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Moses Was a Right-Wing Conservative
By John L. Plough
Paperback - 148 pages (March 2001)

Writers Club Press/; ISBN: 0595176356 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.41 x 8.99 x 6.00
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Review by William  A.  Spriggs,  Sept. 3,  2001

In my attempt to understand biological origins behind mass organized groups that motivate and lead their members to commit discrimination in one form or another, I have begun to investigate the cultural memes at the lowest entry level possible of one particular movement. The theory, of course, is that if one isolates and identifies negative behaviors in one group, and these behaviors are identified in other groups, then universals are found. Then hopefully, findings will be published, which will instigate policy changes for the betterment of humankind. The process of science effecting political changes is not new but it is extremely slow. Hopefully, with the advent of the internet, the process will accelerate.

I have begun my studies of the American conservative movement, and in particular the "conservative male mind" where I intend to focus my essay endeavors in 2002. I have begun my studies with the book Moses was a Right-Wing Conservative. I selected this book solely by its title, linking religion with the language of American politics; something that religious leaders seeking federal funds for faith-based assistance programs adamantly deny is their goal.

The author of this book, is a one John L. Plough who obviously is a foot-soldier for the "religious far right"; from reading the book one can gather that he is most likely a high school graduate with the possibility of some college education. (but I can't confirm that). His book cover biography tells us that he is a biblical scholar and is the author of several books. The cover also says that he has a cable TV show in Los Angeles, however, after repeated searches, I could not find this "TV personality" listed anywhere; also, there is no record of any other books listed with As I will point out to readers using some quotes from the book, I have placed several "[sic]" notations to duplicate exactly the text, emphasizing that the book was not edited. This is not done to ridicule Mr. Plough as poorly educated, nor his eagerness to rush to publication, but to point out to my colleagues the origin of the text as truly coming from a foot-soldier of this movement. One can not come away from this book without acknowledging Mr. Plough's dedication to his cause and his unswerving beliefs, and in doing so, honor his dedication to that cause.

The book was written in the year 2000; most likely the period of time immediately after the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and during the political campaign for the American Presidency as rhetoric was heating up. Throughout the book we are repeatedly given examples of 'immoral leadership' which threatens our nation as a whole, and as such, the names Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and liberalism are constantly grouped together.

The theme that is constant throughout the book is that without the moral compass that was established by the OLD time religious Judo-Christian views established by Moses, (his view) America is doomed to be lead away from his god toward the devil. I include five quotes as study guides without comment. The other constant I noticed is the 'male as captain of the ship' theme, without whose leadership, ships would have no direction and soon navigate upon "immoral" rocks and be destroyed.

[Moses] being a Conservative based his opinions and actions on facts, the Pharaoh however being a Liberal based his opinions and actions on emotions. The Liberals coined the phrase "If it feels good, do it" implying that one should follow their feelings, with a lack of regard for facts. The Pharaoh being a classic Liberal, probably a Democrat, did just that. p. 9

This is a good place to mention that people, without Moral/Conservative leadership, will quickly fall into fear, laziness and Liberalism. Crowds are in general Liberal, the simple fact that most people want to fit in with the group, will keep them from expressing their Conservative views. Conservative views are always right, but seldom popular. This lack of popularity with Conservatism, explains why most great powers that grew under Conservative ideals, eventually fell apart as amoral Liberalism invaded the thoughts of the crowd. Even if the majority of the people hold to "moral Conservatism", Liberalism will flourish if the Conservatives are afraid to speak out. we saw this phenomenon with Rome and we are currently living the same." p. 13

Conservatives are not always right...Conservatism is always right. The mistakes of a conservative do not come from the science of Conservatism, but rather from and the Conservative bowing to a Liberal idea...Moral conservatism stems from the Bible, which has always proved scientifically correct (de-emphasis mine). The errors that Conservative make, only happen when they ignore Biblical teaching and cow-tow [sic] to the Stanic-Philospophied [sic] Liberals. p. 14

When a man is impressed by a woman who is a pagan, she is more likely to pull him away from GOD, than he is to pull her to GOD. We mentioned before that men think with their pricks, since women in general control the pleasing of the prick, they have more power in influencing their man, especially if he's a liberal. This rule has been universally proved though out history. p. 29.

It is a very Conservative idea indeed to have the people instructed in the law. By knowing the law, a person can be held accountable for breaking it, and if a person does know the law, perhaps they will be less inclined to break it. Liberals like to keep people dumb. The dumber people are the easier it is to control them. By destroying our schools the Liberal NEA has taken away the ability for the common person to know the law. If people cannot learn the law because they are too ignorant to understand it, then the power can stay with the educated few, who happen to be Liberals. p. 121.

This book is not recommended for anyone except evolutionary psychologists searching for the male biological behavior link leading to politics.

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