FAQs about Evolutionary Feminism

Q: Are there any core beliefs in evolutionary feminism that are starting to emerge?

Please note: The below was written before September 7th, 2009

A: yes,
That, in the beginning, it was the female, through sexual selection, that changed the direction of our ancestral primates, the chimpanzees, on a path toward a less violent, and thus, more humane behavior. The major core belief is that human female ancestors started the human species through choice.

Instead of natural selection - the hard, evolutionary force that molds the physical developments of mammals - like available sunlight, wind, rain, drought - in other words, the local environment at a particular location on the planet which produced the brutish behavior of the male, the "modern" female decided that the male she would select would have the soft evolutionary forces such as charm, wit in conversation, perceptions, cognition, memories, and social skills - things that are not necessary for "survival of the fittest." This is Darwin's theory of Sexual Selection.

The short version? That Woman Created Man. In other words, it was "female choice" that your female ancestor decided that she no longer wanted to be "man-handled" in the brutish mannerism found in some chimpanzee cultures. This in turn, gives the political belief of "pro-choice" a biological underpinning and gives it greater importance.

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