Notebook entry, June 29, 2000

From the Time magazine issue, July 3rd, 2000 one finds an interesting index page. If one looks under the heading of "WORLD" one finds the page listing for a story of "The Challenger Who Won't Quit." What is interesting is the wording: "The Hulking '"Marlboro Man"' of Mexican politics just might steal the presidency from the long-entrenched P.R.I.  And in the aside, listed on page 40: "The P.R.I.'s guy still has all the resources."  Both references seem somewhat closely tied to my Evolutionary Snippets" of the Able Man Profile, that I wrote sometime back in March of 1999, when it was tilted the "Marlboro Man Complex." And of course, we all know that evolutionary psychology is all about "the resources."  

If you go to the article on page 38, you will see a vertical fold-out like photo coverage of Vicente Fox, the strapping 6'5" challenger to the entrenched P.R.I, Mexican ruling party for the past 71 years. It basically is a blue-print out of a "Bionic" male and all the reason that one should vote for this upstart.  Is Time magazine about ready to say that the tallest of the two candidates will win the election?  Errrr, if there is no election fraud?

If you would like to read my Evolutionary Snippet on the Alpha Male Profile, and what it may hold for our own American election, please click here

Notebook entry, June 27, 2000

Well, they finally did it. Yesterday, two groups announced that they have translated the chemical book of life of the human genome.  Dr. J. Craig Venter, president of Celera Genomics, and Dr. francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute made the announcement during a ceremony at the White House.

To quote, Nicholas Wade of The New York Times, regarding the significance of the announcement: "Understanding the human genome is expected to revolutionize the practice of medicine.  Biologists expect in time to develop an array of diagnostics and treatments based on the genome and tailored to individual patients, some of which will exploit the body's own mechanisms of self-repair. The knowledge in the genome could also be used in harmful ways, particularly in revealing patients' disposition to disease if their privacy is not safeguarded, and in provoking discrimination."

"Today we are learning the language in which God created life," said President Clinton at the ceremony.

Notebook entry, June 15, 2000

On Sunday, June 11, 2000 an incident in Central Park of New York City shocked much of the nation for its brash disrespect of the female.  I am talking about the groping and stripping naked of women after the Puerto Rican day parade.  In my first book, Man in the Mist, I have devoted a small section on the display features of the primate female and the male frenzy that such a mechanisms would cause.  I blended the New York City incident with the primate display features to give an evolutionary perspective to my writing on the subject. Below, is two paragraphs from the unedited section of the book.

Those of you who have studied primates know that female chimpanzees and bonobos of the old world display a bright pink to red fluid-filled angogential sack on both sides of the vagina that signals peak fecundity. This advertisement of sexual availability creates a high level of sexual excitement amongst the males, which leads to competitive behaviors to seek the copulatory prize. To get a perspective on the type of sexual frenzy we are talking about, we just have to look at recent current events which occurred on June 11, 2000, as the Puerto Rican Day celebration that was held in Central Park, New York City, turned very ugly as more than 50 women were groped and stripped naked by roving bands of young males. The incident was aggravated by the police who stood by and did nothing when asked for help by some of the victims.

The Puerto Rican parade had developed a reputation as a great place for young men to come and watch women as they dressed very lightly and would douse themselves with water to remain cool. The weather on this day was very warm, and many of the females were dressed appropriately for the social and cultural norms of the place and time; meaning, shorts and halter tops were plentiful, showing much naked skin. Eye-witness accounts have the riot starting as a sort of mutual teasing by the males and well-wished for attention by the females for displaying their physical features made more focused by tight-clinging, wet clothing; cheers of appreciation can do wonders for a woman's self-esteem. As if encouraged by the positive attention shown by the females, the male groupings became more aggressive as the males thought perhaps that there would be the possibility of sexual fulfillment; it is here that the flow of sexual frenzy within the male groups overcame the normality of restraint that our modern culture expects of our behaviors. Sex is a powerful and fluid force, and when accompanied by group encouragement, can turn ugly.

Notebook entry, June 8, 2000

There is a shortage of people at my day job and I am working overtime up the butt.  My last paycheck had 37 hours of overtime in the last two week period.  It's hard, physical, but honest work.  No place for your brain, but reliance on brawn.  But, at my age, its mostly aches and sore muscles.  I sometimes use a mild dose of muscle relaxant to help me sleep at night because of the added stress. The good news is that I have more available money to promote and publish my first book later this year. The bad news is that I have less time available to devote to my second re-write of the book, or to make notebook entries such as this one.  I really don't have much choice in the matter as most of the overtime is mandated.  That is, ordered by management to work.  Might as well be in the cotton fields with the sound of the whip in the distance.

Notebook entry, June 6, 2000

In an Associated Press newswire, comes this story: The Supreme Court took action this week refusing to let a public school district require that the teaching of evolution be accompanied by a disclaimer mentioning the "the biblical version of creation" and other teachings on life's origin.  The justices, on a 6-3 vote, let stand rulings that said a Louisiana school board's policy violated the separation of government and religion.