School Associated Violent Deaths

Here is a list of violent deaths that have occurred since the beginning of the 1995-6 school year.  Of the 126 deaths recorded, 97 have died from gunshot wounds. (77%) The source of the listing is from the National School Safety Center as published in the Denver Post, April 24, 1999.

Please read the original essay that accompained this list:
The Littleton Shootings: The Evolutionary Perspective
Origin: May 10, 1999

Date              School                                                                                   Reason                       Method            Victims

8/29/95         Memorial Middle School, Laredo, Texas                     Unknown                Shooting             1
9/12/95        Cypress Junior High School, Memphis, Tenn             Interpersonal          Shooting             1
9/14/95        Olathe North High School, Olathe, Kan                        Unknown                Shooting             2
9/21/95        Jefferson Middle School, Rochester, N.Y.                      Interpersonal         Stabbing             1
9/30/95        Tavares Middle School, Tavares, Fla                              Unknown               Shooting              1
10/3/95        Gilroy High School, Memphis, Tenn                             Gang-related          Stabbing              1
10/10/95      Marshall Elementary School, St. Louis                           Interpersonal        Beating                 1
10/12/95      Blackville-Hilda High School, Blackville, S.C.             Unknown               Shooting              2
11/2/95        Blue Lake Elementary School, Miami Beach, Fla         Interpersonal         Shooting              1
11/6/95        Treadwell High School, Memphis, Tenn                       Interpersonal         Shooting              1
11/15/95      Richland High School, Lynnville, Tenn                        Unknown               Shooting               2
11/28/95      Thomas A. Edison Voc. and Tech HS, Queens, N.Y.  Robbery                  Shooting               1
12/14/95      Oxon Hill High School, Oxon Hill, Md                         Robbery                  Shooting               1
1/2/96          Girard High School, Girard, Pa                                       Suicide                    Shooting                1
1/19/96        Martha H. Winston Comm School, Wash., D.C.          Accidental               Shooting               1
1/26/96        Manassas High School, Memphis, Tenn                      Unknown                 Shooting               1
1/26/96        East High School, Detroit                                                 Interpersonal          Shooting               1
1/29/96        Tustin High School, Tustin, Calif                                  Unknown                 Stabbing                1
1/30/96        Denby High School, Detroit                                            Unknown                 Stabbing               1
2/2/96          Frontier Junior High School, Moses Lake, Wash        Bully-related           Shooting                3
2/8/96          Mid-Peninsula Ed Ctr, Palo Alto, Calif                         Suicide                      Shooting                1
2/22/96        Jenkins High School, Savannah, Ga                              Interpersonal          Shooting               1
2/29/96        Beaumont High School, St. Louis                                   Unknown                Shooting               2
3/11/96        North Stanley High School, New Longdon, N.C.        Suicide                    Shooting                1
3/25/96        Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Greenbelt, Md                           Interpersonal          Stabbing               1
3/25/96        Mountain Park Baptist Academy, Patterson, Mo         Interpersonal          Stabbing               1
4/11/96        Talladega High School, Talladega, Ala                         Interpersonal           Shooting               1
5/14/96        Bingham Middle School, Taylorsville, Utah                Suicide                       Shooting               1
5/22/96        Colton High School, Cotton, Calif                                 Unknown                   Shooting               1
9/25/96        DeKalb Alternative School, Taylorsville, Utah            Suicide                       Shooting               1
10/2/96        Smedley Elementary School, Philadelphia, Pa            Unknown                  Shooting                2
10/4/96        St. Bernard HS, Playa del Rey, Calif                              Unknown                  Shooting                1
10/9/96        Jacksonville Senior High School, Sherwood, Ark       Interpersonal           Shooting                1
10/13/96      Sumner High School, St. Louis                                        Interpersonal          Shooting                1
11/27/96      Highlands High School, Sacramento, Calif                   Interpersonal          Shooting               1
1/11/97        Crown Heights High School, Brooklyn, N.Y.                Interpersonal          Stabbing               1
1/27/97        Conniston Middle School, West Palm Beach, Fla         Interpersonal          Shooting               1
2/1/97          Webbers Falls High School, Webbers Falls, Oka          Interpersonal          Stabbing               1
2/18/97        Lincoln Elementary School, Ventura, Calif                     Unknown               Unknown              1
2/19/97        Bethel Regional High School, Bethel, Alaska                Bully-related          Shooting               2
2/20/97        First Coast High School, Jacksonville, Fla                       Suicide                    Shooting               1
2/21/97        Concord High School, Concord, N.H.                             Interpersonal          Beating                 1
3/5/97          Bayonne High School, Newark, N.J.                                Interpersonal         Stabbing               1
3/17/97        Pershing High School, Detroit                                            Interpersonal         Shooting               1
3/26/97        Oak Harbor Elementary, Oak Harbor, Wash.                  Sexual Motive       Strangling             1
3/27/97        Sullivan Middle School, Lowell, Mass                             Interpersonal         Beating                  1
4/3/97          Marina del Rey Junior High, Mar Vista Calif                Gang-related           Shooting               1
4/22/97        John Marshall High School, Los Angeles                       Gang-related          Shooting                1
4/28/97        Cumberland Regnl HS, Upper Deerfield Twp, N.J.     Unknown                 Beating                  1
5/14/97        Wide Lake High School, Columbia, Md.                         Accidental                Heart Attack          1
5/16/97        Rio Linda High School, Rio Linda, Calif                        Unknown                 Stabbing               1
6/7/97          Lacy Township High School, Ocean County, N.J.        Unknown                 Unknown             1
9/11/97        Berkeley High School East Campus, Berkeley, Ca       Unknown                 Stabbing               1
9/18/97        Southwest DeKalb High School, Atlanta                        Bully-related           Stabbing               1
9/27/97        Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Jackson Twp, N.J. Sexual Motive         Strangling             1
10/1/97        Pearl High School, Pearl, Miss                                         Unknown                 Shooting               2
10/14/97      Lakeview Centennial HS, Garland, Texas                     Suicide                       Shooting              1
10/14/97      Ruskin High School, Kansas City, Mo                            Interpersonal          Shooting               1
10/20/97      McClymonds High School, Oakland, Calif                   Unknown                  Shooting               1
10/22/97      John Glenn High School, Norwalk, Calif                       Interpersonal           Shooting              2
11/7/97        Ribault High School, Jacksonville, Fla                            Interpersonal           Shooting              1
11/13/97      Creekside Elementary School, Sacramento, Calif         Unknown                  Shooting              1
12/1/97        Heath High School, West Paducah, Ky.                          Bully-related            Shooting              3
12/3/97        Madera High School, Madera, Calif                                Interpersonal            Beating                1
2/12/98        Hoboken High School, Hoboken, N.J.                            Interpersonal            Shooting             2
2/25/98        Reed City High School, Reed City, Mich                        Suicide                       Shooting             1
2/27/98        Marshall High School, Fairfax, Va.                                   Gang-related            Shooting             1
3/9/98          Central Avenue Elementary School, Summit, Wash     Gang-related            Stabbing             1
3/20/98        East Campus Educational Center, Merced, Calif           Gang-related            Stabbing             1
3/24/98        Westside Middle School, Jonesboro, Ark                        Unknown                  Shooting             5
3/30/98        Grey Culbreth Middle School, Chapel Hill, N.C.           Suicide                      Shooting             1
4/24/98        Parker Middle School, Edinboro, Pa                                 Unknown                  Shooting             1
4/28/98        Philadelphia Elementary School, Pomona, Calif            Gang-related            Shooting             2
5/1/98          Public School 18, Buffalo, N.Y.                                           Interpersonal           Shooting             1
5/7/98          King Estates Middle School, Oakland, Calif                   Unknown                  Stabbing              1
5/19/98        Lincoln County High, Fayetteville, Tenn                         Interpersonal           Shooting             1
5/21/98        Thurston High Schook, Springfield, Ore                         Unknown                  Shooting             2
5/21/98        Onalaska High Shcool, Onalaska, Wash                           Suicide                      Shooting             1
5/21/98        Rialto High School, Rialto, Calif                                         Suicide                      Shooting             1
5/27/98        Washington Middle School, Pasadena, Calif                   Gang-related           Shooting             1
5/29/98        Stranahan High jSchool, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla                    Interpersonal          Shooting              2
7/10/98        Burbank High School, Burbank, Caoif                              Interpersonal         Stabbing              1
9/12/98        Herbert Hoover High School, Glendale, Calif                  Interpersonal          Shooting             1
10/5/98        San Juan High School, Sacramento, Calif                          Unknown               Beating                1
10/23/98      Landmark Middle School, Moreno Valley, Calif             Interpersonal         Beating                1
11/2/98        E.T. Booth Middle School, Woodstock, Ga                       Bully-related          Beating                1
11/5/98        Wetumpka Junior High Schook, Wetumpka, Ala           Interpersonal          Stabbing             1
1/1/99          Richland Hills High School, Fort Worth, Texas               Suicide                    Shooting             1
1/8/99          Central High School, Carrollton, Ga                                  Suicide                     Shooting            2
2/11/99        Ombudsman Educational Service Center, Elgin, Ill       Gang-related           Shooting             1
4/20/99        Columbine High School, Littleton, Co.                             Bully-related           Shooting           15

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