Notebook entry, Oct 25, 02

Speaking of politics.  Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash today.  A great liberal voice has been silenced. Liberals are now almost extinct.  What is the good cause to do?  I have some ideas, and plan to float them to my new found Democratic friends at the local level here in preparations for 2004. Sorry, that I can not share those ideas at this time.

Notebook entry, Oct 24, 02

I just finished the book Darwinian Politics and have begun to write the review.  I meet the author, professor Paul Rubin, this past summer at the HBES (Human Behavior & Evolution Society) conference and asked if he would send me a copy of his book for review.  He did.  The review should be up by Sunday, the 27th.

Notebook entry, Oct 13, 02

Mike Feeley, the candidate that I have been supporting, has received the endorsement of The Denver Post.  Along with several smaller daily newspapers within the new Congressional District, that is a strong showing.  The campaign has turned ugly with negative ads on both sides in television and mail material.  Both sides engage in this particular form of campaigning because "it works."  I don't really believe that for a moment, but past experiences do indicate that it "energizes" both parties base voters.  That's the good news, but bad news is that it turns many in the middle completely off. I believe that it does more harm than good in the long run, but if one does not respond in like kind, the other candidate looks like a "Wuz.," (closest thing that means is "pussy": a physically weak female) as the editor of the editorial page in The Denver Post called it.  So we still have the "physical" battle left over from our ancestral past as each side does "battle" to win the votes of the people to be allow to represent them and their interests at a higher level.

Notebook entry, Oct 8, 2002

Erica Goode, science writer for The New York Times has a nice piece today, titled: Jealous? Maybe It's Genetic.  Maybe Not.  It seems new research is challageing the theory advanced by David Buss and others that females and males approach the emotions of jealously in different ways.  A new paper asserts that, rather than representing a hard-wired psychological mechanism for promoting reproduction, jealousy could have evolved in each sex for some more general purpose --like protecting social bonds in a very social species.

Notebook entry, Oct 4, 02

Once again Maureen Down of The New York Times has used the biological inference to national politics.  An column dated October 2, 2002 and received this morning via email carried the title: Can Hillary Upgrade? Here is the opening sentence: "Watching Robert Torricelli mist and mewl, as he was torn from the bosom of the Senate, gave me new pause over that old question: "Are men biologically suited to hold political office and leadership positions?"  The column then went on to attack various "wimpy" behavior by other leading politicians and even included the Dow Industrials..."the ultimate measure of macho capitalism, going all fluttery-jittery at the prospect of battle:..." She then went on to finish the scenario of Hillary Clinton running and winning the Presidency in 2008.

I say why not.  Let's give the women a change to run the show...while we lions sit back and wait for the reproductive call. If you need a name....it's called Matrilineal.

Notebook entry, Oct 1 & 2. 

Diana and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday phone banking for Mike Feeley.  We were calling independent voters and giving a little spiel about the future Congressman for the new 7th Congressional district.  Not fun, but most interesting.  I may wave a sign or two at busy intersections next week, but we shall see. Within a few days the absentee ballots will be mailed out and already the local news airwaves are filled with political ads.  It will get more intense as the weeks progress.  I can see how some people can get pumped up on this sort of thing....it is sort of a battle of wits and wills....and some people take it way too seriously.