FAQs About Evolutionary Feminism

Written in an informal, conversational, masculine elder (aged 63) to feminine younger (primarily mating age) style.
Sorry, guys, It's just easier for me to present it this way.
WASpriggs, January 1, 2008.


Q: What is evolutionary feminism?

Q: What is the difference between Darwinian Feminism and Evolutionary Feminism?

Q: Why would feminists object to Darwin's name being attached to this new pool of knowledge? After all, wasn't he the 'father' of evolutionary thought?

Q: Are there any core bliefs in evolutionary feminism that are starting to emerge?

Q:What evolutionary pressure was behind this shift in pre-human primate behavior?

Q: Is it true that only males of our species go off to war?

Q: If humans evolved from primates, how did the female lose the large, red or pink inflated sac that fills up when the chimpanzee females are in estrus? I think another term for this is called, "hidden ovulation."

Q: What is the Maddonna/Whore Complex?

Q: What's the difference between Sexual Selection and Natural Selection?

Q: OK, for the sake of argument you've convinced me that women are the cause of evolved male competitive aggression and you've also convinced me that women will shift the tide of world events towards world peace by once again morphing this male aggression into supportive partnerships -- How is this going to happen?

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