Notebook Entries, January 2003

Notebook entries, January 28, 2003.

I'm still in a learning curve with the Dreamweaver software editing of this web site. It is much more complex than Front Page and there are
fewer toolbars in which to guide you. For example, the simple placement of a background color on a web page, or the transfer of a book cover photo from the Amazon.com web site to this server is confusing and has me momentarily stumped. . However, at one time, I thought that tying my shoelaces was pretty tough too. Hopefully, with time, things will settle down.

On another front, I am continuing to advance my network of friends in the real world by advancing my political ideas to my Jeffco Dem colleagues. So far, the response has not been positive. I may have to concentrate my efforts in the city of Denver which is more liberal and progressive in its politics.

I also have just competed a new book review. It has nothing to do with Evolution except on the primal level. It has to do with politics. And as you know, here in America, it can get pretty darn primal with all the "mud slinging." Just click on the book review link directly below.

book review

Notebook entries, January 12, 2003

To my regular readers. I have switched hosts. This means that the company that hosts my web site is different than the one that I had in
2002. I also have changed the editing software that I must use with creating the pages that you see before, and that means that I am in a learning curve situation.

I also have focusing on my day job with the requirements of the new year and route inspections, and to top all of that, my back is giving me consider problems. (Like I may have to file for workman's compensation.

My local political connections are starting to catch fire, and I anticipate that I will be called on more and more to participate more. I consider these events important because I can easily insert evolutionary psychology to the local political discourse. Piece of Cake.

All of these items are pulling away from my studies and are reducing my notebook entries.

So, my notebook entries will be far and few between now and the end of July. We will see what happens after that.