Notebook Entries, December 2002

December 11, 2002

Well, the election results for the 7th Congressional District were announced today. 

That is a difference of 121 votes, or -- are you ready for this? -- .0007% difference.

I sent an email to Mike saying that he should run again.  This man is too good to waste.

December 7th, 2002. 

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor here in the USA.  This, of course, recalls the sneak attack by Japan's military against the America's Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It also recalls the World Trade Center of September 2001 and the underlining similarities of both attacks: there were by fundamentalists who saw the mere presence of  our American culture as a danger.  One could argue that one was sponsored by the military and the other by a religious group, but if we peel away the layers we find the universals; attack and destroy in order to gain an advantage. This apparent aggressive  need to reach out and attack and destroy someone else's territory brings us back to the question: was it like that in our ancestral past? Most likely it was, and to reach a planet where peace reigns and is accepted we all have to solve this  major problem: How do we defuse the  militant warrior mind from reaching out and destroying good decent peoples everywhere?  Do we do it in an aggressive military manner through tough talk and imminent military threats, like the current U.S. course of action against Iraq?  Or do we attempt to find the universals that motivate these aggressive mannerisms in the first place and learn to deflect them into positive actions?. After all, Japan, China, and Russia, were all our "sworn" enemies at one time, now they have the potential to become our best customers of our products.  War is not about who is right -- just who is left.
*    *   *
It is also my Dad's Birthday.  Here is 91 today and is relaxing comfortably in an assisted living home in Pennsylvania.