant – “Trickle Down.” It is the top meeting the bottom. And you know what will happen? The group with the most money will have the larger influence on the group wit h the least money. Now, think of this in the evolutionary perspective: the inner group with the most resources will have the most influence on the outer group because (now we move to a social psychological perspective) the outer group wants more of what the inner group has in the way of positive social value. (Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression, Jim Sidanius & Felicia Pratto, Cambridge Univer Press, May 2001, pp 31 & 32). It ain’t rocket science, people -- poor people want the same things as rich people, " 'cause poverty sucks.”

As a vision, I see the military becoming the “providing parent” and stabilizing factor in the poor neighborhoods by setting up free medical and dental clinics within walking distance and placing unarmed troops within every school to secure a strong and stable learning environment. I envision that the troops will be billeted in former abandoned houses. But before any military personnel occupy those units, they will contract out to local carpenters and fix those houses to high standards, and along the way, they will work with local charities, and when the time comes, to return those homes to those who need the most assisted “hand up – not hand out.” No child will be left behind; every child will be required to pass required academic level exams, and to make sure that any help needed is given to pass those exams. Attention will be given to every detail. Every exterior property will be examined and, if desired by the resident of that property, will be fixed and given a new coat of p aint; every yard will be clean and in appropriate tidiness and be given new grass or xeriscape. And it will all be done without expense to the residents of those poorest zip codes.

Every tree on personal property will be trimmed and pruned by local contractors, and if the local sidewalks and streets need repair, see to it that the local city authorities are aware of the problem, and if financial assistance needed, to help transfer Federal funds to local city coffers. All food provisions for the military personnel and will be purchased locally from vendors. It is hoped that the local residents will begin to respond in preparing “home cooked” meals for those billeted in the homes near by. The vision is a bit cloudy, but I see these homes as being similar to the residences above fire houses where meals are prepared by the personnel themselves. Maybe, that is why I hope the residents respond and cook meals PC2 personnel. (It would also boost morale, and encourage marriage possibilities between the zip recipients and PC2 personnel -- yes, we can not rule out hormones, sexual selection, and mating possibilities in the mix -- but that is for another essay).

I envision that the military PC2 personnel to be stationed in these locations be somewhere above the age of 25 and as old as possible. The reason? Because they would be more mature after their experiences and less likely to seek risky behavior. The peak fighting age for a military fighting unit is around 19 and it would be this group that would remain on regular military status and in peak fighting condition and located on regular military training bases. Why? Because that is the age that evolution has earmarked in our genes when our bodies are at the peak time to go out with our fellow bonded males and hunt, kill, and return with provisions for the remaining tribe. It would be this peak fighting units as the one’s returning from their travels (or combat). I envision these embedded military PC2 personnel as being in transition and ready to move to the next level – that of a ready supply of police, fire, rescue, and community service personnel in the cities where they were once r ecruited from. Once in this transitory stage, the personnel would be given preferential grading (such as 5 or 10 point advantage) in any civil exams. These second level, embedded personnel will be given full access in our schools to recruit young people from these small neighborhoods. Yes, I am suggesting that recruitment offices be allowed in high schools. There has to be a price to be paid for all this resource commitment from our Federal Government, and of course, freedom is not free. But if we treat the poor, young bachelor male who lives in the barrio or ghetto with decency and respect and making sure that his younger sister has that heart operation or his mother was given medicine for her crippling arthritis, who’s is he going to respond to? -- Islamic fundamentalists or his own Federal government who he has seen work miracles in his own neighborhood.

Does all this sound a little off the wall? Well, chew on this cowboy – Here’s a quote from The October 5th, 2007 online edition of The New York Times: “Army Enlists Anthropology in War Zones,” by David Rohde. Let me quote a few important paragraphs:

“SHABAK VALLEY, Afghanistan – In this isolated Taliban stronghold in eastern Afghanistan, American paratroopers are fielding what they consider a crucial new weapon in counterinsurgency operation here: a soft-spoken civilian antropologist named Tracy.

"Tracy, who asked that her surname not be used for security reasons, is a member of the first Human Terain Team, an experimental Pentagon, program that assigns anthroplogists and other social scientists to American combat units in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her team's ability to understand subtle points of tribal relations -- in one case spotting a land dispute that allowed the Taliban to bully parts of a major tribe -- has won the praise of officers who say they are seeing concrete results.

"Col. Martin Schweitzer, commander of the 82nd Airborne division unit working with the anthropologists here, said that the unit's combat operations had been reduced by 60 percent since the scientists arrived in February (2007), and that the soldiers were now able to focus more on improving security, health care and education for the population.

"We're looking at this from a human perspective, from a social scientist's perspective," he said. "We're not focused on the enemy. We're focused on bringing governance down to the people."' (Underline emphasis mine).

"...the strategy has become the new mantra of the military.

"In interviews, American officers lavishly praised the anthroplogy program, saying that the scientists' advice has proved to be "brilliant," helping them see the situation from an Afghan perspective and allowing them to cut back on combat operations.

"The aim, they say, is to improve the performance of local government officials, persuade tribesmen to join the police, ease poverty and protect villagers from the Taliban and criminals.

"My feeling is that the miltary are going through an enormous change right now where they recognize they won't succeed militaryily," said Tom Gregg, the chief United Nations official in sourheastern Afghanistan. "But they don't yet have the skill sets to implement" a coherent nonmilitary strategy, he added.

“Deploying small groups of soldiers into remote areas, Colonel Schweitzer’s paratroopers orangized jirgas, or local councils, to resolve tribal disputes that have simmered for decades. Officers shrugged off questions about whether the military was comfortable with what David Kilcullen, and Australian anthropologist and an architect of the new strategy, call “armed social work.” (underlined emphasis mine)
“Who else is going to do it?” asked Lt. Col. David Woods, commander of the Fourth Squadron, 73rd Cavalry. “You have to evolve. Otherwise you’re useless.” (underline emphasis mine).

So, if the Army is somehow convinced that “armed social work” is the way to go in a country that we have invaded, then it would it not make COMMON SENSE to do the same thing in this country without arms? After all, if all this “armed social work” that the military is attempting is designed to win the “hearts and minds” of the country that you have invaded, then wouldn’t it make even more sense to stabilize and win the hearts and minds of those most needy in your own country to prevent political and social unrest? -- That is, of course, if you really have compassion for those sort of folk. And, In regards to Tom Tancredo and his presidential “quest” to fight the “illegal aliens” that have “invaded” this country, if we were to establish Posse Comitatus 2 (PC2) there would be no problem identifying and apprehending the “Illegals;” where else would you expect them to be except in the poorest zip codes in America?

The way I envision PC2, the undocumented necessary workers when appended will have two choices -- return to their country of origin, or be recruited into the PC2 program. If they decide to stay, they would be given the core educational program to be inducted into the military fighting units, (if they are of the peak fighting age). If too old to be considered peak fighting age, they will be put to work in the neighborhood as labor assistants to the PC2 program. If at the end of six years, if they fulfill all requirements, will be given guest worker status and allowed to apply for citizenship and to apply for the second level of the PC2 program. However, since they were here “illegally,” they would not be given the five or ten point advantage in any civil exams. However, once in the PC2 program, even though they would be considered as labor assistants, they would be free to marry, and if already married their children would have all privileges as other children in the PC2 zip zone s.

As the middle class and the neighborhoods that they live in sink further into an abyss of mental and economic depression here in America, there is a slow motion train wreck in progress and I sense that new creative methods will be needed. The ultimate con game conceived by CONservatives is that if the United States spends itself into third world status by paying for these “invasions” so that “we fight them over there, and not here,” the American public will gladly cut “unnecessary” services and benefits to keep the war going. The CONservatives believe that if all goes according to plan when the baby boomer’s peak demographic arrives in 2014, then the American public will allow cuts in Social Security benefits to the Baby Boomers. Hence, the military survives, the super wealthy class survives, and the old and poor get screwed because the CONservatives will tell the American public that they will just have to suck up the hard times -- and then -- Magic!!! We’re back in the Middle Ages with Lords and Ladies living in gated communities, surrounded by moats, and guarded by mercenaries for hire!! Ah, perfection!!! “It’s Good to Be the King and Queen -- and if the peasants don’t like it -- let them eat cake.

But, you know something? The American public is really smarter than that and when the con game is about ready to be played, the American people will revolt at the ballot box. If not, then it could turn ugly. What they will discover, is that you can have both a strong military, strong communities, and strong old-aged social safety nets by merely re-thinking a few past social constructs and social mechanisms -- and there even would be enough room left to have a few rich folks around to laugh at occasionally.

Since American politicians have now “privatized” the military by not requiring military service of its entire population, and we are now relying on mercenary “soldiers of fortune” to protect and defend our great land, we really have to start looking at priorities. And since “no new taxes” for the rich -- or for that matter, for the average Joe and Jane because they are too busy shopping at the mall -- Guess what? In this cultural environment, if there is a potential for war, nobody will give a rat’s ass about this country. It will only come down to: “whose going to pay me the most money” to “protect our country.” Let me ask the politicians, if you know history and don’t want to repeat it, how long do you think our country will stand with just such an army?

All great armies are the result of military and political leaders smart enough to understand that you have to take care of your personnel as a top priority. That means, clothing, housing, provisions, and morale -- they have to feel the need to fight for their leaders and their country. And what is more, all great revolutions come from leaders who understand that the poorest amongst the poor are the most upset because there is so much wealth around them. The widening gap between the rich and the poor is always cited as the bottom line as the spark that begins the fire. It comes down to the question by the poor directed at the rich: “Why do my children have to die, and not yours?”

I know that many of the suggestions in this essay are rather sketchy and most likely raise more questions than answer them. But, I feel that it is a start. Our country can no longer continue on this path and survive. I hope that this essay opens some eyes that there is a different path to take.

I would like to conclude this essay in response to the joke by conservatives about the “most confusing day in the ghetto.” It’s a quote from The Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It comes from the part of the book where the ghost of Christmas Present scolds Ebenezer Scrooge for his remark about the father of a poor boy found living in the street:

"Will you decide what men shall live and what men shall die? It may be, that in the sight of Heaven, you are more worthless and less fit to live like this poor man's child. Oh God! to hear the Insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust!"

**** **** **** ****

Listed below are charities that I was going to include into the essay, but decided to tact on the end instead. I picked these charities because they all do the sort of work that would be similar to the military personnel in PC2. -- In other words, a "trickle down" effect. If included within a PC2 program, then these charities would work through the unified military command.

God has placed all these resources within reach, people. All we have to do is pick them off the tree and put them to work in the proper sequence.



Adopt America Network (800)246-1731 - Finds permanent adoptive homes for abused, neglected, and special needs children in U.S. foster care (without charging fees) using national network of trained adoption volunteers.

Children's Legal Protection Center (888)543-3379 - Help us stop abusive and dangerous conditions for over 3 million children who pass through the country's foster care and juvenile justice system each year.

Disabled and Alone/Life Services for the Handicapped (800)995-0066 - Don't let people live disabled and alone. Life is difficult, especially when there's no one to help you. Your gift will help improve their lives.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids (Action Against Crime and Violence Education Fund) (866)776-0027 - Police leaders, district attorneys and crime victims working to help all children, youth and families get the right start in life.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (630)571-5466 the service efforts of Lions Clubs worldwide in addressing the various needs of their communities through grant programs for humanitarian and sight-related projects.

Meals On Wheels Association of America (703)548-5558 Provides funding for meals and nutrition services for frail homebound at-risk seniors through local meal programs so individuals can preserve independence and dignity at home.

National Center for Fathering (800)593-3237 - Every child needs a dad! They can count on NCF to inspire and equip men to be the fathers and father figures their children need.

Share Our Strength (800)969-4767 - Works to alleviate hunger and poverty at home and abroad by meeting immediate needs for food and investing in long term solutions to poverty.

Volunteers of America (800)899-0089
- Volunteers of America creates programs promoting self-sufficiency, fostering independence, and supporting positive development of families, the elderly, and youth. There are no limits to caring.

Equality Now (212)586-0906 - Join activists fighting to expose and stop violence and discrimination against women including rape, domestic violence, female genital mutilation and trafficking in girls/women worldwide.

Jobs! (The ICA Group Incorporated) (ICA Group Incorporated) (617)232-8765 - ICA creates jobs! We fight poverty in America by starting new businesses in poor communities, saving failing companies from closure, and investing in community-based projects.

National Housing Law Project (National Housing & Community Development Law Project) (510)251-9400 - Uses the power of law and advocacy to fight for better housing and housing justice for poor people and to preserve and increase affordable housing.

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (202)638-2535 Dedicated to ending homelessness, we work for education, housing, jobs, health care, and basic human rights for homeless individuals, families, and children.

Aid to Artisans (860)947-3344 - Help artisans worldwide to foster artistic traditions, cultural vitality and community well-being. We provide sustainable economic/social benefits for craftspeople in a culturally respectful manner.

America the Beautiful Fund (800)522-3557 - Working with volunteers planting food for the hungry, restoring blighted neighborhoods, encouraging good citizenship, promoting environmental stewardship and safeguarding historical landmarks. Keeping America Beautiful!

Angel Flight (800)296-3797 - Volunteer piledy patients. Your gifts provide free air transportation for ambulatory patients requiring distant, specialized, and often life-saving treatment.

Angel Flight America (901)332-4034 - Assisting charities that arrange free long distance charitable medical air transportation. Your gifts provide compassionate service to those unable to afford other transportation options.

Angel Flight New England, Inc. (800)549-9980 - Volunteer pilots providing air transportation to needy patients seeking often life-saving medical treatment. Your gifts ensure "flights of healing and hope" are available.

Angel Flight Southeast (800)352-4256 - Saving and enriching lives. Our volunteer Angel Flight pilots provide no-cost medical air transportation to/from distant specialized treatment for financially needy patients.

Center for Community Change (202)342-0519 - The Center helps low-income people transform their communities, by strengthening grassroots organizations, influencing public policies and developing "the power of many."

Enterprise Foundation (410)964-1230
- Enterprise helps America's low-income families with their struggle out of poverty by providing decent homes, access to employment, quality child care, and safer streets.

Food Providers of America (602)241-2873 - Meeting the desperate food needs of thousands of America's most impoverished children. Rushing lifesaving emergency food to hungry families throughout the United States of America.

Hope for the City (952)897-7799 - We collect corporate surplus, medical surplus, and food nationwide and donate the items to non-profits nationwide and internationally to fight poverty, hunger and disease.

Hospice Angel Flight (800)747-0925 - Volunteer pilots helping patients! Your gift provides air transportation for hospice and age 55 and older patients requiring distant and potentially lifesaving treatment.

Hunger Defense Fund (661)299-9273 - Reach out to hurting children and their families with food, clothing, medicine -- and even toys-- here in the United States and around the world.

National Center for Victims of Crime (800)FYI-CALL Helps crime victims rebuild their lives. Operates national helpline, advocates for victims' rights, raises public awareness. Priorities: domestic violence, stalking, teen victims, identity theft, homicide.

National Fatherhood Initiative (301)948-0599 - Works to increase proportion of children raised by involved, responsible, and committed fathers through public education campaign, and creation and distribution of fatherhood resources nationwide.

Outward Bound (845)424-4000 - We are the nation's leading nonprofit experiential education organization. Students learn character development, social and environmental responsibility, and compassion through experiences with challenge and adventure.

Results Educational Fund (202)783-4800 - Hunger can be ended in our lifetime. Through public education and citizen action, we work to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

Earth Share Federation and Member Organizations

Center for a New American Dream (877)68-DREAM - Helping Americans consume responsibly to improve quality of life, protect the environment and promote social justice. Motto: More Fun, Less Stuff!

Friends of the National Zoo (202)673-4682 - Supports research by Smithsonian's National Zoo scientists to save endangered species and habitats. Provides national conservation education, camp scholarships and the Zoo on Wheels program.

Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations

Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America (800)626-6481 - Creating a better world by constructively addressing gender based discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support, and childhood education, hunger and health.

9 to 5 Working Women Education Fund (800)522-0925 - 9to5 works to strengthen women's ability to achieve economic justice. Leadership training focuses on policy changes in work/family, welfare, antidiscrimination and temp work issues.

ACNM Foundation, Inc. (240)485-1850 -
A.C.N.M. Foundation, Inc., supports high quality maternal, newborn, and well women health services through grants focused on midwifery education, research, practice and leadership.

Adoptions by Cradle of Hope (Cradle of Hope Adoption Center) (301)587-4400 - Help an abandoned child! We provide adoption services and support to children who are waiting for permanent, loving families.

Air Compassion America (866)270-9198 Saving significant costs for seriously ill family members needing long-distance transportation. A patient advocate for life saving air ambulance services.

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation (202)728-3307 - Give deserving women a chance to excel through programs advancing education, research, and self-development for women and girls - fostering equity and positive societal change.

Americans Helping Americans (888)242-5026 - Emergency relief, affordable housing, afterschool programs, and recovery help for mothers with children fleeing domestic violence. Attacking poverty in Appalachia and urban America.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (413)367-2287 - CATW promotes women's human rights internationally. It works especially to combat sexual exploitation, especially prostitution and trafficking.

Giving Hope International (714)524-4454 - Rescuing women and children experiencing health crises, GHI provides hospitalization, surgery, medicine, nutrition and transportation locally, worldwide; emphasizing our efforts toward the hopeless and forgotten.

HOMEBUILDERS Family Counseling (Institute for Family Development) (253)874-3630 - In-home family crisis counseling to prevent child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and unnecessary foster care placement. Keeps children safe and families together.

Men Can Stop Rape (202)265-6530 - Our programs mobilize young men to prevent gender-based violence by inspiring them to challenge harmful aspects of masculinity, make healthy choices, and form respectful relationships.

Ms. Foundation for Women (212)742-2300 - The first and leading national women's philanthropy. Provides resources to activist women's organizations for social change in health and safety, economic security, and women's leadership.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (303)839-1852 - Every home a safe home. Committed to elimination of violence in our lives. We provide victim and advocate support, information, referrals, community education, technical assistance.

National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (202)293-3114 - Promotes/ protects access to safe, affordable reproductive health services for all who want them. Family planning prevents unintended pregnancies, STDs and the need for abortion.

National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA) (202)452-0620 - Advocating fairness in America's justice system through equal access to legal advice and representation for all individuals in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

National Organization for Women Foundation, Inc. (202)628-8669 - Advances women's rights and promotes the goals of equality through education, advocacy, litigation, networking, voter participation projects, global outreach, conferences, publications, training and leadership development.

Nurturing Network (509)493-4026 -Volunteer members provide comprehensive practical support for women with unplanned pregnancies so each mother can nurture her child's life without compromising her own.

Parent's Action for Children (202)238-4862 -Founded by Rob Reiner, bringing parents together to help Americans raise healthy children. Dedicated to finding real world solutions to challenges facing America's families.

Wider Opportunities for Women (202)464-1596 - Help women learn to earn, and what you get is WOW - economic independence, equality of opportunity, freedom from want for women and girls.

Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America Federation and Member Organizations

Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America (800)626-6526 - Help us keep America strong, safe, and free and remember, honor, and keep faith with our veterans, with those who serve today, and their families.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation (540)442-7782 - AWCF provides financial assistance to families and/or members of U.S. Armed Forces facing extraordinary medical expenses; and, other Philanthropic projects in need of support.

AMVETS Charities (800)810-7148 - Preserving freedom and supporting veterans and active duty military personnel. We must never forget those who served and died, and the sacrifices made for freedom.

Angel Flight for Veterans (888)849-0507 - Help us provide air transportation for military, veterans and their families to distant medical centers. Health care must continue when travel funds are exhausted.

Fisher House Foundation (888)294-8560 - We build and donate Fisher Houses at military/VA medical centers, support existing houses, help military families in need and award Scholarships for Military Children.

Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund (800)234-6622 - We provide interest-free loans and grants to children of enlisted personnel and officers for college education. Administrative costs are paid by MOAA not from donations.

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association (Red River Valley Association) (888)299-2043 - We provide Scholarships to dependents of US Military Personnel declared MIA/KIA in armed conflicts from Vietnam to date and aircrewmembers killed performing aircraft duties.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation (813)805-9400 - We provide complete four year or vocational college scholarship grants and family counseling to children surviving special operations personnel killed in operational or training missions.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation (816)756-3390 - Facilitating projects that improve life for veterans and military service personnel, as well as helping promote the important values of community service and patriotic education.

Young Marines (202)889-8745 - We strengthen the lives of America's youth by teaching the importance of self-confidence, academic achievement, responsible citizenship, honoring our veterans and a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

National/International Unaffiliated Organizations

A Presidential Classroom for Young Americans, Inc. (Presidential Classroom) (703)683-5400 - High school leaders experience government firsthand in Washington, DC. Prestigious speakers and challenging curriculum stress community participation, leadership and responsible citizenship.

AARP Foundation (202)434-6200 - The AARP Foundation leads positive social change and delivers value to those 50 and older with an emphasis on those at social and economic risk.

Advocacy Institute (202)777-7575 - Provides resources, training, tools, and networking to strengthen community leaders and organizations working for justice and equality for all, in the United States and abroad.

America Responds with Love, Inc. (321)AMERICA Organization includes the nation's largest safe home system to house battered women, men, and children. Also houses homeless people and others in emergency need.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, The (202)326-6636 - Advancing science and serving society by promoting and improving science in education, human rights, and national security, and fostering science and engineering careers for all.

American Institute for Social Justice, Inc. (202)546-3499 - Works with ACORN, the nation's largest organization of low/moderate income citizens, for affordable housing, fair mortgage lending, good schools, living wages, and safe neighborhoods.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (317)630-1202 - Contributes to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children nationwide by supporting established and innovative programs in the care of children.

American Legion Endowment Fund Corporation (317)630-1200 -Provides direct financial assistance to veterans and their families for essential medical and living expenses.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) (215)567-7000 - Serving 5,000 communities, its mission is to promote positive youth development through professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships with volunteers.

Bless the Children, Inc. (727)631-0088 - We empower abandoned and impoverished children with health and educational support to become productive members of society thus breaking the cycle of poverty and oppression.

Burchette, Conners, Ellington, Hereford & Lynch Memorial College Education Fund (914)235-7580 - Provides college scholarships to children and spouses of FBI Agents who died while employed by the FBI or within one year of retirement.

Camp Invention, Inc. (800)968-4332 - Provides summer and after-school educational enrichment programs designed to inspire future generations of inventors through hands-on activities incorporating science, mathematics, art and creative thinking.

Center for Law and Education (202)986-3000 -Helps low-income students, parents, and advocates improve their public schools and work with their communities to fulfill every child's right to high-quality education.

Champions for Life (972)298-1101 - Our country's crime problems are caused by father failures. Our life changing ministry mentors to inmates, kids in schools and in trouble, provides proven solutions.

Child Protection Education of America, Inc. (813)626-3001 - Nationally assists families and law enforcement to locate missing children through photograph distribution and distributes safety educational material. Conducts fingerprinting and child identification throughout Florida.

Drug Enforcement Administration Survivors' Benefit Fund, Inc. (404)893-7390 - This non-profit organization supports the surviving family members of DEA employees and Task Force Officers who are killed/die in the line of duty.

Family Institute, The (847)733-4300 - Provides counseling/psychotherapy (for families, couples and individuals), education and research. Makes family-based mental health services accessible to a geographically, culturally and economically diverse population.

Family, Career & Community Leaders of America, Inc. (703)476-4900 - Dynamic, effective national student organization that helps youth become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer sciences education.

Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry (301)739-3000 - Did you know one deer can feed 200 children? FHFH pays for the processing and distribution of deer and other game for the hungry nationwide.

Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. (202)783-2628 - Our mission is to empower migrant farmworkers to improve their wages, working conditions, health, and immigration status through litigation, advocacy, public education and coalition-building.

First Book (202)393-1222 - Books open doors and change lives. First Book gives new books to disadvantaged children in communities across the country, through preschools, after-school programs, and shelters.

Freedom Alliance (800)475-6620 - Provides college scholarships to children of fallen military heroes, conducts youth leadership training, advances freedom and U.S. sovereignty, promotes a strong national defense.

Goodwill Industries International, Inc. (800)741-0186 - Goodwill Industries is about people working. We are the nation's largest nonprofit provider of employment and training services for people with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions.

Government Accountability Project (202)408-0034 - Promotes accountability through defending corporate and federal government whistleblowers and substantiating their concerns about drug/food safety, the environment, nuclear power/weapons and national security.

HALT, Inc. (202)887-8255 - HALT's aggressive education and advocacy program challenges the legal establishment to improve access, reduce costs and increase accountability in the civil legal system.

Heart of America Foundation (202)347-6278 - Teaches the values at the heart of America. Combines character education, service learning and literacy. Provides books for children and schools in need.

Hispanic College Fund, Inc. (202)296-5400 -Awards need and merit-based scholarships to Hispanic students who are career-minded and committed to completing an undergraduate degree in business, science, engineering or technology.

International Association of Fire Chiefs, Inc., The (703)273-0911 - Your support directly helps America's fire departments better protect our communities and respond to fires, terrorist attacks, hazardous materials spills, natural disasters, and rescue missions.

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (202)662-8600 - Represents minorities and women seeking equal opportunities in employment, education, housing, community development, environmental health and justice, business contracts, and voting. Founded by President Kennedy.

Leadership VA Alumni Association, Inc. (LVAAA) (202)273-5274 - Supports disabled and elderly veterans through VA therapeutic programs and veteran's education. Funds VA employee training that prepares them to better serve the Nation's veterans.

Men's Health Network (202)543-6461 - MHN is committed to the health and wellness of men, boys and families through education campaigns and work with health care providers and government agencies.

Mercy Med Flight (817)626-6082 - America's only free long-distance air ambulance operation. Volunteers airlift non-ambulatory patients to medical facilities for life-saving operations, treatment, or rehabilitation, and bring stretcher-bound patients home.

Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) (210)732-2156 - Since 1972, nationally recognized institute empowering and educating leaders for culturally diverse communities. Focuses: Hispanic leadership, diversity training, family, youth, farmworkers, Spanish and English languages.

National Alliance to End Homelessness (202)638-1526 - National organization engaging government, corporate, and nonprofit leaders in the development and implementation of comprehensive, pragmatic, research-based strategies to end homelessness in 10 years.

National Association for Public Interest Law (Equal Justice Works) (202)466-3686 - Equal Justice Works - providing a PeaceCorps-like experience for lawyers. We make a difference, linking talented lawyers with the needs of under-served communities and people.

National Coalition for the Homeless (202)462-4822 - Works to end homelessness by ensuring that the poorest Americans have access to affordable housing, comprehensive healthcare, livable incomes, and civil equality.

National Crime Prevention Council (202)466-6272 - The National Crime Prevention Council helps create safer communities through technical assistance, publications, and training featuring McGruff the Crime Dog®. For more information, visit

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (301)447-1365 - Sponsor National Memorial Weekend honoring America's fallen fire heroes. Provide scholarships and emotional support to families. Building National Memorial Park. Working to prevent firefighter deaths.

National Hispana Leadership Institute (703)527-6007 - The country's premier leadership Institute for Hispanic women. It is an intensive executive leadership training and professional development program for Hispanic women and college students.

National Low Income Housing Coalition (202)662-1530 - NLIHC is dedicated solely to ending America's affordable housing crisis. Through advocacy and research, NLIHC seeks safe, decent and affordable housing for everyone.

National Network for Youth, Inc. (202)783-7949 - The National Network for Youth provides advocacy and capacity building, nationally and internationally, for services to over 2.5 million homeless and disconnected youth annually.

National Research Center for Women & Families (National Center for Policy and Research for Women and Families) (202)223-4000 - Advocating for effective programs and policies that improve and protect the health and safety of women, children and families. We provide free help every day.

National Urban League (212)558-5300 - National Urban League provides direct services, programs, advocacy and research empowering people of color and others to enter the nation s economic and social mainstream.

National Urban League (212)558-5300 - National Urban League provides direct services, programs, advocacy and research empowering people of color and others to enter the nation s economic and social mainstream.

NRA Foundation, Inc., The (888)467-2363 -Supports programs within the NRA, law enforcement and other community-based agencies that foster firearms safety and education, constitutional education and wildlife conservation management.

Points of Light Foundation (202)729-8165 - Addresses serious social issues by engaging volunteers in volunteer service and increasing the capacity of volunteer professionals; numerous community initiatives; 350 Volunteer Centers nationwide.

Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) (301)589-6062 AMSAT designs, builds and operates experimental satellites and provides space education. We promote the training and development of satellite and ground system designers and operators.

Rebuilding Together, Inc. (202)483-9083 - Nationwide, volunteer-based home rehabilitation organization that repairs homes for free owned by low-income elderly, disabled, families with children, keeping them safe, warm, dry.

StandUp Parenting, Inc. (ToughLove International) (215)853-2609 - StandUp Parenting, Inc. supports parents in developing responsible children by providing community outreach that offers alternative strategies and practical solutions.

United Way of America (703)836-7100 - Improving people's lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities, through the building of partnerships forgoing consensus and leveraging resources to make a difference.

Youth for Understanding USA, Inc. (240)235-2100 - Youth For Understanding USA offers homestay international exchange programs for high school students and volunteer opportunities to Americans interested in hosting an exchange student.

Adoption Exchange (800)451-5246 - Thousands of abused, abandoned and neglected American children need adoptive families. Americans here and abroad will adopt them if you help us make the connections.

Alliance for Children & Families (800)221-3726 -Fostering strong children, families and communities through values-driven social services provided by 350+ nonprofits to vulnerable children and families in 6,800 communities.

BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc. (925)687-7701 - "Poverty is no hindrance now that we have books." Helping American schoolchildren share their books with students worldwide, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

Boys Hope Girls Hope (877)878-HOPE - Help children-in-need meet their potential by providing HOPE: Home, Opportunities, Parenting and Education through college.

CASA - Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children (National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association) (800)628-3233 - Protecting 280,000+ severely abused, neglected children nationwide. Help CASA
volunteers find children safe, permanent homes and turn a life of hurt into one of hope.

Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (818)980-0903 - Putting children first. Helping parents and communities raise children effectively and peacefully. Providing multicultural parenting education and materials nationwide. Helping parents understand special needs children. 6.1%

Child Art Foundation, International (International Child Art Foundation) (202)530-1000 - Employing the arts to develop bonds of trust/understanding between American children and the children of the world. Nurturing creativity as a catalyst for peace.

Child Concern and Care Fund (909)793-2009 - A respected, proven, cost-efficient charity providing food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine to hurting children. You can make a difference. Bring hope to a child.

Child Rescue International (Mission without Borders) (800)245-9191 - Abused, abandoned children receive practical compassion through personal deliveries of food, clothing, and medicines. Self-sufficiency is the goal of our future focused vocational training.

Child Welfare League of America (202)638-2952 - CWLA's nearly 1,000 member agencies reach 9 million children in need every year. We strengthen families, protect children, and help them reach their dreams.

Children Awaiting Parents (888)835-8802 - Unites abandoned, abused and neglected special needs children with loving, adoptive families. Introduces children to families through national programs including child's photo and life story.

Children of the Night (800)551-1300 - Rescues America's children from prostitution. Includes 24 hour nationwide hotline and shelter home featuring an on-site school. Available to children from all over the U.S.

Children's Angel Flight (800)747-0925 - We're dedicated to child patients. Your gift makes air transportation possible for children requiring travel to distant diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or rehabilitation.

Children's Defense Fund (202)628-8787 - A strong voice for children who cannot speak for themselves. CDF encourages
prevention before children get sick, drop out of school, or suffer family breakdown.

Children's Emergency Relief International -Emergency aid to orphans and homeless children living in extremely impoverished conditions. Your gift allows us to care for thousands of deserving boys and girls.

Children's Fire & Burn Fund (National S.A.F.E. Home Foundation) (800)877-1250 - Reducing preventable death and injury to children by providing free smoke alarms and fire prevention education. Special attention given to disadvantaged children and families.

Children's Fund (877)OK4-KIDS - Supports grassroots education and health projects for children, youth and families. Promotes creative solutions that address gaps in services in the U.S. and internationally.

Children's Miracle Network (Osmond Foundation for the Children of the World) (801)278-8900 Your entire donation saves children's lives by helping local participating children's hospitals provide state-of-the-art care, lifesaving research and preventative education for millions of kids.

Dads & Daughters (218)722-3942 - DADs inspires fathers to actively and deeply engage in the lives of their daughters and galvanizes them to transform the pervasive cultural messages devaluing girls.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC Corp) (763)504-2919 - Saving the world's starving children with millions of nutritious meals packaged by American youth for shipment worldwide. Each life-giving meal costs just 17 cents.

Feeding America's Hungry Children (602)241-2873 - American children need you. Our volunteers provide for the desperate food needs of thousands of hungry, impoverished children right here in America. Please help.

Food Research and Action Center (202)986-2200 - We help American families, communities and schools fight hunger. Our nationwide Campaign to End Childhood Hunger fosters policies and practices that feed millions of children.

Golden Cradle Adoption Services (800)327-2229 - We serve birthparents facing unplanned pregnancies and prospective adoptive parents. Our prenatal medical care, housing, and counseling insure each baby we serve a healthy start.

KidsPeace National Centers For Kids In Crisis (610)799-8313 - Provides healing for children in emotional crisis; hope for America's kids and families. Education, prevention, therapeutic foster care, residential treatment, children's hospital. Give Kids Peace!

Masonic Foundation for Children (800)35-MASON - Preventing addiction before it takes hold, our school-based programs help thousands of children lead productive, useful, healthy lives. With your help, we'll reach many more.

National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. (888)575-7373 - Ensuring that all children are routinely screened for learning disabilities so they have every opportunity to succeed in school and life. Early intervention is essential.

National Center for Youth Law (510)835-8098 - Children suffering from poverty need our help. By providing free legal services we ensure access to safety, shelter, healthcare and hope for a better future.

National Mentoring Partnership (703)224-2200 - We connect children with adult mentors from businesses, schools, public service and faith-based organizations. Result: Both reach their full potential.

National Mentoring Partnership (703)224-2200 - We connect children with adult mentors from businesses, schools, public service and faith-based organizations. Result: Both reach their full potential.

Reach Out and Read (617)629-8042 -Pediatricians give books to young children at checkups, and explain to parents the importance of reading aloud, emphasizing literacy as a component of basic health.

Shriners Hospitals for Children (800)241-4438 - Shriners Hospitals for Children provides free orthopaedic and burn injury care to children in need. More than 735,000 children have been helped since 1922.

Spaulding for Children (248)443-7080 - An adoption service for abused and neglected children, Spaulding finds permanent loving families and trains adoptive parents and professionals in special skills to help healing.

Toys For Tots Foundation (703)640-9433 -Brighten a child's face on Christmas morning. Help the Marines provide a treasured gift and a cherished memory for millions of our nation's neediest children.

Youth Leaders for the Future, A Legacy Initiative (Institute For Practical Idealism) (540)297-5982 - Youths learn to create projects, resolve conflict, understand cultural differences. As young leaders, they bring skills home to their communities and become responsible global citizens.

The Arts Federation and Member Organizations

Arts Federation, The (202)716-5000 - The arts bring joy and meaning to us all. Help support American arts and arts education organizations, whether young or well-established, in every creative discipline.

Acting Company, The (212)258-3111 - Brings the finest theater and arts education to communities across America, especially where access to live performance is limited or unavailable. Honored by 2003 Tony's.

Ballet Hispanico of New York (212)362-6710 - Inspired by classical and contemporary Spanish and Latin rhythms. Nationwide educational programs use dance to build self-esteem, increase cultural awareness and improve social mobility.

Child's Play Touring Theatre (773)235-8911 - We help kids write plays, and then we perform them. On nationwide tours, we work with children in schools, nurturing the next generation of playwrights.

Denver Center for the Performing Arts (303)893-4000 - Our critically acclaimed productions showcase the best on stage. We also support new plays, nuture new playwrights and train young actors from across the U. S.

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum (312)738-1503 - Largest Latino cultural organization in the U.S., MFACM offers arts exhibitions, performances, arts education in local schools, and an award-winning youth radio station.

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum (312)738-1503 - Largest Latino cultural organization in the U.S., MFACM offers arts exhibitions, performances, arts education in local schools, and an award-winning youth radio station.

New England Conservatory of Music (617)585-1151 - Advocates for music's role in American society by providing exceptional music instruction and working to integrate music into the curriculum of public schools.

Oberlin Dance Collective (415)863-6606 - Internationally recognized for dance programs of extraordinary athleticism, passion and intellectual depth. Works with youth to promote dance as a cultural expression of modern life.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company (312)335-1888 - Supports programs in acting, directing, playwriting, filmmaking, and textual adaptation and provides community outreach and education programs for theater amateurs, professionals and audiences.

Young Audiences, Inc. (212)831-8110 - We bring the arts to children even as schools cut arts budgets. We also are a professional development resource for teachers and artists.

America's Charities Federation and Member Organizations

America's Second Harvest (800)771-2303 - Nation's largest domestic hunger relief organization, annually securing and distributing groceries to 23.3 million Americans in need. Our goal is to end hunger in America.

Dress for Success Worldwide (212)532-1922 - Provides free professional suits, job-retention programs and career coaching to low-income women around the world who are attempting to enter and succeed in the workplace.

LULAC National Educational Service Centers (202)835-9646 - LNESC provides the highest quality educational opportunities that empower Hispanics to maximize their personal and educational potential to become lifelong learners and leaders.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (202)737-3400 To generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers.

SECME, Inc. (404)894-3314 - Among the largest pre-college (K-12) programs dedicated to increasing numbers of historically underrepresented, geographically under-served and differently-abled students in science technology, engineering and mathematics.

Health & Medical Research Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations

Homes that Help and Heal (National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses) (800)542-9730 - Member houses provide free/low cost accommodations for families/patients during medical treatment in a distant city. A cost effective alternative to hotel/motel starys.

Mercy Medical Airlift (888)675-1405 - Flying the sick and injured to medical care. A national charitable organization providing air transportation to children, parents and grandparents in medical and financial crisis.

Hispanic United Fund Federation and Member Organizations

Hispanic United Fund (800)696-5941 - The voice of America's Hispanic Heritage and Latino charities, working together to build stronger communities and brighter futures for our families and our neighbors worldwide.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (210)692-3805 - HACU champions the success of Hispanics in higher education by providing internship, scholarship, conference, and leadership development opportunities through its member colleges and universities.

Hispanic Children's Education Fund (Casa de Sara) (865)690-3323 - Give children an education and you give them a future. Give children a future and you have changed the future of the world.

Hispanic National Bar Foundation (301)942-7400- Awards scholarships to disadvantaged law students, promotes Hispanic success in law, and provides education seminars and workshops regarding current issues involving Hispanics in the law.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (877)HSF-INFO - The nation's leading Hispanic scholarship-granting organization, HSF is committed to advancing the college education among Hispanic Americans and doubling the rate of college graduates.

MANA, A National Latina Organization (Mexican American Women's National Association) (202)833-0060 Grassroots organization empowers Latinas through leadership development, community service, and advocacy. Premier National HERMANITAS® Mentoring Program for adolescent Latinas and AvanZamos® Adult Leadership Training Program.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (213)629-2512 - National civil rights organization founded in 1968 in order to promote and protect the rights of the over 43 million Latinos living in the U.S.

National Latina Health Organization (510)534-1362 - Working towards bilingual access to quality health care through self-empowerment, educational programs, health advocacy, outreach and developing public policy specifically aimed at Latinas.

Medical Research Charities Federation and Member Organizations

Alliance to Save Energy (202)857-0666 - Promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, cleaner environment, and greater energy security. The quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to extend global energy supplies.

American Solar Energy Society (303)443-3130 -Educates consumers, professionals, and policy makers about the environmental and economic benefits of deploying renewable energy technologies. Organizes the National Solar Tour every October.

American Solar Energy Society (303)443-3130 -Educates consumers, professionals, and policy makers about the environmental and economic benefits of deploying renewable energy technologies. Organizes the National Solar Tour every October.

Green Empowerment (503)284-5774 - Light up someone's life! Bring renewable energy to poor, isolated communities in developing countries. Protect natural resources, expand forest reserves, and prevent global warming.

Solar Electric Light Fund (202)234-7265 EIN#52-1701564 - SELF brings solar power and wireless communications to the developing world- enhancing healthcare, education, small businesses, water pumping and purification, all while combating global warming!

Sports Charities USA Federation and Member Organizations

National Alliance for Youth Sports (800)729-2057 Improves out-of-school youth sports through national programs that train volunteer coaches, administrators, officials, and parents and youth programs that provide a positive introduction to sports.

Right To Play (Sports Humanitarian Group) (416)498-1922 - America's top athletes support every child's right to play. We bring sport and play to disadvantaged children throughout the world enhancing child and community development.

Soccer In The Streets (678)993-2113 - Soccer teaches at-risk kids the power of athletic participation to better themselves and build strong communities, kicking crime and drugs off their streets.

USA Boxing (United States of America Amateur Boxing Federation) (719)866-4506 - Fueling Olympic aspirations from the grassroots level on up, amateur boxing enthusiasts are trained in sport and life skills. Competition opportunities are provided for all.

USA Volleyball (United States Volleyball Association) (719)228-6800 - As national governing body we are America's volleyball headquarters, teaching athletic skills/competitive success while growing the sport in your neighborhood and around the U.S.

Children First - America's Charities Federation and Member Organizations

Children First - America's Charities (800)458-9505 - Working today for better tomorrows. Addressing needs of children and their families in communities across the nation and around the world through member charity services.

"I Have a Dream"® Foundation (212)293-5480 - Provides long-term personal support and guidance to children from low-income communities from their elementary through high school years, with an assured college or vocational opportunity.

Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF) (877)RIF-READ Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) provides free books for children across America to choose and keep. By promoting a love of books, RIF encourages children's literacy.

STANDUP FOR KIDS (800)365-4KID - "On-the-street" organization that rescues homeless and at-risk youth through outreach, counseling, education, services in housing, health, and basic life needs and a sincere, caring attitude.

Teach For America (800)832-1230 The national corps of outstanding recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in public schools and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity.

Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc. (888)TWF-KIDZ - Helping all children build values, characteristics and attitudes to reach their goals, TWF initiates and supports programs that enhance their learning, growth and development.

Educate America! The Education, School Support and Scholarship Funds Coalition Federation and Member Organizations

Educate America! The Education, School Support and Scholarship Funds Coalition (800)626-7094 - Your gift will be shared among America's finest educational opportunity charities, dedicated to making our children and young people the best educated in the world.

American Architectural Foundation (202)626-7318 - Educating leaders and engaging citizens to transform their communities through the power of architecture, including a special project to revitalize America's schools.

Americans for Libraries Council (646)336-6236 - Your gift helps libraries strengthen new programming for families, youth and seniors, and advocate for libraries as key assets for literacy and centers for learning.

Children's Scholarship Fund (212)515-7100 - Encourage a brilliant child to learn and grow before college. We provide deserving, enthusiastic, intelligent low-income children with scholarships to private and parochial elementary schools.

Dollars for Scholars (Scholarship America) (800)279-2083 - Make a difference, change a life! More than financial aid, we also connect students and parents with mentoring and tutoring programs. We build strong communities.

Friends of Libraries USA (800)9FOLUSA Help give the gift of life long learning. We develop local support to maintain modern, resource rich, well-staffed neighborhood libraries in your community.

MATHCOUNTS Foundation (703)684-2850 - Increasing enthusiasm for and enhancing achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States.

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation (818)784-6787 - We support music education and its many benefits by providing new and refurbished musical instruments to underserved K-12 school and community music programs nationwide.

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (914)539-4010 - Provides leadership for the national effort to increase the representation of African Americans, American Indians, and Latinos in engineering and technology, math, and science careers.

National Center for Family Literacy (877)326-5481 - Provides educational and economic opportunity through family literacy programs for at-risk children and parents. We will continue to expand and improve family literacy services.

NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (202)822-7840 - The NEA Foundation empowers public education employees to innovate, take risks, and become agents for change to improve teaching and learning in our society.

Parents as Teachers National Center (866)PAT-4YOU - Providing free, early childhood development, parent education, and family support programs serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten. Available in all 50 states.

ProLiteracy Worldwide (888)528-2224 - Literacy volunteers empowering adults and families with the reading, writing, math, technology and problem-solving skills they need to improve their lives and communities.

Rolling Readers USA (800)390-READ - We develop lifelong, successful readers by providing disadvantaged children with effective reading program services, tutoring, and book distribution.

Science Olympiad (248)651-4013 - Encourages all students (especially female and minority students) to participate in academic events at tournaments designed to promote career interest in science, mathematics, and technology.

Street Schools for At-Risk Youth (877)981-7700 - Changing life outcomes of at-risk kids by developing and supporting a network of faith-based schools serving at-risk kids who need a second chance.

Christian Charities USA Federation and Member Organizations

Angel Flight Samaritans (800)296-3797 - Cancer. Help win the battle! Your gift provides no or low cost air transportation for needy patients requiring distant, specialized, and often lifesaving treatment.

Habitat for Humanity International (800)422-4828 Christian housing ministry working to end poverty by partnering with families in need to build affordable homes - more than 175,000 worldwide.

USO (United Service Organization), Inc. Federation

Community Health Charities Federation and Member Organizations

Community Health Charities (800)654-0845 - Nationwide partnership of America's premiere voluntary health organizations providing medical research, patient, family and social services and public and professional education in your community.

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