Notebook Entries, Sept. 2002

Notebook entry, September 27, 2002

For those of you who follow world events, the dialogue concerning the invasion of Iraq is heating up and is a very important subject in the press, and that includes columnist, who are famous for their own particular viewpoints, be they liberal or conservative. Of particular interest concerning the growth of the evolutionary perspective on political happenings and cultural events is the work of The New York Times'  Maureen Dowd.. In the Sept. 26, 2002 issue of The Denver Post, p. 11B, I found her column: "No more brats on their menus!.  Let me quote paragraph four and five:

"I used to think the Bush hawks suffered from testosterone poisoning, always throwing sharp elbows and cartoonishly chesty my-way-or-the-highway talk around the world, when a less belligerent tone would be classier and more effective.

"But now we have the spectacle of the 70-year-old Rummy acting like a 16-year-old Heather, vixen-slapping those lower in the global hierarchy, trying to dominate and silence the beta countries with less money and fewer designer weapons."

What is happening is that evolutionary psychology is slowly creeping into the American cognitive process. Here, she is mentioning Alpha and Beta personas, and hierarchies.

Get ready people.  Major changes for the better are coming, and they should be felt within the next 20 to 50 years. ......or maybe sooner.....or maybe later....but they are coming.

Notebook entry, September 25th, 2002

Mike Feeley's ads began appearing on television.  So, far, Mike's opponent, Bob Beaubrez (pronounced, Bo-Pray) is taking a civil tone in his own television commercials, but their have been verbal swings in the two debates that have been held.

Notebook entry, September 21, 2002. 

I had a rare Saturday off and spent the morning marching in the "Gateway to Aurora" parade with 7th District Congressional candidate Mike Feeley.  Here is a group photograph just before the start of the parade  Notice that the amount of eligible voters has increased somewhat as compared with the first parade.  See notebook entry, May 27, 2002. My wife Diana is just above the gentleman in the wheelchair.

Notebook entry, September 19, 2002

Busy, busy, busy. I just finished revising the essay/rebuttal to The Denver Post editorial of Sept, 2001 on Slave Reparations.  This time, I put my emotions in the background and began to put some science behind the work.  But the important thing that I want you to note is that the references at the bottom are linked to Amazon.com.  I don't know if this will catch on, but I sense that it will.  It gives common people access in other areas of the world the ability to purchase the works noted in the essay to confirm their own studies.  Hopefully, at the other end, there would be financing available to purchase the books. Any billionaires out there want to contribute to an Amazon.com book purchase plan for the needy?

The updated and revised essay rebuttal can be read at: Slave Reparations Anyone? A Reply.