William A. Spriggs, August 14th, 2003

Updated, August 2nd, 2009

Please be advised that this entire essay has been written in the 3rd person, masculine.

In was written by a male, and targeted for the readership of other males -- in particular, liberal and progressive males who consider themselves political junkies.

The reason that I took this approach was because the science of human nature and modern politics have not yet begun to merge. In fact, modern politics has only just begun to receive bits and pieces of the evolutionary perspective on human behavior and the subject is only now being discussed in non-public salons. (Update: August, 2009 -- Check out this website about the new TV series Lie to Me -- Yes, Looks Do Matter ). And, of course, the sad fact that American politics is dominated by the male gender was another consideration I made to write exclusively in the masculine.

As a male corresponding directly to another male, I could transform the everyday innate and outward emotions, masculine body languages, thoughts, and body language more effectively because the political male on the receiving end of this essay is already embedded in the same world and can relate more directly.

This does not mean that you are excluded or requested not to read the piece -- heavens no, it was also written this way, so that you, as an outside female reader, could gain a greater overview perspective, and hopefully, a better understanding of the entire message; I have given you the forest, while I have given the males the trees. . I want you to take the view of a scientist studying a microbe under the lens of a microscope, and you, with your vast, nurturing intellect, report back to the world what you see.

You see my dear sister, I am a Evolutionary Feminist. This is someone in the evolutionary community that believes that the female is more in control of the evolutionary selection process than previously thought. In fact, the purest amongst this group believe that the female created, or forced, the split between the Chimpanzee and Human species some five million years ago, and has always been in control. Not an easy fact to prove, considering that no one was around then to record the event.

But look around you today sister, and look at the forest. You will find that more or you -- in America -- are in higher education than males, and soon that will translate into more females moving into political offices. Also, you will see that (as a percentage of total populations) fewer males are engaged in violent combat (look at the numbers -- not the TV). The reason is simple: you no longer need the violent male that you once needed at the beginning of our human voyage to protect your children as you once did. It was you that created man, not woman made from man. You created man to do the "dirty work" to advance the species. But you still have a lot to learn before you fulfill your destiny; and that means learning this evolutionary perspective.

Before you begin your voyage into the knowledge found in the evolutionary microscope of human behavior, remember this. That the men will listen if you present convincing arguments based on evidence and not emotional appeal. They will listen, because they always have.

Now, go out there and change things for the betterment of all the children -- and not just the ones in gated and exclusive communities. And before you leave, remember this:

Only two species of mammals have ever been observed to form aggressive coalitions against other members of their own species: Chimpanzees and humans. The male of our species has recurrently engaged in warfare over recorded human history, whereas, there is not a single documented case of women forming same-sex coalitions to go to war. D. Buss quoting Tooby and Cosmides (The evolution of war and its cognitive foundations. Institute for Evolutionary Studies, Technical Report#88-1, 1988)

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