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This marks the beginning of our video selection that we feel would be of interest to our viewers.  As with our book section, if you go to Amazon.com from this web site and make a purchase, Evolution's Voyage receives a small referral fee that will help offset the cost of maintaining this free web site.  So, help out with a purchase if you can.   William A. Spriggs, Feb. 10, 99

The Aristocracy
The Brain & The Mind
American Culture
Cultural Icons (Popular movies that have been elevated to cultural icons.  These movies persist through time by their strengths and thus, the cumulative effect changes our human behavior)
Embryo Development
Energy (like sun power, etc)
Evolutionary Perspectives
Human Sexuality
The Human Body
The Humanities
Galapagos Islands
Gender Roles
Test Preparations
Understanding American Culture & History
Understanding Buddhism
Understanding Christianity
Understanding Mohammed and Islam
Understanding Judaism
Understanding European & Western Culture
Understanding Japanese Culture

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